Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 2. Adam's Family Fell into Satan's Possession

Due to Adam and Eves fall, God became unable to regard them as the true ancestors or parents of humankind, or as His sons and daughters. Although Adam and Eve were God's only son and only daughter, they came to stand in a position where He could not relate to them as such. Also, after they became mature, He wanted to bless them as a couple in order to dispel his solitude.

Yet they failed to do that as a bride and bridegroom, not to mention as His children. Beholding them. God valued them infinitely in proportion to the magnitude of His desires for them; yet through their fall, He could experience neither filial heart nor conjugal heart to dispel His solitude.

God hoped that Adam and Eve would in the future stand in a position where they could establish the way of loyalty and filial piety before Him as the ancestors of hope and the sovereigns of all humankind. Nevertheless, they failed to become the companions who would dispel His solitude. (20-40, 1968.4.28)

Where did the Fall start from? What is the fall that occurred in the family? Is it eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? The fall that can occur in the family can be nothing other than that which involves the act of love. Do you think they fell by eating a fruit? Does original sin result from eating a fruit? It is said that the parents' eating of the fruit was the sin, but what is that fruit through which the descendants of thousands of generations have become sinners? This has to do with the blood relationship. If the root of sin is planted through lineage, it lasts forever by virtue of the law of heredity. The only thing that can make this happen is the wrongful use of love. (13-167, 1969.5.18)

The wrongful use of love is the cause of the Fall. Trough an illicit sexual relationship, Adam united with Eve, who had already united with the archangel, and thus they became husband and wife and formed a family, centering not on God but on Satan. Therefore, all humankind as their descendants came to inherit Satan's lineage. Accordingly, although Adam and Eve's sons were originally to become God's first and second sons, because Eve established a relationship of illicit affection with the archangel, her first and second sons fell into Satan's possession.

According to the ideal of creation, love determines ownership. When a relationship of love is created, the subject partner and object partner involved in this love necessarily come to own each other. This is the Principle. Therefore, from the viewpoint of such a principled standard, since Eve fell through illicit love with Satan, the rights of ownership over the human beings born as her descendants passed to Satan, the archangel, who became able to proudly assert those rights. (Blessed Family - 325)

Since Adam and Eve fell and did not fulfill God's ideal of creation, they became fallen parents instead, and consequently multiplied children with original sin. As a result, human history came to consist of the development of tribes, peoples, nations, and the world through the family of fallen Adam and Eve. Hence, the ideal of true parents who stand in the position of perfecting God's original will has remained unfulfilled from the Fall up to the present day. Also, the true family, tribe, people, nation and world centering on true parents remain as only an ideal. (Blessed Family - 325) 

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