Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Nine - True Education for Children
Section 2. What Should Parents Teach Their Children?

What are the contents of the truth? However great anyone may be, they cannot stand in the place of your parents. spouse or children. What is the highest of all truths? Parents, spouses and children. There is nothing higher. Then what is the center of the truth? It is love. From such a principled viewpoint, what is the center of the highest truth? People say that God is the Original Being of truth, goodness, love and life.

What does this mean? They all mean the same. The truth cannot be established without love and life. Those who want to become people who can talk about the real truth must have the will and desire for the truth within their lives. Here, desire stands in a reciprocal position to your standard of personality. So what is the nucleus? As the Original Being of life, love and truth, what kind of being is God? He is the Father and simultaneously the Mother of humankind. Parents are the nucleus. (21 153, 1968.11.20)

What are our most precious assets that we can leave behind? God's love and true parental love, which cannot be found in the secular world, are the greatest inheritance we can bequeath to our children. We must educate them well about God and what God's love is like. As our children do not know about them, we have to be parents who can love them like God on His behalf so that they can find Him through us. (93-335.1977.4.l)

What is the Unification Church seeking to accomplish? We are saying, "Let us give our lives for the sake of the highest love, and God, humankind and the world "There is no higher education than teaching: "Such an initiative, direction and purpose started for the sake of love. Men and women, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and everything in the universe started for the sake of love." Those who live like this and go to the spirit world will surely not be ashamed to stand before God. (93-11, 1977.5.29)

Blessed parents tell their children to study. Your sons and daughters do not become children of filial piety and loyal citizens just because you tell them to study. There is no way that could happen. They could say, "Although our parents have suffered in the Unification Church, we will not walk such a path." You must teach them the way of love that can assimilate that. Thus, parents should take their children around, loving the people in their village and praying and shedding tears for the nation, even if they have to skip meals. The children may think of it as bad when they are little but when they grow up they will say, "Our Dad and Mom are the best."

They will understand that their mother and father do not shed tears for them. The more mature they become, the more they will come to realize that their parents tried to love the nation, serve God's will, and save humankind even though they had to abandon them. You should not live as you please. If you are only worried about your children, they will not succeed.

Raise them by feeding them the food of love. Give them a sense of the direction they can take with love. As they grow in age and wisdom, when they discover a gold mine, they will think it is a mountain with just a small gold nugget, but as they dig deeper, they will realize that the mountain itself could be made of gold. (139-77, 1986.1.26) 

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