Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Nine - True Education for Children
Section 1. What Kind of Education Should Parents Give Their Children?

What kind of education should parents give their children? Not education of knowledge but of love. Children should be educated through their father and mother uniting. Parents should teach their children that God likes their mother and father, mother likes father, father likes mother, I like my parents at the same time as they like each other, and they like me. Thus, at the beginning, Adam and Eve were to receive an education of love from God centering on His love. Then where is the origin of it?

It does not start with human beings. Since God is the Parent, Adam and Eve should be educated in love by Him. Then from where do Adam and Eve establish their standard of value? It is from God's education of love. Until when are they to be educated in love? They should grow up in parental love until they have become able to reckon the whole standard of value that their Father knows, in other words, until they have become mature, yet there is no record in the Bible that Adam and Eve grew up receiving God's love. There is no mention of them receiving love, but instead their story disturbingly starts with the narration of how they fell. This spoiled everything.

Then was there a standard by which Adam and Eve were to he educated in love by God? Without it, there could be no such thing as God's ideal. The question is what the standard of education of love should be. We want to go to heaven, but we cannot receive such an education there. We must receive it here on earth before going there. If that education were not given to us on earth, it would be a big problem. What is that education? (51-171, 1971.11.21)

Heaven is the world of the heart. It is not a heaven of religious doctrines or of religious denominations, but of the heart. Why is it that God wants to find His citizens and adherents on earth? To make His sons and daughters. What kind of sons and daughters does God want to raise? Those to whom He can express His heart, saving, "This is how I feel." (9 291, 1960.6.12)

Then, what kind of attitude must Adam and Eve have if they are to be educated? Being in a parent-child relationship, they should always follow their Parent wherever He goes. When He goes they should follow Him anywhere and anytime. When He ascends a mountain, they should ascend it with Him, if He descends into a valley, they should descend there with Him, and if He enters a cave, they should enter it with Him. They should always be with their Parent. If God had to be separated from His children, could He be separated? Since He is the Absolute Being, He will absolutely want to see them. Since He is the Absolute Being, He likes them absolutely when He likes them. You cannot say, "Well, God, if You want to come, do come, and if You don't, don't. If You want to stay there, do so, and if You don't want to stay there, don't." You must be absolute. (51-173. 1971.11.21)

If you are in a position of oneness with God inside and out, you will be people of erudition even without being taught. You would be even more knowledgeable than through research. How are heaven and earth structured? How is the spirit world structured? How is human life structured? Even baby insects all go and find their food when they are born; so the lords of creation do not find their food or know about life and death through being taught.

They are supposed to know it at first sight. We were supposed to be such charming people, but due to the Fall we have not become such people. Although we are fallen, our original nature still operates in the relationship of subject and object positions. Since filth that has accumulated from the Fall has been covering it, its operation will be stronger when that is eliminated. When the dirt is completely eliminated, the original nature will burst out. So far, people have been pursuing the way by which this can happen. (56-131, 1972.5.14) 

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