Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Eight - True Parental Love
Section 7. Parental Love Sets the Standard for All Forms of Love

Parental love is the highest. Those who have been raised with the empowerment of true parental love become well-rounded people and understand the dynamics of love. The family is the school of love. The children will never forget their parents' love. The full experience of parental love is impossible without parents. (62-16, 1972.9.10)

What should the love among children he like? What should they use as the standard for loving? Brothers and sisters should love each other just as their father and mother do. From whom should we learn about love? We should learn from our parents. (1973.4.18)

Children should be able to say to their mother and father, "Our mother and father are the greatest in the world. They are the ones who stand in the position of God!" When children see an unchanging heart and love between their parents and say, "Let us learn from this love and become united among ourselves as well," this is the realization of an ideal family. When children grow up and reach young adulthood, they go looking for a partner with whom their mind and heart can be one. This is realized through marriage, where a man and woman totally respect each other and strive to establish the standard of love and heart. You should have a family in which the mother and father can unite with God's heart and love, and then the children can take after their parents and also unite with God's heart and love. (Blessed Family 913)

It is the order and tradition of love for the one in the position of the elder brother, as a representative of the parents, to sacrifice himself and love his younger siblings centering on the parents' love. The position of the elder brother brings with it the responsibility to suffer most among his siblings. It is the same with the position of parents, who suffer the most for the sake of the children. If parents shed tears and sacrifice for the sake of their children, the children will naturally want to follow their parents. (Blessed Family - 913)

When they relate with God as the center, children can express love to each other in many different ways. The older child should love the younger sibling in the same way the parents love him. In a family united through such love, the love within that family will blossom, and become the love within a society and the love within a nation. In this way it eventually becomes the love of the whole world. (28-151, 1970.1.11)

What is the reason you receive love from your parents? It is because your father and mother's motivation to rely on each other and love each other originates in you. Do you understand? Thus, when brothers and sisters love each other centering on that motivation, their love also will not change. Similarly, when you think of your neighbor as if he were your own self, the right social environment will develop.

The family is the formation stage, the society is the growth stage, and the nation is the completion stage. You must go through all three stages. All families must be linked together. Only then will love develop among them and unity be realized on the national level. Society is divided into many sectors. Companies have a CEO, and how many heads of state does a country have? Isn't it just one? One person is responsible. In this way, a unified pattern is established, while the scale just increases. Becoming one, yet also being divided into many parts is the essence of the four-position foundation. (26-153. 1969.10.25) 

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