Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Seven - The Love of a True Husband and a True Wife
Section 7. Why You Feel Sad When Your Beloved Passes Away

Why does a woman cry when she loses her husband? It is not for some vague reason that she is sad after losing her husband.

Love embraces all four directions. At the same time, there has to be relations of front and back, and left and right. Because love is like this, the husband stands next to his wife in a relationship of left and right, and realizes a love that embraces the four directions. When such a wife loses her husband and falls from the position of being supported by the universe into a position of having no support, she feels the pain of his loss, as well as the pressure from the universal power. (Blessed Family - 901)

Why do you feel good when you see your beloved wife? When you are alone, you cannot stand in the position in which you are supported by the spherical four directions of the universe. But with your spouse, you make a horizontal love relationship where you have give and take with her and establish a position where you can contact the vertical power of the universe. Thus, the one who has a spouse becomes infinitely happy through the supportive power of the universe. This is why when you see your beloved wife, your entire mind becomes focused and you cannot see anything but her. So you dance and sing with her, spinning round together. Why do you dance, sing and rejoice? To expand the realm of support. (Blessed Family - 901)

Many people oppose Rev. Moon, the man who goes to America to educate and train American young people, even staying up all night and sometimes dancing, singing, and having fun with them? I do this in order to expand the realm of support that is connected to me. Because the expansion of the universal realm of support starts with me, I push forward without fear, even if I am opposed and have to go to prison.

No matter how much you sing joyfully and say this and that, do you like to live alone? When one partner of a married couple dies, the other grieves and weeps. Do you think a person can prepare his own path? Why do we say that a person is miserable if he is without a spouse? It is because he cannot experience the occasion in which heaven and earth can rejoice.

He has deviated from the regulation of the law of heaven and earth. Clearly, only through universal law does the fortune of heaven and earth turn, and are the requirements of happiness and its motivation determined.

He is sad because he has drifted far from the law, and within the law of heaven and earth there is no room for such sorrow. What does it mean if you are happy and joyful? It means that there is a place where you are welcomed by the world. Sorrow indicates a place where you don't belong. This is how joy and sorrow part ways. (19-1, 1978.3.29)

When one of the partners of a married couple dies, the other cries. This is because when the remaining partner falls into the position of having failed the universal law, the universal power pushes him out and his sorrow increases. Then, what makes you happy? If you become someone who conforms to the universal law, the universal power embraces him. The greater the power, the stronger it comes to embrace him. And the stronger it embraces him, the further he enters the internal center that brings joy. So, where do sorrow and joy separate? They do not separate within you. They separate based on the principle of power, that is, the universal law.

Then, what is the universal law? It is a man and a woman from beginning to end in total oneness, and also this is the way of the heavenly fortune. You aren't supposed to go alone, but as a united man and woman, that is, a husband and wife who are one heart in walking the path.

Everyone, have you ever heard words like these? So those who might cry and scream, and create a big commotion will be quickly removed. They will be considered a failure and not a success in the realm of the universal law. Then where do they go? They will go to the garbage can. Their mind knows this, and this is why it instantly feels sorrow. (24-223, 19.8.17) 

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