Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Seven - The Love of a True Husband and a True Wife
Section 6. How Conjugal Love Develops

When a man and woman meet through the mediation of God, how do they express their love? When you look at the process of the development of love, the first is the lips, the second is the breasts, and the third is the sexual organ. It is the lips that a woman, when she first meets a man, feels shy about and hides before starting to love him. This is why she covers her lips with her hand. It is because love starts with kissing.

When love matures, sons and daughters are born as its fruit. For a woman, her sexual organ is the holy place of love, and the key to open that gate is held only by her husband. If a husband has two or more keys to a woman's holy place of love, he is Satan. Also, if the wife's holy place could be opened by any key, when it is supposed to be opened only by the key held by her husband, she is also Satan. When the key of love held by the husband opens his wife's holy place and enters there, the most precious sons and daughters in the world will be born.

The value of sons and daughters is such that they are an encapsulation of love, not exchangeable for anything in the world. Through sons and daughters, parents will experience the heart by which God created the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve. This is why the parents rejoice when they look at their children, singing out, "You are my love, whether I look at you this way or look at you that way."

No matter what your baby does, who is born through love, you do not hate him but simply love him. This is because he is part of your body, made of your own blood and flesh and your love. Whether he pees, takes a poop, or has a runny nose, he is simply cute and lovely. It is because love is dissolved into such things. (Blessed Family - 894)

In the relationship of husband and wife, if their love is joined through a strong force, they must be joyful and feel their partner is lovely, no matter what that partner does. If the wife says that she hates the smell coining from her husband's body or if the husband thinks or feels that he hates the way his wife moves, this is only because a perfect love has not been realized between them. This married couple only joined together for some superficial purpose or interest. (Blessed Family - 887)

In your family life during marriage, in order to feel true joy, you should bring God into the center and make a relationship where you can love each other while watching God rejoicing together with you. A man and a woman getting married and making love is not something you should be ashamed of. This is something most dignified, holy, and beautiful. However, since the first human ancestors violated God's commandment, the history of love has been a sinful one and has been Bowing in a shameful direction. (Blessed Family)

Did anyone watch Adam and Eve dancing naked in the Garden of Eden? So, when there is no one else around, you can do such things. When a husband and wife dance naked in the room. is this something to worry about? But if they do this in front of others, they deserve censure from society. But if done just between a husband and wife, who will care if they dance naked or what else they do? So blessed couples, you can go ahead and dance naked. What does it matter when a husband and wife do it just between themselves? (21-236. 1968.11.24)

You should think that although there are many men and women in the world, there are only the two of you. You should devote yourself completely to this one woman, with the thought that she is devoted to you. This is the Principle. (Blessed Family - 887)

True happiness can be found in a place where you laugh, sing. and whisper together with your spouse, both of you intoxicated with love. I would say that the one who listens to the whispered words from his beloved is a happy person. it is because having words of love whispered in your ear can give you feelings of happiness, as if you were dreaming. (Blessed Family - 366) 

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