Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Seven - The Love of a True Husband and a True Wife
Section 5. The More a Husband and Wife See Each Other, the More They Want to See Each Other

When do a man and woman feel happy? We can say they feel happy when they become partners and share love. If a man were to relate to a woman by swinging his fist or using physical force, this couple would never be able to attain happiness.

When the man embraces and protects the woman with his strength and loves her, she will be able to feel true happiness. The love between a man and woman does not work just with strength or just within the mind. The woman will be able to experience a real feeling of happiness when the man confirms his loving heart with his strength, and when she returns love to him with her body and mind. They will be a truly happy husband and wife. (Blessed Family – 887)

A person always needs stimulation. Happiness does not come without stimulation. So stimulation is necessary. Just as daily meals taste good and fresh only when you are hungry each time you eat, the love between husband and wife should he always new and fresh. The more the wife and husband see each other, the more they should desire to see each other and long to be together all day. (23-57. 1969.5.1)

Love has value when two people long for each other. In asking for love, if you have a mouth, you should open it, and if you have eyes, you should open them. Only then, will the giver of love be happy. If you just remained dumb, love would run away on its way to you. You should know this.

How offended you would be if your lover were not serious and behaved half-heartedly! Do you like to be together with or separated from your beloved? The closer you are to each other, the better. Why is this so? It is because everything works together. (Blessed Family - 857)

What is the thing you like the most? Is it food? If you see some food when you are hungry, you will eat it with joy, but this pleasure is temporary. If someone gives you more, even after you have become full, you will not like it.

But this is not true with the one you love. Is there anyone who says of his lover, "I want to forget her? I don't like her." Even if you have seen her over and over again, you want to see her yet again and again. Isn't this right? You want to see her again, even if you have seen her, and you want to see her yet again, even after you have seen her again. This way, you first stand one in front of the other, and alternate until you turn like a wheel of a cart. Unification takes place here. (7-11, 1970.12.22)

A wife who knows love sometimes gets an impulse to bury her head in her husband's bosom and enjoy an afternoon nap. This is because she is drunk with happiness and doesn't have a clear mind. Before marriage the man appeared to her as scary and strange. After the marriage, she misses him and has to see him many times in a day. This is how women's hearts change. So sometimes she calls him and asks him to come home during the lunch hour for a quick visit.

It is the same with a man who has come to know love. Whenever he has a chance, he will want to sleep with his wife's knees as a pillow. So he will run home whenever he has free time, regardless of whether it is lunchtime or a coffee break. Also, if she wants certain things done, he will not hesitate to do things he didn't like doing before marriage, things about which he used to say, "Such things are a woman's job. Should a mighty man do it?" I would say that such changes commonly occur to men and women who have come to know love. (Blessed Family - 887)

When God created human beings and blessed them, He did so in such a way that the husband and wife would be happy. A husband and wife who have opened and entered such a gate of blessing are lost in whispering to each other. They only say sweet things that praise each other. For instance, "I have been waiting like this in order to meet you. My life will reveal its value like a flower through you. I was born in order to love you, and I have been waiting for this day." There would be nothing in the world that is as sweet as secret words of love. The secret words whispered by a husband and wife, even when together in bed, will be a refreshment to dissolve all the fatigue and hatred of the world. (Blessed Family 887) 

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