Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Seven - The Love of a True Husband and a True Wife
Section 4. Even God is Enraptured in the Love of a True Couple

Each one of us, as an individual, has a mind and body in mutual conflict, and thus we should unite our body with our mind as the center, preparing a foundation of reciprocity in our mind, where God can come and dwell.

When such a man and woman receive the Blessing, sharing perfect love and delighting in joy, in God's eyes this is like a flower that has blossomed on earth. Moreover, all the forms of harmony that unfold through their love are like a fragrance to God. God comes to them because He wants to live amid such beautiful flowers and fragrance. The foundation upon which God's love can come is none other than the place of conjugal love. This is the place where all things and the universe harmonize. It is the Unification Church and its teaching that explains such ideas and the path to follow. (Blessed Family - 887)

What melody does God like most? It is the sound of the laughter of an eternal married couple that like each other and rejoice. When such a couple can understand and embrace the world and live a life with a heart that can take in the entire universe, their laughter becomes natural. Isn't the beautiful sight of such a man and a woman before God like a flower to Him? This is not a simple ideal or abstraction. 1 am only talking about the original world. (Blessed Family - 887)

Looking at a mountain, a husband and wife may ask for whom the mountain has come into being, and also while thinking about the whole universe, they ask for whom has this universe been made? Then, they answer by saying that it is for me and at the same time for you. This is what a married couple is like.

Fulfilling the purpose of the birth of this universe and valuing the central purpose is the way through which a husband and wife can unite. The husband and wife talk to each other centering on heart, personal character, and love. The husband and wife go the same way. Even if a lady is a country bumpkin, what will happen if she marries a government minister? They go the same way. Although that country lady may only have an elementary school diploma, everyone will have to bow their heads to her as she is a minister's wife.

This is how a husband and wife go together. Between a husband and wife, are there a separate love for him, and a separate love for her? For them, love is both your love and my love at the same time. It is your love and my love. (Blessed Family - 887)

True love is that with which you love with your entire bodies as one, and with your whole hearts and blood vessels as one. Who are the people who can love like this? It is a husband and wife. If there were no husbands and wives in the world, would life have any appeal? (26-151, 1969.10.12)

When you look at the conversation of a loving couple, their words are more beautiful than any poem or painting in the world. Moreover, how beautiful and splendid are the words, "just between two people in love, “and "just by ourselves, “and "just the two of us"! (Blessed Family - 887)

These are all good, but what do you think is the best among them? There is no one but your partner. If I call my partner and say, "Hello!" she will answer in a corresponding manner, saying "Hi!" and if I call her saying, "Hey,” she will answer saying, "What?"

If the husband calls his beloved wife, saying affectionately, "Honey!" she will answer affectionately, saying, "Hello, dear!" But if he speaks to her bluntly, she will answer in like manner, saving, "What's the matter?" Just like the mountain echo, everything is reciprocal. (37-11, 1970.12.22)

When you look at the laughter of people intoxicated with love, they are also reciprocal. When a man laughs, he opens his eyes even bigger, and when a woman laughs, she gently closes her eyes. If the husband's eyes get bigger and bigger, and the wife's eyes get smaller and smaller, we can say that they are a happy couple intoxicated with love. (Blessed Family - 887) 

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