Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Seven - The Love of a True Husband and a True Wife
Section 2. The Reason We Need Conjugal Love

What kind of place do you think the Kingdom of Heaven is? In short, we can say that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place entered and inhabited by perfected people. If the Kingdom of Heaven is a place inhabited by perfected people, who have true love, then what kind of people would those with true love be? Human beings are either men or women. When we consider how the perfection of God's ideal love can be realized on earth, we reach the conclusion that it cannot be realized apart from men and women. God's love cannot be completed without perfected men and women who possess the ownership of love. (145-266,1986.5.15)

True families must realize a family Kingdom of Heaven. The realization of a family Kingdom of Heaven will surely lead to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Why is that so? If you want to be stimulated in your current position by the real feeling of the Kingdom of Heaven of the future, you absolutely need a partner, and as you receive that stimulation in your family through your partner, you can deeply learn the ideal of the future heavenly kingdom in what you feel in your daily life today.

The husband and wife need each other in order to deeply learn this. This stimulation will enable the husband and wife to live eternally. Progress cannot move forward without stimulation. Conjugal love provides stimulation to build the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, conjugal love pulls the future joy into the realm of the present, gives stimulation, supplies the driving force, and brings them to that place. That love contains the love for the nation, love for the world, and God's love. Thus, that love can pass freely anywhere. After all, only a husband and wife who love each other are able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is why a married couple that loves each other on this earth with such a philosophy is always living in the heavenly kingdom. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind, didn't he? But today the Unification Church says, "The Kingdom of Heaven is in your family." If the Kingdom of Heaven is not realized in the family, the purpose of the Unification Church will not be fulfilled. But if it can be realized, that purpose will be fulfilled. From this point of view, you should find and walk the right path centering on the Principle. (37-7, 1970.12.22)

In the future, in order to realize the Kingdom of Heaven, just as a husband and wife love each other, a married man should be able to love all the women of the world with a heart with which he loves his own wife. You should think this way: I have selected my wife as a representative partner from among all the women of the world." Likewise, towards her husband, a woman should think of him not just as a husband, but also as a husband who has been selected as a representative from among all the men of the world. (Blessed Family - 369)

Everyone, let me explain how women should behave. While loving one man, a woman should love him not only as one person, but also as a man representing all the men of the world. That man represents the father, the elder brother, and the husband. What does this mean? A woman should think of her husband as her father, her grandfather, as well as her elder brother and younger brother.

Through such a connection, a woman should be able to love her father, her grandfather, her elder brother, and younger brother. Only such women can have a partner. if you were to like only your husband and dislike your father, grandfather, elder brother, younger brother, and everyone else, this would violate God's commitment to the greater good. Therefore, what should you do? You should carry a heart that can love all men of the world, and have an outlook that your husband, as their representative, whom you embrace and love, is a man who is like a fruit of all these relations. If you have a heart that can love your partner as your parents, your elder brother, and younger brother, by transcending all nations and borders, you can be regarded as God's son or daughter. This is the philosophy of the Unification Church. (83-219, 1976.2.8) 

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