Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 8. Love of a United Mind and Body

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know about the three points? The point where the three points become one is the place where God, Adam and Eve become one. The place where God can be one with Adam and Eve is the place where their mind and body become one. (26-158, 1969.10.25)

Man's mind and body exist in the relationship of subject and object partners, and the mind and body generate the force of existence through their vertical and horizontal interactions.

A woman's force of existence is maintained because her mind and body have vertical and horizontal relationships. Men and women all exist within reciprocal vertical and horizontal relationships and this force is love. Only love can forge an ideal relationship of mind and body eternally. (Blessed Family - 376)

The five senses of the mind and the five senses of the body of even a poor farmer in the countryside will completely merge and allow him to taste an indescribable joy when the passion of love swells up and burns in his mind and body.

If you have a point of settlement where God's love can come and dwell in you, when God's heart makes a wave, your heart will also make a wave once, like the swinging pendulum of a clock. In this way, you will turn around together with God. Once you begin turning, you will keep turning around and around again. The centrifugal force becomes greater and greater and demands that you love your family, your society, your nation, and the world. (Blessed family 376)

When your mind and body become one and the time approaches when the gate of love can open, your mind will resonate with the universe, and you can sometimes become a poet or novelist. Because you express a quality that makes love beautiful and happy, you can write poems or novels with a theme of love. With the eyes of love open, the mind and body acquire a desire to make a three-dimensional relationship in the universe. Thus, we smile when we perceive the workings of nature in the falling autumn leaves or experience becoming one with a flower out of a desire to compete in beauty with the flowers blossoming on a hillside in spring. (Blessed Family - 376)

Why do men and women like love? The human body consists of trillions of cells, and the time when these cells move as a whole is when one is in love. You should know that the time when all the cells of the human body move together is the time when a man and a woman are in love. (Blessed Family - 176)

When mind and body become one and shed tears of longing, the bones cry. It is the same in the case of animals. What happens when a female cow is in heat? It forgets eating. At that time, its entire nervous system makes it want only one thing. Likewise, when you love and long for each other with your mind and body as one, there will be no cell in your body that does not move. All cells will lose a sense of individual direction and focus on one point. If you meet your partner this way, you will explode. The power of that explosion becomes an incredible force. What are we trying to do when we love like this? We are trying to resemble God. We are trying to go to the place where we can participate in what God desires. In other words, we are trying to feel what God likes, together with God. (Blessed Family - 376) 

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