Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 7. The Best Time of Marriage - When is Love Connected?

The omniscient and omnipotent God created for human beings a time when they can blossom with brilliance, and I would say this is the time of youth. God created them in such a way that they can cultivate their happiness in the time of youth in love. To the existing human world pursuing this ideal, God gave the Blessing called marriage as a gate through which a man and a woman can become happy in the glamorous time of youth.

No created being has value in its existence aside from the ideal of reciprocity. Thus, for human beings, it is completely natural to receive the Blessing and get married after having grown up. (Blessed Family - 366)

When is love connected? When does the force of love start pushing you together? Men and women enter this state in adolescence, when their organs become 100 percent mature. Everything is at a standstill. It enters a state of saturation.

Movement, without doubt, follows a path to a state of saturation. After reaching that point, it either stops or turns. It stops after entering such a state of saturation. The stage before entering the state of saturation is puberty. Puberty is a time when your organs are vibrant in the process of the growth of your body. In comparison to a balloon, it is like going from the state of being flat with no air, to the point of being full of air, and then to a taut state immediately preceding explosion. A slight bit more air and the balloon pops.

What is this explosion? How great will it be if it is an explosion triggered by the perfection of love? Young adults, at about age eighteen, become tight like a stretched rubber band. They go to the position right before explosion and from there can nicely roll forward into eternity. (110-811, 1981.11.9)

The spirit and body can become completely one when the original love is present within. Even in the fallen world, puberty refers to a time when the spirit and the cells of the body become one and can stand on a balanced line. The cells of spirit and body during puberty open all doors and welcome things with joy. Young people with a relationship with God will gaze upon the human world filled with joy and happiness as they reach puberty. (Blessed Family - 366)

But if they jump into love in a rush to experience it based on feeling happy or because they are intoxicated with the intriguing feelings of love, they can create a major problem. The door of love opens only when the time comes, and you have to wait until the door opens before entering it. You should open it proudly after you become an owner of love. (Blessed Family - 366)

When do you consider the optimum age for marriage? I would say the best time for marriage is when your mind and body are most vibrant and strong. As youth passes, vigor ebbs, and finding a partner becomes more difficult, even with a pure heart of love. (Blessed Family - 366)

Is there a place where perfect people, that is, a perfect man and woman, come to be? It is a place where they can receive God's love centered on the public will of heaven and attend God as the subject partner after completely uniting their mind and body. When they come to such a place, they will stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. When such people form a family and make a start, this is a historic start. This is the beginning of a historic life course. (26 – 160, 1969.10.25) 

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