Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 6. First Love in Young Adulthood

Adolescents' minds and bodies receive impulses to search for love. They go around as they please, without listening to their parents. The eyes of the mind and eyes of the body move as one. With noses of love, they come to like even smells they never liked before. With mouths of love, they come to like even the tastes they never liked before. They want to listen to stories of love, even staying up all night.

The more they touch their partner of love, the more desire they have to touch that partner. From young adulthood, young people become wrapped up in feelings of love; their eyes become strange and they try to see everything in a favorable light. When your mind and body become one and shoot a gun of love, a bullet of love enters into the heart of your partner. Those who want such love of a man and such love of a woman, raise your hands. There is nothing love cannot digest. It can savor everything you eat and digest everything.

If someone has sincere love, even if he is a very ugly man, he will look handsome. Love is an amazing thing. Thus, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are bright and good-looking or dull and bad-looking, you can never forget the first love of youth. (Blessed Family - 373)

If a girl who has a life-and-death love for someone is forced by her parents to marry another man, do you think she will be happy or miserable for the rest of her life? In her eyes, the man of her first love looks as lovely as a flower, even if he has a twisted nose and ugly eyes. Even if the man chosen by her parents is someone everybody can praise in terms of looks, education, and so on, and the man she used to love is dull and ugly, she still hears the whispering in her heart for the man of her first love.

First love occupies everything. Who is the subject partner of love? It is God. Since the subject partner of love is God, there is no one you can love but God. Originally, you were supposed to have your first love with God. The failure to do so is the Fall. Whom did Eve love? She loved the archangel. She was supposed to love with joy, but she loved while frowning and weeping. (Blessed Family - 361)

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think at the time of the Fall, Eve said, "Oh, great! I have eaten the fruit and it is so delicious?" How do you think Eve felt when she was being raped by the archangel? She fell into the archangel's seduction while experiencing the pangs of conscience and hating it. She should have loved as a flower enjoys spring, with all of her cells filled with joy, but instead she experienced love frowning, with her cells shrinking and her heart dying.

If she had not fallen, whom would she have loved as her first love? She would have had her first love with God. The first love Adam and Eve were to have had with God would have contained all the forms of first love. The parental love as the first love, the conjugal love as the first love, and the children's love as the first love -- all these would have attached firmly to God at the root.

These loves would not have had to go through various stages of restoration, such as individual and family restoration, over a long historical course as in your case; they are loves that would have all bonded simultaneously. Within the first love of God, all other loves -- parental, conjugal, and children's love -- would have bonded together all at once. (Blessed Family 373) 

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