Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 5. What Causes the Transformation in Adolescence?

Children have vague dreams and just want to grow up healthy. As they enter youth and physical changes start to occur, their interest in the opposite sex heightens and their eyes sparkle with curiosity and beauty. They wear fashionable clothes and show off their style and become absorbed in beautifying and polishing their faces. If you look at a young woman's lips, you can see if she is at this age.

When women enter puberty, they begin to menstruate and undergo many physical changes. Their buttocks get bigger, their breasts bulge out, their lips become red, and sometimes their eyes twinkle mysteriously. Why and for whom do these changes in women come? Women's physical changes are for the sake of going round and round on a path they previously traveled in a straight line. They are changes for starting a movement that can go round and round. There is no harmony in the straight path. If you go back and forth along a straight path, things become exhausted and nothing remains. if you go up and down the straight path, you will only destroy the environment and undermine the harmony of the environment.

For the sake of the harmony and preservation of the environment, we need to move in a circular motion. So everyone must go around. In going around, you cannot go around alone, so you should revolve around your partner as the center. You can turn only when you collide with a partner. If you collide with a partner, a reaction occurs automatically and initiates a revolving movement. This is a principle of heaven and earth.

Therefore, the physical changes in women arise so they may meet a partner and go around. Their collision generates the force for going around. I say that women apply cosmetics and beautify themselves not for their sake but for the sake of others. (Blessed Family - 366)

Observe a beautifully dressed woman when she is looking at a man and you will see that her eyes are particularly bright. I say this is a natural outcome because she enhances her beauty and cultivates herself in order to find a partner. She goes around anxiously searching for a nice man, an ideal man. (Blessed Family - 366)

When a young man and woman in their young adulthood meet and talk, their hearts leap, right? Do they leap or not? You don't know? If I say they leap, will you say they leap? They leap. See. You get excited, right? If you get excited, some physiological change comes to your heart. So if the mind is not attentive to God but stands on the opposite side, it becomes evil. Who is your mind centered on? It is God. Love enables you to go up to the place where the God-centered mind and heart become one. Do you understand this? Human beings must have an ideal and hope centered on love because they have to live life in this position. Also, that which shines in the final place is love. (26-1, 1969.2.1) 

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