Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 3. The True View of Marriage

Originally, if a family based on God's love had been formed, this would have been the realm of perfection, the original ideal that was supposed to be realized without the Fall in the Garden of Eden. For this to happen. Adam and Eve would have had to totally unite mind and body, completely mature vertically, and realize, as a bride and bridegroom, the realm of partnership that brings joy to God and thus receive God's blessing.

Why do you love your children? It is because you have received God's great work of creation horizontally and in the physical realm and you want to feel the joy that God felt after creating Adam and Eve. Next, as God had dominion over all things of heaven and earth, He gave us the dominion to have us rule over all things, even though we are in the horizontal position. The world where we can stay in the position of maintaining order while holding onto that authority is the ideal Kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, at the time of marriage, we come to inherit God's love and receive the authority of re-creation and dominion while standing in the realm of perfection. So marriage refers to the appearance of love and the endowment of the authority of creation and dominion. (76-45, 1975.1.26)

In our view, marriage is the seat cushion of the universe. Do you know the seat cushion of the universe? What is the best silk in the universe? Is it brocade? Rather than spend your newlywed life on a simple mattress, imagine that you will spread a mattress of universal brocade and make love on it. This is a moment when you determine ownership in your life with respect to love. You can say, "Ah, the possession of love has arrived in my own generation, and the possession of the being called woman has been determined."

What is woman? She is half the universe, and if you catch her, the universe will hang on to you. Think about this. On the other hand, why should a woman be married? She gets married in order to attach herself to a man so that the two halves, each being 180 degrees, can unite and create a sphere of dominion comparable to the value of the universe. Considering these things, the philosophy of the Unification Church is truly splendid. (Blessed Family - 360)

You should have a creed that you get married not for your own sake but for the sake of your partner. It is wrong to expect to receive a talented person or a pretty person for your spouse. Once human beings understand the principle of living for the sake of others, they should embrace the idea that they will also get married for the sake of their partners. By our marriage standards, a husband should have the conviction that no matter how dull his partner may be, he will love her more than a beauty. (Blessed Family - 361)

Unless you decide that you will love your partner like God, like humankind, and more than anyone else in the world, you cannot be restored to the heavenly kingdom. If you, as a man, do not know how to love a woman, you cannot love God and humankind. (97-319, 1978.1.1)

You get married for the sake of humankind. It is for the sake of the common benefit of humankind. It is something that represents the world. The man is a man representing the world and the woman is a woman representing the world. (75.278, 1973.1.12) 

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