Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 2. The Reason for Marriage

A man is born to find a woman, and a woman is born to find a man. A man and a woman are born to become one and come in contact with God's love, which is at a higher level. They cannot come into contact with this love alone. Even if they were to contact it alone, it would be one-sided. They cannot come into contact with three-dimensional and spherical love. This is why a man and woman get married: to jump to a higher level, three-dimensional realm of love.

In the original world, the more closely united a man and woman become, a great center emerges as that force acts and forms a sphere. The more they are connected horizontally, the more the original source of love within the vertical power becomes connected with them. This is where the mind and body become one. (109 – 273, 1980.11.2)

Why do we get married? Marriage allows us to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Without marrying, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. So we have to get married in order to be qualified to go to the heavenly kingdom. What is the qualification to go to the heavenly kingdom? It is to resemble God.

What do we have to do to resemble God? We have to be people who practice God's word. We will pass if we can make God's love my love, and make God's word my word. This is why I am saying to the world on behalf of God, "Humankind, you have to go to the Kingdom of Heaven!" Next, we will pass if we can say, "In order to go to the heavenly kingdom, will love humankind like God and take them there with me."

We can conclude that we are people on the heavenly side and candidates to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. On the day we become like this, we will have the qualification to get married. Now, why do we get married? The answer is in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven and for the sake of humankind.

A man should know that the woman standing in front of him is God's daughter and humankind's daughter. If you can love her as a woman who is loved by humankind and love her as God's beloved daughter, you are qualified to be her husband. But otherwise you are not.

Women are the opposite. Do not think, "He is my man?" Before saying that he is your man, think of him as God's son and a man representing the masculinity of humankind. You will pass if you are a woman who can love him more than humankind does and more than God does.

When you marry, you should think that as a man you will be the right foot and as a woman you will be the left foot, taking steps through the family to live for the sake of humankind and God. (88-316. 1976. 10.3)

The purpose of marriage is to unite the hearts of a man and a woman and to perfect the love of a man and a woman. Marriage is a declaration of the intention to show you can do this. If you have achieved perfection of love and perfection of heart through married life, then you have realized the ideal of the family. So you will surely go to the heavenly kingdom if you have succeeded in this by the time of your death. (Blessed Family - 358) 

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