Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Six - Transformation During Young Adulthood, And True Marriage
Section 1. The Significance of Marriage

We might say that marriage is a ceremony that allows us to open the door of the palace of happiness and enter in. Therefore, marriage is a great event for humankind. Love transcends time and space and is the greatest thing for humankind. Marriage is the ceremony that reveals and confirms this greatest love. (Blessed Family - 356)

Why do we refer to the marriage ceremony by saying, "receive the Blessing?" According to the Principle, if Adam and Eve had not fallen and had become mature, they would have stood in the position to receive the Blessing. In other words, if God becomes a subject partner, Adam and Eve become His substantial object partners.

We know the Blessing is realized as we perfect our individual character and get married on the foundation that can connect God as the subject partner of love to the love of the object partner. After all, maturity leads to marriage, and marriage leads to the appearance of God's love. If there were no marriage, then love would not have started in the human world. Who is the owner of that love? We should realize that the owner is not a human being but God. When God's love appears among us, it becomes God's joy and pride, and we experience this as God's love.

Love cannot be realized alone; it is only realized through a reciprocal relationship. Therefore, a man cannot realize love by himself alone. The same can be said of a woman. When Adam and Eve finally unite through love, they can receive God's love. From this viewpoint, we can understand that we human beings are born from God. (76-40, 1975.1.26)

Since all the principles of heaven and earth are based on the relationship of subject partner and object partner, a man and woman getting married is also a principle of heaven and earth. If a man is the right side, a woman is the left side. This is for the sake of forming a horizontal relationship in the universe, and also for the sake of forming a vertical relationship with God because the man is the subject partner and the woman is his object partner. Therefore, marriage is neither for the man alone nor for the woman alone. It is for the sake of being in accord with heavenly law. Therefore, men and women have different forms. They are born in such a way that they can be in accord with the heavenly law. (101-38, 197810.28)

Marriage is a relationship where two partners have give and take in a reciprocal position where they can console each other in times of loneliness, rejoice together in times of happiness, and help each other in times of difficulty. They unite so they can live on the basis of God's love while moving towards God. This is the life of marriage. God created men and women on earth rather than in heaven to realize God's love horizontally. In other words, when man and woman form a relationship and become one horizontally, their love can make a vertical relationship of love with God, the subject partner. This is extremely important. (Blessed Family - 356) 

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