Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Five - The Love of Man and Woman in the Original Creation
Section 6. Original Human Beings Are Enraptured with True Love

What is the holiest thing in the world? True love is the holiest thing in world. True love originates with God. If God exists, there is no other way than the way of true love. God truly desires the way of true love, and without traversing the way of true love, we cannot go before God. We have to know this point.

God wants to see, hear, eat, and touch through love. As for human beings, if they receive a kiss of love from God, their joy will make them feel as if they are going to explode from inside. This is where God's desire lies. God does not rejoice because He has diamonds or jewelry. (Blessed Family - 380)

The human body has five senses and every human being feels and confirms true love through the sensations of the five senses. If the eyes are directed toward true love, they will be colored by and intoxicated with true love. How beautifully those colorful, intoxicated eyes will shine! Think about how enchanting the smiling lips of a person immersed in true love are. Try to imagine the intense beauty of the five senses moving in intoxication with true love and the harmony of the five senses moving toward God.

Alone, God cannot experience the joy of such beauty. He can experience such beauty only when He has a partner, and this is the reason God created human beings. How would God feel as He observed a beautiful man and woman absorbed into one another through true love-intoxicated eyes, or kissing with true love-intoxicated lips, and playing the melody of a heart of true love? If there is an Eve of true love, God would want to completely traverse her world of heart. God would have an impulsive desire to explore the breadth and depth of this beautiful Eve's world of heart.

God would want to traverse both Adam's and Eve's world of heart, a world more beautiful than the created heaven and earth. It is certain that God would rather travel within the world of the heart of a person of true love than the universe. God would never want to leave Adam's and Eve's world of heart and true love. If, after God created human beings, He fell into their true love and became a child lost in that love, what kind of world would we have? Since God would dwell in their midst, the world formed by God and human beings becoming one would be a world filled with joy and beauty. (Blessed Family - 380)

If the true love of God had been perfected, the God of responsiveness would have no regrets at being totally absorbed by true love. God's nature is such that He would be totally happy with anything that happened within the realm of true love. If human beings were to live in this world of true love, they would live a happy life free from regret. Moreover, this world would be without war and free of complaint and misfortune. (Blessed Family - 380) 

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