Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Five - The Love of Man and Woman in the Original Creation
Section 5. Men and Women Harmonize in Love

Man symbolizes heaven and woman, earth. The two must unite and realize harmony. Men and women are different. Men's muscles are rugged and women's are smooth. Men have beards while women do not. Their voices are also different. If we compare men and women, we see their contrasting features fit together well. Harmony unfolds between them. When we look at the physical structure of human beings, their left and right sides form a correlative pair. These two halves are bound tightly together.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like only high things or only low things? You like things that create harmony. Judging from the line formed by the horizon, fish live below and mammals, birds, and other creatures live above. Women menstruate once a month, like tidal variations based on the moon. Breathing is similar. A man and a woman establish a line of balance and create harmony. People like Disneyland, with its rides that go up and down, because Disneyland duplicates the motions of the universe.

Which do you think will be more pleasing, a man harmonizing with another man or a man harmonizing with a woman? A man harmonizing with a woman is better because that reflects the harmony of the universe. We should live in step with the beat of the universe, the universe that promotes harmony through the harmony of yin and yang. (Blessed Family - 344)

When man and woman create harmony, they initiate circular movement. When man and woman become one body through love and bear the fruits of love, God comes down and they go up and they meet in the middle. God becomes the center of this sphere, and spherical movement begins. The center of the sphere is the place where harmony of love is realized. It is the place where life emerges and moves, and it is the starting point of human equality and communal philosophy. This is so because the power of love is there. Thus, the force that embraces all interactions of the universe is love. (Blessed Family - 344)

For human beings love is eternal. It is one and never divided. Once a man and a woman are joined in love they are to live together for a lifetime and then eternally even after death. They are two bodies that become one body by uniting and revolving together. When the two bodies become one, they revolve as God does and form a four-position foundation of love, the expression of the ideal world of love. Only true love dwells there and false love cannot invade. When man and woman become blessed by God and achieve perfection, God comes to them freely. When they form a four-position foundation of love, they will come to love each other's mind through each other's body, and when they come to love the mind their body will follow. (Blessed Family - 344) 

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