Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Five - The Love of Man and Woman in the Original Creation
Section 3. Men and Women Absolutely Need Each Other

Love is something you absolutely need, isn't it? Is that right? Human beings, a man and a woman, are an absolutely necessary element for love. Man needs woman and woman needs man. How much do they need each other? They need each other more than Korea, more than the world, and even more than God. Also, if there were no women, the entire human race would perish within a hundred years. No matter how much man boasts of unifying the world, all would be gone within one hundred years if there were no women. Therefore, women are absolutely necessary. (25-180, 1969.10.4)

When we say "human beings," we mean man and woman. When we look at a man, he has to be with a woman, and when we look at a woman, she has to be with a man. Man is not born through his own desire, nor is woman born through her own desire. Both need each other. After their birth, they discover they are either a man or a woman. (67-267, 1973.7.22)

When you were born as a man, were you born with or without the knowledge that there are women? If a man were born and found out that there are only men, would he not feel bad? And if a woman were born and found out that there are only women, she would feel bad, wouldn't she? So when a woman is born, is she born with or without the knowledge that there are men? Although I was born without knowing it, the one who gave birth to me knew it. The reason one is born as a woman is that there is a man who needs her. Likewise, the reason I am born as a man like this is that there is a woman who needs me. Isn't that right? We are all born like this, with God's knowledge. (37-19, 1970.12.22)

Man absolutely needs woman. Man absolutely needs God, but before this he needs a partner called woman. Human history has been miserable because men have failed to correctly understand the absolute need for women. Conversely, women have not understood that they absolutely need men. Tasting true love requires a realm of ideal, and for this man needs woman and woman needs man. You should know that an absolute man and absolute woman pursuing true love are joined through their efforts of becoming one in heart. When such a man and woman are joined as one, God comes and dwells with them. (Blessed Family - 340)

God does not like to see a couple joined by true love separate; therefore, the love of an absolute man and woman is eternal. Although God is omniscient and omnipotent, God's existence absolutely has no meaning when He is alone. Similarly, no matter how handsome and healthy a man may be, these things have no meaning if he is without a woman. A man living in fascination with his own good looks and health leads an ugly existence and has no value before God. The problem is that there are many men in the world who have sunk into such narcissism and this constitutes a reason why history has moved toward tragedy. You have to know that God's providence works to change and improve the world immersed in such self-centeredness. (Blessed Family -340) 

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