Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Five - The Love of Man and Woman in the Original Creation
Section 2. The Reason Men and Women Are Born

What is the original purpose of a man's birth? We cannot deny the fact that he is born for the sake of a woman. Likewise, woman is not born for her own sake. We should know that a problem will arise if a woman fails to comprehend on her own that she is born for the sake of a man. Because God, the great owner of heaven and earth, established this as a principle of creation, we cannot enter the world of goodness, truth, happiness, and peace or the world of love and ideal unless we follow this principle. (Blessed Family - 337)

A woman is born to meet a man, and a man is born to meet a woman, are they not? This is the highest truth. Therefore, we should find the realm of blessing that conforms to this principle. Deviating from this highest realm of truth constitutes the highest evil. (21-201, 1968.11.20)

Men and women are physically opposite. Whereas women are one-directional, men are three-directional or four-directional. Women are more likely to enjoy staying at home, and men are more likely to enjoy traveling the world. The characters of men and women are opposite. How can men and women become one? They become one through love. Love unites human beings and God. (38-255, 1971.1.8)

Why is man born? He is not born for the sake of academic pursuits, money, or political power. He is born for the sake of woman. Man is born for the sake of woman. Men have larger physiques, not so they can earn a living only for themselves, but so that they can earn a living for their children and wives. Man's sexual organ and woman's sexual organ are different. For whom do they exist? They did not come into existence for their own sake. Man's sexual organ came into existence for the sake of woman. Likewise, woman's sexual organ is for the sake of man. Have you ever thought like this? This is not something to laugh about. What is the symbol of the love of man and woman? Where is the final destination of love? It is the sexual organ which makes them one body. (143-275, 1986.3.20)

The sexual organ becomes a channel through which the mind and body can completely merge through love. That which man has is not his, and that which woman has is not hers. Man has what belongs to woman, and woman has what belongs to man. Men and women are not born for their own sake. They should know clearly that they are born for the sake of their partner. Why are men and women born on earth? They are born in order to love each other. Since God is the great king of wisdom, He switched ownership of their love organs. (132-146, 1984.5.31)

A man has a sexual organ, but that does not mean that he is its owner. The same is true for woman. Those who have acted carelessly with no regard for their sexual organ's ownership will be judged. If men know that they will receive punishment under the most fearful law, would they dare think of other women instead of their own wives? Conversely, can wives think of other men instead of their own husbands? (Blessed Family -340) 

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