Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Four - Our Course of Life Centered on Love
Section 6. Human Beings Seek the Center of Love

Human beings are born through love, grow up in parental love, and mature while broadening love horizontally. Horizontal love reaches the completion of the first stage when man and woman meet and grow together to the state where they can represent the love of heaven and earth and bear children as the fruit of that love. Children are born from the heart's core as a result of love.

The child who is born from a man and woman who share love based on heart creates a path to the center of love. This center will lead them directly to God. By having children as a fruit of love, human beings come to deeply experience the love with which God created all things and human beings. By loving their children, they deeply experience the love they received from their parents and the parental heart. The love parents have been pouring into their children is not a materialistic love but an intrinsic love.

The love that parents give their children does not change even if heaven and earth change and historical ages change. By becoming a parent and loving your children, you will understand and deeply experience how God has been loving human beings. By becoming a parent and loving your children, you will feel and realize how much your parents have loved you.

This is why we revere our aged parents even more and fulfill the duties of filial piety with love. If you do not fulfill these responsibilities, you are unqualified to be parents and your love towards your children can only be considered hypocritical.

Human beings should feel and realize how much God has loved them by becoming parents themselves and loving their children. Furthermore, they will love God even more sincerely. A person should love their aged parents more than they love their children and love God more than they love their parents, knowing that this is the order and law of love.

Because heaven and earth has a spherical shape, they share horizontal love and rotate, forming a circle on the first level. When they take a partner of the opposite sex and share love, they have children as the fruit and become parents. When they love each other and rotate, vertical love is realized following the horizontal love. This forms the spherical world and establishes the center of love at the same time.

The center of love that emerges through the movement created by these love relationships is also the core of existence of the entire world of creation. The earth exists because it is also moving continuously around this center of love. The center of love is where infinite force is gathered that enables continuous movement. The center that appears through the sphere of love in this manner is also a place where God dwells. Therefore, all creation existing in the world is born and exists through God's love and moves in search for the center of God's love. God is a furnace of love. (126-245, 1983.4.24) 

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