Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Four - Our Course of Life Centered on Love
Section 4. What is God's Love?

Try to discover God's love. How can we characterize God's love? It can be compared to a warm spring day where white clouds gently float in the sky, heat rises from the ground, insects fly around, ants crawl in and out to see the world, pussy willows shoot out by the stream, frogs sing new spring songs, bees swarm and butterflies flutter. You feel intoxicated in such an environment and feel sleepy, but in reality you are awake and feeling so good that you want to stay like this forever. When God finds His ideal object partner, He gets the same feeling, as if He is in a beautiful garden of flowers where butterflies and bees fly around. When thinking of this, do you feel good or bad? These dull-witted men may not be aware of this. It feels good.

When you run into someone you are pleased to see, you hold his hand firmly and shake hands. When someone joyfully says, "Long time no see!" and holds your hand firmly, do you feel good or bad? If there is someone who says he feels bad, just kick him, saying, "You jerk!" When you are glad to see someone, do you hold hands tightly or not? Do you like it when someone grasps your hand firmly? You want to like it, but maybe you really do not. You have to know something to like it, and if you do not know it, then how can you like it?

Be honest! If your husband loves you, you do not need anything else. You live clinging tightly to your husband. It is always great to see a man and a woman firmly holding hands, especially when the man's hand is as rough as a cow's front hoof. When watching movies, we enjoy seeing scenes like that. If the woman says to the man, "Oh, you have pretty hands," the man will be offended. This is how things are. Love is eternal. Love is united, not divided. You become one. When a man and a woman become a couple and love each other, they are bonded together. Of course this does not happen literally, but in heart they reach a level even higher than this. That is God's love. If you live with such love, will you be united or not? Think about it. Everything is destined to become one. (Blessed Family - 106)

When a man and a woman fall in love, all kinds of things happen, right? But if you find a way to know God's love and really taste it, then His love cannot be compared to anything in this world. If there is someone who has tasted this love, no amount of difficulty or sorrow can defeat him. Such a realm of absolute liberation should exist, should it not? The question is how to find it. (39-240, 1971.1.15)

God's love can largely be divided into three great forms of love. They are parental love, conjugal love, and children's love. The center where these three forms converge into one is God's love. (173-278, 1975.11.23) 

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