Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Three - The Family Is the Model for the Kingdom of Heaven
Section 8. The Family Is the Final Standard for Completing the Cosmos-centered Ideology

Everything divides from one into many, which eventually merge into a larger whole. In other words, one divides into many and then unites again into one. From here it divides again and becomes something even larger. Families exist within this larger created object. These families all have the same form as each other. The family is the place where the relationship of husband and wife is established and the place that unites the husband and wife. The tribe is a place that unites families, and the race is a place that unites clans. Races combine to form one nation. Here families play the central role. (26-189, 1969.10.25)

When the family is expanded, it becomes the horizontal world. This is why no society can manage without the family. If families cannot be restored, the world cannot be restored. Next we must realize the cosmos-centered ideal through these families. The word cosmos combines heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are like a person's mind and body. The mind and body must become one. Just as a subject partner needs an object partner, one man needs one woman. The union of a man and a woman leads to a family. God's foundation of love will not be attained without working through this family. (26-189, 1969.10.25)

The cosmos-centered ideology is a philosophy that unites the mind and body forming a family as the main body of love, and connects that idea to the spirit world and physical world. The character ju of cheon ju (cosmos) means a house. This is why we are using the word cosmos-centered ideology. Cosmos combines the spirit world and the physical world. What relationship does it have with us? We need a family. If you fail to be at one in your family, you have nothing to do with the cosmos-centered ideology. The family serves as the final standard for completing the cosmos-centered ideology. Those who cannot sing songs of peace and sing praise for happiness here will become miserable people either on this earth or in the spirit world. (26-189, 1969.10.25)

From where is the Kingdom of Heaven realized? It is realized from our families. Then what kind of ideology do we have? We have a family-centered ideology. The word cosmos-ism (cosmos-centered ideology) contains cheon meaning heaven and ju meaning house; so it means the ideology of heaven's house. Only then does the meaning of the cosmos (cheon ju) become clear. The sixty-six books of the Bible are filled with words that desire an ideal family. Furthermore what is it that all men desire? It is to have an ideal wife. Also the greatest desire of a woman is to meet an ideal husband. No matter how proud and famous a woman who has a doctorate may be, her desire is to meet an ideal man, an ideal man she can love and with whom she can have her beloved sons and daughters. This is the root of happiness. The ideal of the Unification Church does not lie somewhere else. The beginning is the family and the conclusion is the family. (26-102, 1969.10.18)

What kind of ideology is the cosmos-centered ideology? It is the true parent-centered ideology. After all, these are both ideologies upholding parents. This is the ideology of our house, the ideology of our nation, and the ideology of your individual self. Had human beings not fallen, whose ideology would rule the world? It would be the Adam-centered ideology. This ideology is none other than the way of true parents. It is the ideology of the mother and father. There cannot be an ideology higher than this. Hence the Unification Church should link matters of the heart with heavenly ideology through the way of true parents within the boundary of the original ideal family. As long as families that have internalized such an ideology remain, the Unification Church will not perish. (26-201, 1969.10.25) 

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