Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Two - The Way of Love in the Family
Section 6. The Relationship Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

If a young grandchild comes home and asks in a bossy voice, "Hey, where did Grandpa and Grandma go?" how would you feel? Is it proper for him to demand, as soon as arrives, and in front of his mother and father and his brothers and sisters, to know, "Where are Grandpa and Grandma?" This is improper because he is speaking in an impolite manner. Here the grandparents are now over eighty years old, and this little brat audaciously stands firm in front of his father and mother and elder brothers and elder sisters, who are superior to him, demanding to know, "Where have Grandpa and Grandma gone?" Would any of them be shocked and scold him saying, "Where are your manners?"

Why do you think this happens? Normally, if someone did the same thing in another situation, you would scold him or her saying, "How can you treat Grandpa like this?" But if the grandchild stands firm and asks again, you will be pleased. You will reply, "Okay, okay, so you want to see your grandfather, do you?" When he asks where his grandfather is, is he asking for rice cakes or some food? What does he have on his mind? He misses his grandfather. So is it good or bad to miss him? It is a good thing!

All of heaven and earth misses him. He misses them too; and why is this? As he looks around at his elder brothers and sisters, he wants to sit on their laps. But as he looks at the situation and as he studies the mood of his elder brother, it is clear that his brother would push him away after he had sat on his lap for just a few minutes. Also, when he looks at his father who is very tired, he knows from experience that after he has sat in his father's lap about ten minutes, his father would become irritated. He learns to sense such things quickly. But when it comes to his grandfather, or elderly people like his grandfather, he knows Grandpa will stay still even if he sits in his lap for an hour or two. Of all the family members, his grandfather will embrace him the most.

It is not a bad thing to be embraced and touched by his grandfather who says, "Your nose is like this. Your ears are like that." He is patted, caressed and touched all over, but he does not mind. How great that would be! How splendid this is! This is the same as the tip of a tree becoming one with the root. Then, if the main root and the main sprout come to like each other, what will happen? All the other roots and branches attached to the main ones will not be able to avoid liking one another. You should think about this. When the main sprout and main root like each other, that relationship can embrace everything! Who is the main root in the family? It is the grandson -- the first grandson. So the grandfather always has his eyes on his eldest grandson. You should know this. (139-15, 1986.1.26) 

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