Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Two - The Way of Love in the Family
Section 3. Parents are the Origin of Love

Orphans do not have a relationship with their parents. Everyone wants to be loved. The ideal manifestation of that love is parents. We can say that a person who can neither receive parental love from his parents even though he wants to, nor love his parents even though he wants to, is very miserable. Suppose there is a person who is much less attractive than some local orphan. Even so, as long as that person can serve and devote himself to his parents, he can feel very fortunate by comparison. He might think, "One may be handsome, yet if one does not even have parents, of what benefit is that?" He might also think, "I may be ugly and disabled, but at least I am fortunate to have a mother and father." (39-231, 1971.1.15)

What on earth are parents? Why can the strongest, most intelligent son in the world not ignore his parents, even if they are a burden? Why can he not control them with just one finger or do whatever he wants? You should know this. Since he is the strongest and most clever, he could say, "Hey, you!" and challenge them with his wits, but he cannot do that. Where is the origin of love? Where does love come from? From yourself? No. Love comes from parents. This is because the origin of love is not you, but your parents. There can be no result without a cause. So you know that when it comes to love, you are not the owner.

So when you come before your parents, you should say, "Yes, Mother and Father, you are right." When your parents remind you, "No matter how great your reputation is and how powerful you may be, you cannot do things that deviate from your duty to your mother and father," you will reply, "Yes, yes, yes, Mother and Father, you are right." Why? Because of love. It is because parents are the subject partners, and children are the object partners. The subject partner serves the object partner, and the object partner follows the subject partner. This is the Principle of Heaven. When this principle is breached, that house will collapse and end up worthless. However ignorant or uneducated a person may be, he knows the Principle of Heaven because he is born in accordance with heavenly nature. Therefore, even the strongest champion has to bow his head to his parents. (50-134, 1971.11.6)

Humankind continues to be plagued by conflicts based on power or knowledge. The time when the war of love can be waged has not yet come. This is why religious leaders say that their time will come when the end of the world approaches. When the end of the world comes, the power of the fist and the power of knowledge will pass away, and only the power of love will remain. The final age of worldly supremacy is none other than the Last Days. Can a strong elder brother come home and be the boss there? No. No matter how strong the elder brother may be, he cannot be the boss when he comes home. He may be a world champion in the ring, but he cannot be the boss at home. Even when an elder brother has several hundred doctorates, can he come home and be the boss? No, not even then. Why not? Because his parents are there. (50-134, 1971.11.6) 

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