Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Two - The Way of Love in the Family
Section 2. The Reason Three Generations Must Coexist in the Family

I am proposing that the grandfather, grandmother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sisters-in-law and grandchildren all live together. Living together with God, the three generations of formation, growth and completion will settle down. You can love God only when you know how to love your grandfather -- not just your father and mother. You will love God only when you can love your grandfather more than your father and mother.

So why is the husband indispensable? Why are parents indispensable? Why are sons and daughters indispensable? It is because only when you have all the members of the family can you attend God. The Principle says that you need to have parents and you need to have sons and daughters. You need parents, next, a married couple and then a baby. Why is all this necessary? It is only logical that we need parents, a spouse and children in order to form a relationship with God.

You should know clearly why you need parents, a spouse and children. You have to know this. To form a relationship with someone, sometimes I must go below the other person. Sometimes we're in the center. Sometimes I must go above the other person, and sometimes we're on the same level with each other. In other words, I must form relationships in all four directions. Even in the case of a grandson, when he relates to his grandfather with love, his grandfather will say, "Oh, good! Very good!" So the Unification Church has been working hard to make such families the standard, focusing on original love in order to establish the original world. It is amazing that this is finally being taught throughout the religious world. (128-17, 1983.5.29)

Why does a wife cry when her husband dies? Why do people weep just because they do not have children? They are not crying because they are disappointed. They are crying because the fundamental principle of the universe makes it necessary to have relationships in all directions -- east, west, north and south. In other words, the force of existence in the universe consists of the force to support the ideal of reciprocation. This is why everything is engaged in give-and-take. Just as north and south interrelate with one another, the North Pole and South Pole interrelate with one another. Stars also interrelate with one another. Nothing can exist without a partner. Ideal beings united -- that is, beings that have become completely one with each other -- are supported by this universe. It is a principle that heavenly fortune embraces such entities so that they can continue forever.

Everything cooperates in this give-and-take action. That is why you need sons and daughters. Today, the West has accepted the idea that sons and daughters are unnecessary, but let's wait and see if that is right. You will find out in the spirit world. From where you stand, there is someone both above you and below you. You need the number three. You have to go through three stages. This is why everything comprises three stages. You need to have your parents, your couple and children. Not having children does not agree with the Principle of Heaven. When this is divided into two, there are three stages for men and three corresponding stages for women. By combining the two, an ideal world can be established with the unified number three. In other words, it is an ideal that includes grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and me. The family ethic of the Unification Church stems from this belief. (70-76, 1974.2.8) 

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