Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 7. What Human Beings Can Be Most Proud Of

God created a man and a woman. He intended for them to reach perfection, marry, become established as the heavenly husband and wife, and live in the heavenly kingdom. God's plan was to make Adam and Eve the first husband and wife in history and establish the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon their relationship. If this plan had been realized, God's first two blessings, to be fruitful and to multiply, would have been achieved then and there.

God gave Adam and Eve the power to multiply His children. Had they not fallen, they would never have passed sin on to humankind. Their children would have been born without sin and would have grown to perfection as sinless beings. What else would have occurred? By giving birth to such sinless children, Adam and Eve would have become the true father and true mother of humankind centering on God. They would have become the True Parents. (Blessed Family - 319)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, but instead had reached perfection, they would have achieved not only individual perfection but also the perfection of heaven and earth. Moreover, a new family based totally on God's love would have been started. If a clan, tribe, people, nation, and world had emerged from this family, the world would have become a community of one large family serving God. The center of that community would have been God and Adam.

The everyday life and the life course of the family of Adam, centered on God, would have been recorded as historical tradition. His lifestyle, customs, conventions, and background would have established the traditions for history. Such traditions would be bound forever with God's love.

God's love is the source of life and the origin of all ideals. People could not leave His embrace even if they wanted to. If, by any chance, they did leave, they would have no choice but to return. Even in this fallen world we see that when someone who has been living with their parents has to leave their parents and brothers and sisters, they become lonesome and miss them all the time. In the same way, when someone is linked to the love of God, who is the subject of life and ideals, they would not be able to leave God.

If they ventured to leave God, they would feel so lonely and unhappy that they would never be able to feel joy. Therefore, they would have no choice but to become one in the realm of God's love. Under these circumstances, human beings can be proud of three facts: first, God is our father; second, we are the children of God who can receive His love; and third, we are the heirs to the universe created by God. People brag when they marry into a rich family. Compared to that, words cannot express how proud you would be if God were your father and you could receive His complete love. (Blessed Family - 319)

If Adam and Eve had established God's ideal family, God's will would have been realized. Adam's family would have served God as their father, becoming the family that would be the starting point of one united love as the ancestors of humankind. This family would have then become the basis upon which Adam and Eve would have united into one in love, thereby perfecting their ideals. (Blessed Family - 320) 

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