Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 6. All Beings Are Perfected through Love

Individual perfection results from the continuous give and take action between the mind and the body, based on the foundation of love established by God at the beginning. Both the mind and the body should grow, mature, and then unite completely. Perfection can only be achieved when one's life is rooted in love, when it matures centering on love, and when that love puts out buds and bears fruit on that foundation. When the foundation of love is established in this way, God can then come and reside there, connected through love. Until love fully matures, the foundation to bear its fruits cannot be established.

All things were created according to the rules of love, and thus they continue to exist. When we look at plants alone, they bear fruit through the give and take action, or circular action between the stamen and the pistil in the flower blossom. This is true also for the animal kingdom and the human world; everything and everyone continues to exist through the circular motion of love. In this way, all things become perfected only after passing through the relationship of love. In other words, all beings can be perfected only through love. The human mind and body can unite into one only when they are in a position that conforms to the nucleus of God's love. Also, human beings can only completely mature when they enter the realm of God's love united in mind and body. Only then can they begin their journey of individual perfection as human beings originally intended at the time of creation before the Fall. (Blessed Family - 313)

When we explore the mind and the body, we find the mind to be oriented towards heaven and the body to be oriented towards the earth. When such a mind and body unite into one, what ideology is formed? We call this the cosmos-centered ideology. Do you know what this is? It is an ideology that wants to create a place where heaven and earth, the invisible world and the visible world, can unite into one.

If one wanted to dominate this cosmos, do you think it would be possible for that person to rule over the cosmos if his mind and body were not completely united? If his mind and body fail to become one completely, nothing can be achieved. When the mind and body become one centering on God, then God becomes the internal God and the person becomes the external God; the mind and the body become one centering on love. (Blessed Family - 313)

Adam must become one with God. Love is their link. Human beings are the horizontal representatives of the existing world and God is the vertical representative, and love bonds the two eternally. When human beings become one in body with God, their heart and emotions are exalted in infinite joy and happiness. In the end, God and human beings become one through love. Human beings also become one with the world through love, and the realization of the ideal world fulfilling God's purpose of creation begins from there. (35-156, 1970.10.13)

At sixteen or seventeen years of age Adam and Eve had passed through adolescence and began to notice the opposite sex. Just as a person becomes enraptured in the fragrance of a flower in full bloom, as they matured Adam and Eve were drawn to the opposite sex. Even God becomes enraptured in this fragrance. When God's love and Adam's and Eve's mind and body become one, the nucleus of the universe is formed, and together they can travel the path upon which they can take charge of all kinds of love.

However, they strayed from that path. Had they not done so, they would have united into one completely and God would never have been able to leave them. Nor would Adam and Eve ever have been able to leave God. Consequently, their descendants would have been connected, generation after generation, forming a tribe, people, nation, and the world. This world would then be a world of grace, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (Blessed Family - 310) 

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