Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 4. The Purpose of Creating Adam and Eve

Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in His own image, male and female He created them." We can deduce from this that God has both male and female qualities. God needs an object because He cannot live alone. Therefore, He had no choice but to create this world. As a result, a man and a woman were created. (Blessed Family - 307)

God created Adam and Eve, first of all, to have physical form. Secondly God created Adam and Eve to perfect love. When Adam and Eve are perfected and become the substantial beings of love through which they can become one, God can come and reside with them, becoming the parent of perfected love to humanity. Then Adam and Eve, who are the substantial parents with visible form, can reproduce children and thus realize the ideal world.

When that happens, the spirit world and the physical world are connected through humankind. This implies that God also created human beings for the purpose of connecting the spirit world and the physical world. So while Adam and Eve are on earth, God can reside with them in love as the true and substantial parent of humanity. Then when Adam and Eve pass on to the spirit world, He can continue to stay in the position of the parent with physical form through their lineage. It must, however, be clearly recognized that these plans were thwarted by the Fall of Adam and Eve. (Blessed Family. 307)

God is invisible and because God is invisible, He created Adam and Eve as His physical image. When Adam and Eve, in whose minds God resides, become perfect, marry, and bear children, God becomes the internal father and Adam the external father. When this happens, Adam resembles God completely. If Adam and Eve, who resemble God, had become the father and mother of humanity, it would have been clearly perceived throughout history that God, through their existence, does indeed exist. (Blessed Family - 307)

God created a man and a woman with the purpose of having them fall in love and unite into one. He did not create Adam for himself or Eve for herself. He created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. Also, God created Adam and Eve for his own love and joy. It was not for knowledge, power or money. The Almighty God does not need knowledge, money or power. He only needs love. (Blessed Family - 307)

God did not create Adam and Eve to give them knowledge or power, or wealth to live in affluence. The purpose of creating them was to establish them as the substantial beings of love. (Blessed Family - 307) 

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