Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 3. God's Eternal Partner in Love

God created this world. If we were to ask Him, "Why did you create this world?" He would answer, "Because it is good." In other words, God created this world because He thought it was good, he felt joy from it, and wanted to receive more joy from it. How do you achieve goodness or joy from something? You receive joy in the form of love. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that God created this world to feel joy through the realization of love.

For the realization of love, God created this world. God created the universe to feel joy through human beings and the creation becoming one and thus establishing a harmonious world of love, God feels joy from seeing and becoming one in love with human beings, forming true relationships of husband and wife and then establishing a family, tribe, people, nation and world of true love. That was God's ideal of creation. (Blessed Family - 302)

God's only dream was to realize the ideal of love. But the problem is that the ideal of love cannot be realized by God alone. Such things as love, happiness and joy cannot be realized through only one being. They cannot be realized without an object partner. (Blessed Family - 302)

Although God is an absolute being, He needs someone to be his object of love. His object of love is none other than human beings. When humankind comes before God as the object of love, with perfected love, God becomes the God of happiness, the God who has fulfilled the ideal of joy. (145-267, 1986.5.15)

The answer to the questions, "Why does God need human beings?" and "Why does He need human beings in realizing His ideal?" is: God needs human beings to perfect His love. What is God's love? We can say that God's love involves human beings liking each other eternally, but more importantly, it involves God liking human beings eternally. In this way, human beings are God's eternal objects of love. From the day God created Adam and Eve, God desired to love Adam and Eve as the object partners whom He would look at over and over again, and would wish to look at forever, to be with over and over again, and to live with over and over again. Having such object partners is God's ideal of creation. (Blessed Family - 302) 

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