Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 2. God's Absolute Requirements

Why did God create the universe? Because He wanted to feel joy through the created world. Although God is an absolute being, He does not feel joy alone. Joy cannot be experienced without an object partner. God does not require knowledge, money or power. Because God Himself is absolute and almighty, he does not need such things. No matter how science advances, it will never equal or surpass what God has created. The great universe exists in a certain hierarchy and in accordance with the laws of nature. When we consider the fact that God is the creator who operates this great universe, which is so far beyond the understanding or the science of human beings, we can safely say that God is also an absolute scientist.

Among all existence, there is no power that can compete with God's power. That is because God's power is almighty and absolute. Moreover, God is everlasting, unchanging and self existing. Considering all this, if God were to wish for something, what would He wish for? What would God desire that is beyond money, knowledge, or power? The issue at hand is: what is most desired by God? There is only one thing that God absolutely requires. That thing is absolutely necessary, not only to God but also to human beings, and that something is none other than true love. Then is it possible for God to receive love alone? Some people might say that God Himself can love by Himself if He wants to, but it is not so. What is required most by God and what no one knew, is that He needed an object partner with whom to share true love. (Blessed Family - 302)

If God is absolute, then the question arises: "Why did such an absolute being create human beings?" It was not for money, knowledge or power. He created human beings because that was the only way God could love. In this scenario, the relationship between God, the Father, and human beings, as the sons and daughters, forms an axis line. If this axis had been connected, it would have been impossible to separate human beings and God in their relationship of love. Do you think that a man or woman who has tasted God's original love would ever want to be separated from it?

Bees get a taste of nectar in the springtime. When you pull on the abdomen of a bee sucking on the nectar, the abdomen may be pulled off but the bee will not separate itself from the nectar. What would happen if you were to get a taste of such love? Even if you somehow separated yourself from it, you would return to it, clinging to it forever.

Once the foundation to operate the universe connecting to the axis of love is formed, the union of an individually perfected man and woman would form the foundation of a family centered on love. On the basis of this love, tribe, people, and world could be formed and realized. (137-57, 1985.12.18) 

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