Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter One - The True Family Originally Intended at the Time of Creation
Section 1. God's Will through Adam and Eve

Many talk about God's will and many believers have prayed, "Heavenly Father, may Your will be done!" The words in themselves seem simple, but it is difficult for us, when asked, to articulate precisely what God's will is. At present we are leading lives of faith to accomplish that will, but there is some contradiction in living a life of faith and praying for the accomplishment of God's will without knowing what that will is. (Blessed Family - 298)

What does the Unification Church understand God's will to be? What is Rev. Moon's understanding of God's will? God's will is understood to be the completion and fulfillment of the original ideal of creation for which God made this universe. Because God created the universe with certain purposes, it is God's will to realize such purposes. Who or what was at the center of this purpose? It was none other than Adam and Eve. That is why I perceive God's purpose of creation to be the realization of His ideal beginning with and from Adam and Eve.

Then, what is the substance of this ideal? It is none other than the realization of the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is the foundation of the family with God at the center. It is realized only when Adam and Eve become so completely united that they cannot separate themselves from the realm of God's love. With God at the center, they become an ideal husband and wife, giving birth to children of their own. When this four-position foundation is completed, Adam and Eve become one in their love as husband and wife and are secured within the realm of God's love. (Blessed Family - 298)

What was this ideal that was supposed to be realized through the ancestors of humankind? It was to realize an ideal family through the union of an ideal man and an ideal woman. Then, what is necessary for the realization of an ideal family? It is neither man nor woman alone. A family, after all, is a unit. It is represented by the union of a husband and wife, and the relationship of parents and children with the love of God at the center. Therefore, we reach the conclusion that God's will is the union of a husband and wife, perfecting a family centered on God's love. (Blessed Family - 298)

What is God's purpose of creation? God did not create Adam and Eve merely to gaze at them after creation. He did not create man and woman so that they would simply grow old and, in the end, die by themselves. No, He created them to mature with Him at the core of their being and at the core of their love for each other.

He created them so that they could build a love nest centering on God and then establish the true Kingdom of Heaven on earth for all humanity. In this union, Adam, the man, represents heaven, and Eve, the woman, represents the earth. Therefore, although they are two separate persons, when they become one horizontally, heaven and earth are united. When these two people unite based on God's love, the cosmos is united automatically. (21-43, 1968.9.1) 

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