Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Five - Love and the Spirit World
Section 2. We Should Develop a Loving Character During Our Earthly Life

How important is your life on earth? You only live once. It is a short moment, but you only live once. Compared to eternal life, earthly life is but a point in time. It is too short. During this period, you need to prepare for the spirit world where you will live after earthly life. With this idea you should stand in the center and control and overcome everything. Otherwise, you cannot achieve perfection. You should know this. (207-99, 1990.11.1)

Wouldn't it be simple if a person ceased to exist at the end of his or her earthly life? However, people are meant to live eternally. They are meant to live eternally. This is good, but it is also a big problem. People are meant to live eternally. You do not know this because you have not had any spiritual experiences. But those who have had spiritual experiences can meet everyone, all the way from Adam to ancestors of thousands of years ago. (159-277, 1968.5.19)

You should realize what a precious time it is to have your physical body. It is only during this time that you are able to resurrect God, resurrect the universe, and unify all of heaven and earth. Even God and all things united together cannot be exchanged for the physical world. Why? Because without the existence of a human being with a physical body, perfection cannot be achieved, even if God and the universe were to be united as one. You must realize how precious the human body is. Our body cannot be exchanged for the universe. This is why these words from the Bible make sense, "For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?" (91-190, 1977.2.13)

If you have lived two-thirds or more of your life in sin, can you throw off all two-thirds of it? No, you cannot throw it off. It will stay with you. (34-139, 1970.8.30)

You should imagine that you are taking a picture of your mind and looking at the photo. (19-25, 1967.12.10)

Perfection is achieved on earth but not in the spirit world. It is possible to achieve perfection on earth through true love but not in the spirit world. (217-130, 1991.5.12)

Do you have the confidence that you will be around tomorrow morning to wear the shoes you took off last night? No matter how busy you are, there is nothing in this world that is more important than the question of eternal life. So there is nothing that is more serious in this world than the business of settling the issue of eternal life. (10249, 1960.10.21)

People of faith today do not know the law of indemnity. There are many who seek to go to the heavenly kingdom without fulfilling the necessary obligations. At the same time, there is no one who says that he will go to the heavenly kingdom only after taking responsibility, through liquidating historical sins to pay indemnity, in order to arrive there. This is why, during our life on earth, when we have our bodies, we should take responsibility to establish the conditions to resolve everything that has gone wrong in history.

Those who went to the spirit world without indemnifying their sins while they had their bodies must return to earth and pay indemnity. All the spirits of the historical ages up until now arrived to the spirit world without having been able to sufficiently pay indemnity, and thus they violated that law. Therefore, they are destined to return from the spirit world to try again to establish the conditions of indemnity. What is the one advantage that the people living on earth have over those in the spirit world? It is the fact that they have a body, with which they can directly establish a condition of indemnity. (80-93, 1975.10.19)

You should know clearly whether you are a group bound for the Kingdom of Heaven or a group bound for hell. Rev. Moon is someone who knows the spirit world well. It is a place where all sorts of people come, live and go. There is not a single person who can avoid death. Death cannot be avoided. People live here on earth for a while and then go, and in doing so, those who have lived for their own sake will turn around and go to hell, and those who have lived for the sake of others will turn around and go to the Kingdom of Heaven. These two worlds separate at the time of death. (203-99, 1990.6.17)

The place called hell is a place where, once you get trapped there, you cannot get out for eternity. Nevertheless, you do not truly realize the fact that your mother, father, and relatives are going to hell. You just say, "Things will work out somehow," and that is it. But try thinking that your beloved parents really are going to hell. Should you find out that your parents were going to prison, you would cry your heart out and try to get them out by doing all kinds of things, wouldn't you? This is how human affection goes. Then, in the same way, if you know that your sons and daughters, parents, relatives, and brothers and sisters, who are connected to you through heavenly affection, are going to hell from which there is no escape, wouldn't you have the same kind of reaction? (34-266, 1970.9.13)

When you relate to people, do not try to use them or think about making a profit from them. You must not do this. Once a person's original nature is crushed, it takes from half a year to three years to repair it. So your actions are something you should fear. There is no hell that is as awful as this hell. Those who know this do not even think about exploiting other people. (204-304, 1990.7.11)

You should not speak ill of beggars or disabled people you see on the street. You should wonder whether your spirit is not in the same condition as they are. (10-249, 1969.10.21)

Why do you have to get married? You get married in order to experience parental love, conjugal love, and children's love. Then, why are these necessary? The spirit world is a place that is filled with the atmosphere of love. You need a family to help train you to follow the rhythm of the spirit world. Those who arrive there without having experienced this will be unable to follow the beat. Such people are like those who are without a nose to smell the air of love. (Blessed Family - 1062)

The love relationship between parents and children is vertical, a love relationship between husband and wife is horizontal, and the love relationship among brothers and sisters is spherical. These three relationships are different. Therefore, only when you have an experience of deep love in these three different ways on earth, will you be able to turn without restriction vertically, horizontally, and in a circle in the spirit world.

For instance, those who have not tasted parental love when they were young, because their parents died, are rather tragic people because they are missing a very important experience of love. Those who have not experienced conjugal relationships will be very miserable in the spirit world because they are lacking an important part of life. Likewise, those who are without brothers or sisters will be in a lonely position, unable to live a complete life in the spirit world, since they will lack love that can spread in all directions. (Blessed Family - 1062)

In the spirit world, those who have had enough love for their parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, and children -- that is, those who have had a deep experience of love in their family life -- will be able to enjoy a lot of freedom. They will be able to go wherever they want, in any direction, without restrictions. Conversely, those who have had no experience of love, as well as those who are narrow-minded, will find themselves isolated and alone in the spirit world with no freedom whatsoever. (Blessed Family - 1062)

You should raise and leave behind respectable children when you pass away. In the future these children will all go to the spirit world. In the spirit world, they will be people of the heavenly kingdom. When you think about how many people you have offered as people of the heavenly kingdom, you will see that although your job was painful on earth, it became a noble path of glory in the world of eternity. (218-319, 1991.8.22)

When you go to the spirit world, you will find out that the accomplishments of great people who have gone to the spirit world are considered as valuable accomplishments only on earth. What kind of place is earth? It is a factory to produce the people of the heavenly kingdom. Do you understand? Heaven is immense and unchanging. It is infinite. It is so large! People have been coming and going for hundreds of millions of years, but we do not know where they are. This is how large it is.

So even if each person produces a hundred children, there is no overproduction because heaven is so large. It is a world that can accommodate everyone. So, should you practice birth control or not? When you go to the spirit world, the question you will face is how many people of the heavenly kingdom are you bringing with you. You should know that when you bring many true sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom, they are to your advantage towards earning you honor and determining your rank in the heavenly world. (202-38, 1990.5.1)

In the spirit world in the future, your ownership is determined by how many people of the heavenly kingdom you bring. These are your possessions. These are eternal possessions. (218-227, 1991.8.19)

In the spirit world there is no multiplication of children. Because God is standing in the position of the vertical Parent and there is only one axis, there is only one meeting point. (221-204, 1991.10.24)

If you make a serious mistake, you have to live in protective confinement in the spirit world. To get out of such a place, you have to wait for thousands of years. Those who are blessed, and make a serious mistake, do not you think your sons and daughters will say to you in the future, "Mother, why did make me this way? Why did you drag me here?" Do you think your sons and daughters will keep quiet? Your families are at different levels. So, you will go to the place that is appropriate for your level and stay there for a long time. Then, your ancestors and sons and daughters will accuse you saying, "Why did you do it? Why could not you do better? What is that!" You will have to stay there as long as you fall under their accusation. This is not easy. So this is why you should do well while on earth. (207-99, 1990.11.1)

You were born from your parents. Next, what is more fundamental is that you were born from God by borrowing your mother's womb. You are to go and find the True Parents through universal parents and your physical parents. Your physical parents are parents of passage. So the moment of death is a time of joy when you go to meet the True Parents. The true love of the True Parents is there. That place is called the heavenly kingdom in heaven. The constituting element of that place is love, and it is filled with parental love.

That love is not for your own sake, but rather it is a love through which you can abide by the law under the principle of service and sacrifice. To receive a passing grade, you must love the universe and love humankind. The earthly life is a training ground for such love. You should know that this is the fundamental core of the universe. If while you are alive on earth you practice love with such an outlook, pass your assessment with honors and then go to the spirit world, you will surely return to God. This is the conclusion. (105-108, 1979.9.30)

When you go to the spirit world, you will surely receive fair repayment for what you have done. For blessed families, the door to the heavenly kingdom will open for you because you are blessed by me. But in making your way forward, as you ride along the rail of heart, you need to be pulled toward the heavenly spirit world. Because that world is the world of love, you can enter it only when your heart harmonizes with it. So, it makes me wonder whether you are destined to go through many stages of judgment when such a world is revealed. (70-170, 1974.2.9)

A person is born in order to bear the fruit of love on earth. Our purpose on earth is to bear the fruit of love which God desires. This is why our life is short. It is one season. It is short, do you understand? (130-158, 1984.1.8)

Do not assume that you will live until you are 100 years old. Even if you live for seventy years, if you work three times harder, you will have lived for 210 years. Think like that. If you work ten times harder, you will have lived for 700 years. If you work twenty times harder, you will have lived for 1,400 years. Work twenty-four hours a day, constantly, throughout your whole life. Only then will you bear fruit in the spirit world and possess a large reservoir of love. You will have a great wealth of love. Your assets of love will be many and your stage of operation will be broad. (102-38, 1978.11.19)

Fish cannot live outside of water. Water is essential for life. A fish living in the river should not just stay in the river. It has to go back and forth to the sea as well. Why does it have to do that? It is because freshwater fish cannot produce their young without having tasted seawater. They have to experience this. Do you know this? Also, fish living in the sea have to go to fresh water and taste it to be able to produce their young. They have to go through the two worlds. (210-128, 1990.12.17)

Likewise, the earth and the spirit world are not two separate worlds. You need to have the qualities that enable you to live in the two worlds. (177-274, 1988.5.20) 

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