Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Five - Love and the Spirit World
Section 1. The Atmosphere of the Spirit World is Love

We are born in love representing God, live in love, reach the destination of love by having sons and daughters, and return to God to live with Him eternally. In other words, our life begins with love, matures with love, and becomes harvested as the fruit of love. A person's death is the point at which the fruit of love is harvested. (298-311, 1999.1.17)

Death denotes a second birth at the end of our physical life. The place where we have that second birth -- the place where we go after death -- is the spirit world. We enter that world and receive from God, who is the third Parent, a supply of true love, which represents the entire universe. The spirit world is a world where we breathe love and live in love. Therefore, if you fail to develop a character of complete true love, your path to travel freely will be restricted, and you will not be able to pass through all four directions. Even if you happen to pass through a gate, you will not be able to go any further. If you want to be qualified to live in rhythm with the four seasons regardless of time and place, you must develop a character of loving completely during your earthly life. (298-311, 1999.1.17)

To die is to be reborn in God's love, but in the human world they make a big fuss, saying, "Oh no, I am dying!" God laughs loudly at this. Would God be happy or sad to see such people crying and lamenting? One should experience joy at the moment of going from the realm of limited love to one of unlimited love. The moment of death is the moment of a second birth. Don't you think so? That path is the path of ascension (Seung Hwa). (116-172, 1982.1.1)

We should overcome death. It is the process of change opening the way to a second life. Death is not a sad occasion. It is a leap into a new world, ascension. (139-214, 1986.1.28)

In the secular world, death signifies the end of life, but death really means to be born anew into another world. Therefore, you should not be depressed, sad, or anxious when you think of death. Instead, you should rejoice over the idea of people being reborn in spiritual triumph after having lived a life for the sake of their mission. If you become immersed in sorrow or grief, this will only pull the spirit of a person who was on the way to heaven back down to earth.

Just like the moment when a baby comes out of the womb of its first mother, the Seung Hwa ceremony is an occasion in which a person is born into another world through the womb of the second mother, the universe. This can be compared to a wedding ceremony. This is not a sorrowful moment at all. It is like an insect emerging from its cocoon, throwing away its hard shell and taking on a new form, becoming a new being, a new essence. (49-285, 1971.10.17)

The reason we must die is that our body's ability to love is limited. If we want to possess God's true authority as His object partner of true love, our limited bodies will not suffice. This is why we have to make the transformation to being an incorporeal spirit. This will enable us to share the ideal of love equally with all of heaven and earth. For this reason, the moment of death is not a path of pain, but instead is the starting point of opening the gate of happiness, through which we can possess universal true love. (298-311, 1999.1.17)

Just as we received our parents' love, shared the love of husband and wife, and loved our children, we must collect all of God's love that has been strewn over our lifetime and take it with us to the spirit world. When a husband and wife unite and completely realize the three stages of love and go to the spirit world, they will become an eternal object partner to the eternal subject partner, God. This takes place when a husband and wife of true love pass away. They begin with God and end with God. (298-311, 1999.1.17)

Earthly life and life in the spirit world are not separate. Earthly life is important, and so is life in the spirit world. In other words, life in the spirit world is connected to earthly life. Both are important, but the people living on earth today are not aware of eternal life. They think that only life on this earth is important. That is the problem. Even among our Unification Church members, there are many who do not grasp that their present life affects their eternal life. (217-85, 1991.4.16)

Normally, human beings stay in the mother's womb, are born, live on earth for a certain period and then die. Therefore, most people fear death as they grow older. Lacking knowledge about the world after death, their fear and anxiety grow as they age. (Blessed Family - 1062)

The spirit world is a place that is totally covered with the ingredients of love. The earth is covered with air, but the spirit world is covered with love. Human beings inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide on earth, but in the spirit world they live inhaling love. The love they give and receive in the spirit world is true love. (145-267, 1986.5.15)

Human beings live in the womb for ten months, in the body for a hundred years, and in the spirit for eternity. (298-304, 1999.1.17)

As soon as a baby is born, it cries, and at that instant it breathes through its nose, which connects it to its second world, that is, the world of air. In order to connect to and come out into the world of air, we have to destroy the umbilical cord and the water bag, where we lived in the womb. At the time of this death or destruction, the baby is born to mother earth. After we're born, we eat with our mouths and breathe with our noses. But the food we eat on earth is just nutrition needed for the life of the physical body; it is not an essential element of spiritual life. The key element of life is none other than love. Therefore, we should inhale the air called love. We should breathe the air of love from our mother and father. (139-212, 1986.1.31)

In the spirit world, the True Parents will open the palace of love. Although there is a palace in the spirit world, the True Parents must declare, "This is the palace!", and then all beings in the entire spirit world will take their positions around it. The spirit world absolutely needs True Parents because such a responsibility still remains unfulfilled. (205-255, 1990.9.9)

When Adam and Eve reach perfection and go to the spirit world, they will be God's body and God will be their mind. Hence, God is invisible even when you go to the spirit world. God's purpose for creating Adam and Eve was to produce perfect people who would reflect the body and mind of the substantial world. (92-147, 1977.4.1)

After looking around even the back streets of the spirit world, I found the principle of heaven and earth was something simple. In other words, the truth is simple. Where two things unite through the power of absolute energy and form a vacuum, God comes in and becomes the core of the bone marrow. Here the two parts, man's love and woman's love, strongly unite. This is the core of the universe. The ideal embodiments of love join together and form the axis of love. (170-170, 1987.11.15)

The earthly world and the spirit world move facing each other. When the earthly world goes up, so does the spirit world; when the earthly world goes down, so does the spirit world. When one side turns, the other side turns also. So, in this life we should live life deeply, feel these things, and use them to benefit our eternal life. Our eternal life and our present life are not divided. (217-85, 1991.4.16)

Where will we go eventually? What does the spirit world refer to? It is generally called the world after death. But it is not the world after death because it is a world related to love. The spirit world began with true love; therefore, although I stand in the position of true love here and now, it is the same as being in the spirit world. This is why love is great. (144-198, 1986.4.24)

God created human beings in such a way that they can live forever intoxicated with love. Aging is not your enemy. People begin with love, live with love, and are harvested as fruits of love. At death we harvest the fruits of our love. We have received our parents and children's love, shared conjugal love, and lived loving our children. These, together with God's love and all other internal loves, bear fruit throughout our lives and are harvested and taken with us to the spirit world. (83-198, 1976.2.8)

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how big the spirit world is? Have you ever wondered how big the population of the spirit world might be? According to spiritual mediums, spirits are following people at the rate of about 3320 spirits per head. If you think that is the number of people on our side, do you think we will lose or win over the world? (86-192, 1976.3.28)

When you go to the spirit world, countless saints and sages and countless ancestors get together for a discussion. They question and reflect, asking, "Where did you come from? Where on earth? From which country?" When friends meet, they talk about everything from their past, do they not? When you go to the spirit world, you will meet your first grandfather and tens of thousands of ancestors. When they yell harsh words at you, saying, "You brat, how did you live?" will you feel good? Think about it. (148-320, 1986.10.26)

Do you have a special gift to bring with you when you go to the heavenly kingdom? When you go to the spirit world, the martyred, loyal servants of God will be lined up in front of you. Do you think you will be able to confidently open the bag you have brought before them? What kind of suffering has the Unification Church gone through, and what kind of hardships have you gone through? Without having gone through at least as much suffering as they have, how can you say that you are living for the sake of the nation and the world?

You have indeed suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering. That is reasonable to say. There is a path still ahead of us. We should be able to go to the spirit world, open our bag, and say, "This is the gift I have been preparing my whole life to give. Please accept it." When women marry, they take many things with them to their new home. Should you go empty-handed when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? (32-71, 1970.6.21)

Although the shell of your body gets old while on this earth, the longer you live as a husband and wife, and the more you love, the younger your spirit gets. What does this mean? It means that the longer a person lives, the more his or her spirit, which is the internal person, becomes a mature and beautiful man or woman of the highest degree. (164-101, 1987.4.26)

What is life in the spirit world like? There are no worries about eating, living, or clothing. Why? Because everything you desire is possible in accordance with the state of your spirit. You eat in the spirit world as well. Also in the spirit world, when you touch yourself, you will be able to feel your pulse, feel your blood flowing. It is the same. Although it is a spiritual body, it is the same. (194-42, 1989.10.15)

In the spirit world, you will not long for anything because nothing is missing. If you were to long for something, it would be a true person. Therefore, the meritorious servants who have made effort in order to raise a true person will naturally become sons and daughters of glory in the heavenly world. There is nothing you can be proud of except this. (30-147, 1970.3.21)

Can you see your mind? The spirit world is a world where your mind takes form, and it is a world that transcends time and space. There you can eat meals whenever you want. You do not have to worry about your meals. You do not have to worry about water. Nor do you have to worry about drinking. There is no need to worry about clothes. The spirit world is a place where you rise above the need for clothing, food and shelter. Would you need cars there? Do you think there are automobile factories there? Do you think there are food, clothing or textile factories there? There are none of these. It is a place where you can move hundreds of millions of kilometers in an instant. But by what force? By the force of love. If you say you want to see your loved one, he will appear before you. (210-225, 1990.12.23)

When you go to the spirit world, you can go everywhere because there is nothing that can block your movement there. A being with the original characteristics of God should not be blocked. You should be able to travel everywhere. Because the spirit world transcends time and space, people who lived hundreds of millions of years ago are still there now. They can also be any age they want. You can meet as many people as you want to in the spirit world. (194-132, 1989.10.17)

When you go to the spirit world, you will notice that it resembles a person. God, who is the Subject, and spirit world, which resembles one big person, will be united. Then the entire spiritual and physical worlds will become euphoric! When God jumps, so will the earth, and when God laughs, so will the earth. That is how it should be. When you look at the spirit world, you will see that it is structured like one big person. (91-279, 1977.2.27)

In the spirit world, you do not need explanations or to make excuses. You can sense what is going on immediately at the slightest indication. You can sense whether someone is below, next to or above you; in other words, you know the hierarchy of love. This hierarchy is absolute. Whoever is in a higher position naturally stands in this position according to that hierarchy. It is different from the earthly world. Those who have used deceit and slander to succeed will find their situation turned around. They will face failure. This is why I tell you to follow the right way. (194-132, 1989.10.17)

What are you going to do in your lives? Let us leave behind a mound of love. If you have lived in a mound of love, you will have no regrets. Such a life will succeed forever. If you die after having lived this way, God will bless you, and upon your arrival to the spirit world, God will come out with His sons and daughters to welcome you. (97-167, 1978.3.12)

In the spirit world, you cannot eat if you do not have God's love. You do not have the right to eat. Hell is a place where you cannot eat even though you can see the food, and you cannot act even though you know what to do. Only those who have led a life while on earth in which their spirit and body become one in God's love can possess the eternal world of the ideal or own the heavenly kingdom. (91-173, 1977.2.6)

In the spirit world, you need to love God more than the world, your nation, your wife or your child. Those who have achieved the highest level of character in the realm of love will be able to exercise God's authority in that world. (91-173, 1977.2.6)

The spirit world is composed of the air of love. Everything has to be born through love. You should live in love, and through living for the sake of others, become filled with love. Only then, will you be the substantial being of God's hope that He has longed for throughout history, and be welcomed wherever you go in the Kingdom of Heaven. Family training is preparation for you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (143-71, 1986.3.15)

Those who expand their family training in four directions, creating a realm in which love is practiced, will go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. (143-71, 1986.3.15)

Because the spirit world is infinitely vast, you can travel even millions of kilometers instantly centered on love. Love is the fastest. (216-192, 1991.3.31)

Compared to the spirit world, earth is like a speck of dust. You do not realize how immense the spirit world is. It is an infinite world that transcends time and space. Also, if you say, "If there is a person who was born, lived and died on earth in such and such an age with such and such a heart, please come forward!", that person instantly appears. It is a world where your intuitive senses become reality. (224-105, 1991.11.23)

The spirit world is such a beautiful world that you never tire of looking at it even after a thousand years. You cannot even imagine it. Even the best things in this world are nothing in comparison; they do not even match a small corner of the spirit world. So, earth holds no interest for me. Honestly speaking, I want to go back because this earth does not fit my purpose. (15-149, 1965.10.7)

In the spirit world when God looks at you, if your heart is filled with love, you shine brighter and brighter. In God's eyes, this light looks more beautiful than the light of a diamond. Also, He relishes this light, and the more He looks at it, the more He loves it. This is the reason God uses the term "love." (103-27, 1979.1.28)

The air in the spirit world is love. Love is the essence of life. In that world, you do not just breathe through your nostrils but also through the top of your head and through all your cells. Thus, if you want to live a full life in the spirit world, you have to completely develop a character of love during your earthly life. (112-205, 1981.4.12)

When you go to the spirit world, you will find that those who have deeply experienced in their family life the love of parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and children will enjoy a great deal of freedom; they can go anywhere in any direction without restrictions. Conversely, those who have no experience of love are narrow-minded, and in the spirit world they are isolated and have no freedom. (Blessed Family – 1062)

In the spirit world, God's love is law. (98-35, 1978.4.8)

The spirit world is an eternal place that seeks eternal elements. Hence, a spirit that has deeply experienced love will surely go to that world automatically, as if being drawn by a magnet. What kind of place is the spirit world? It is a world of harmony where everything is made of love and packed with love. Today, people -- whoever they may be -- want to make a relationship of love. They desire this in order to be in rhythm with the spirit world. (122-16, 1981.3.15)

There is not a single person who is not moved by the power of love, and there is not a single person who does not become an object partner to the power of love. There is not anyone who would not answer when asked with love. Love can call upon everything to make it possible, and love has the power to make things reappear. Therefore, the spirit world is a world of free and unrestricted movement where a heart filled with love makes everything possible. (112-219, 1981.4.12)

You have to unite the spirit world. A person who is unable to control the spirit world cannot unite the earth. Heavenly fortune comes from heaven, so how can those who are unable to control heaven unite the world? Therefore, before unifying the earth, we must unify the spirit world. (191-204, 1989.6.24)

You are resurrected human beings of history who have been born from your ancestors, resembling them. How long has history been going on? It has been said that it has been hundreds of thousands of years. After all, history has been working to create this one person that is you. If you are a Kim, the countless ancestors of the Kim family have come and gone in order for you to be born. So, we are the fruit of history. (46-154, 1971.8.13)

After your grandfather and grandmother pass away, you have to visit them at their graves. Thinking of them as God, you should visit them at their graves. (220-349, 1991.10.20)

So far, people in the spirit world have been divided. In the spirit world things do not connect horizontally; they partly connect in a vertical way. (218-124, 1991.7.14)

In the spirit world, since all kinds of people are gathered together, including murderers and their victims, the victims try to take revenge, fighting with knives against the perpetrators. This is why there are so many barriers blocking the way. Thus, evil spirits sometimes go to their enemies' descendants on earth and cause them to have fatal accidents. Things like this happen, and so these problems must all be resolved.

These problems must first be resolved in the earthly world. In resolving them, you on earth have to offer a better solution, a more pleasing offering. These problems will not be resolved unless you give those spirits with resentment something they want which is of more importance to them than someone's death, more important than whatever it was that caused them to have enmity. (191-204, 1989.6.24)

Where do people go? They go towards the spirit world. The spirit world is like the sea. People have no choice but to go to the spirit world. Just as there are currents in the sea, there is unparalleled harmony taking place there. In the sea, the tidal currents bring beings of harmony and change that are not found in fresh water. Just as there are countless fish families in the sea, there are countless new families of heaven and earth in spirit world. It is the same when you go to the spirit world. (141-306, 1986.3.2) 

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