Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Three - Love and Marriage
Section 3. The Blessing Is The Ceremony to Convey God's Love

Our Unification Church calls marriage the Blessing. (Blessed Family - 544)

The Blessing means true parents and true children meeting together to realize the purpose of creation. (19-73, 1967.12.27)

What is the Blessing? It is becoming one with God. If you become one with God, you will gain everything. You will receive everything God has, everything the Subject has. (Blessed Family - 544)

So far, you have not been able to make a complete connection with True Patents. It is the Blessing that is given to you so that you can make that connection. (23-332, 1969.6.15)

I will take eternal responsibility for those who have received the Blessing, even in the spirit world. I will govern them and guide them. The Blessing is also the means of forging an eternal connection with me. (God's Will and the World - 533)

The Blessing opens the gate of the heavenly kingdom. You enter it with your children. (Blessed Family - 544)

Although there is a myriad of people in the world, they can be divided into men and women. Our fundamental purpose is to find a secret method by which they can become one. We are pursuing this because the origin of such a fruitful family has not yet appeared. When such an initiating point appears and gives root to its seeds, they will grow into new trees. This is the Blessing Ceremony. (31-190, 1970.5.31)

The Blessing Ceremony is not simply a wedding ceremony where a man and a woman come together and then raise a family. Wedding ceremonies have so far been self-centered, but our wedding ceremony should be conducted in a sacred and magnificent manner, as something to return joy to God and as a precious offering to indemnify history. The Principle clearly explains that our wedding ceremony is an effort not only to resolve God's sorrow caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, but also to surpass the standard of bride and bridegroom that Jesus was unable to reach. (God's Will and the World - 27)

Even though you have established faith through God's providence, you have to be engrafted in order to be restored as God's child. (Blessed Family - 508)

To say that you are to be reborn does not mean rebirth through the flesh and blood of parents who are descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve; rather, you are to be reborn through the flesh and blood of the parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. Otherwise, you cannot return to God. Since the fundamental root of sin started with Adam and Eve, you cannot return to God's side until you have stepped over it and acquired the qualification that you are born in a place that has no connection with the original sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

In being reborn, you should not fall behind Adam and Eve. If you did, the fundamental restoration would not be realized. The process of rebirth must start with individuals, then families, peoples, nations, and ultimately the entire world. Today's Christians do not know this fact. (58-42, 1972.6.6)

Even a grandmother over the age of eighty knows that if she died without receiving the Blessing, she would be unable to enter the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, even if a man may be thousands of kilometers away, she will want to receive at least a condition of Blessing by tying a silk thread to him even at the last moment of death. This is what Blessing is like. I am destined to meet with difficulty because I have to do this work. (22-16, 1969.1.1)

The term "true parents" means a man and woman who are, spiritually, completely mature. It refers to a man and a woman who have established a vertical relationship with God and a horizontal relationship with each other, at ninety degrees. So in order to engraft young men and women, I gather them together, and engraft to them a bud from Mother and a bud from Father. This is the Blessing. (131-174, 1984.5.1)

The Blessing Ceremony is none other than a ceremony of transferring love. In this ceremony of transference, just as the parents live with God's love, you receive Parents' love in place of God's love with the instruction to live a certain way. This is the Blessing Ceremony. You do not receive it from some famous person; this would be an archangelic marriage. If a famous person comes along and arranges a marriage for you, this is always a marriage given by the archangel. (96-236, 1978.1.22)

Giving you the Blessing means to transfer Heaven's entire authority to you. (17-328, 1967.4.16)

The Blessing is the key to open the door of liberation for all people; this is the door that history has been seeking. (God's Will and the World - 27)

What have I considered most precious in my life? The Blessing. Also for you, the greatest gift in human history is the Blessing. (23-317, 1969.6.8)

God's ideal finally starts in a place where new love centering on God, that is, the love in accordance with the law of creation, is determined. (19-314, 1968.3.17)

To have a different lineage means to have a different father. Therefore, a person born from a different father and different lineage cannot indemnify his sins except through original parents untainted by the Fall. Therefore, until now history had been making connections through religious ideals until the arrival of the one person not connected with the Fall who has the right to be the first ancestor. (20-115, 1968.5.1)

For you to have received the Blessing means the time has come when you can make a start, in the name of the bride and bridegroom, with your people, church, and tribe that are chosen on the foundation built on earth by the Messiah's hard work of two thousand years. Can you be tribal messiahs? Even Satan can't do anything because you have made a parent and child connection with me. This is how incredible the Blessing is. (21-13, 1968.8.13)

What is the cosmos-centered ideology? It is the ideology centered on true parents. After all, these two ideologies are the ideologies based on parents. This is the ideology of your home, your nation, and yourself. Whose ideology would the world embrace if there had been no Fall? It would have embraced an Adam-centered ideology.

This ideology is the ideology centered on true parents, that is, the ideology centered on the father and mother. There can be no ideology above that. Therefore, the Unification Church, with True Parents at the forefront, should resolve problems of the heart using the ideology of heaven and working within the boundary of the original ideal family. As long as we practice this ideology within our families, we will not perish -- we cannot perish. (26-201, 1969.10.25)

What is the cosmos-centered ideology? Imagine a family that has more than enough treasures to fill heaven and earth. It would mean that the family members would, rather than being obsessed by them, forget about them entirely in order to live in intoxication with God's love. What belongs to the son belongs to the parents, and what belongs to the parents belongs to God. They should all be connected as a whole in this way. (35-280, 1970.10.25)

What is the ideology centered on true family? It is the ideology based on God's love. No matter how prideful a person may be at being the greatest in the world, he would still be miserable without love. This true family-centered ideology teaches that when the parents go, the sons and daughters eternally follow; that when the elder brother goes, the younger brother eternally follows; and even when the younger brother goes, the elder brother follows him eternally. Hence, if there is a younger brother's nation, the elder brother's nation must say that it will follow it. Likewise, if there is an elder brother's nation, the younger brother's nation must say that it will also follow it. (21-49, 1968.9.1) 

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