Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Three - Love and Marriage
Section 2. The Love that Man and Woman Desire

In your life's journey, the loveliest and most beautiful time is your youth. In youth, your looks are like the most precious flower. Someone who can love fully can be invited into God's living room. A man and a woman who have such love can receive God's blessings and be invited into His living room. (26-151, 1968.6.4)

What is human happiness? Can you say you are happy simply because you have a lot of money, even enough to adorn yourself with diamonds? You can find true happiness only when you laugh, sing, and whisper together with your partner, both of you enraptured in love. Those who can do this are truly happy people. I would say that those who can hear whispers from a lover are happy people; the soft whispers of your spouse who is caressing your earlobe can make you feel so happy that you would think you were dreaming. Youth is among the happiest of times; this is when the flower of your youth is still blooming radiantly, when you are virtually bursting with love, and when you are to unite in love with another. (Blessed Family - 366)

An ideal person does not seek a partner who becomes entirely absorbed into the love of man and woman. Rather, such a person seeks a partner who first loves the world, God, and humankind, and then loves you with his or her remaining love. (46-42, 1971.7.18)

True happiness for a woman is to meet her true subject partner in love. (Blessed Family - 340)

However seriously a man looks to find love as a single person, he will only be viewed as a crazy man. (Blessed Family - 340)

No matter how talented a man or woman may be, it is of no use when there is no love. (175-165, 1988.4.16)

Men and women are opposite in all aspects. Women are uni-directional, while men are multi-directional. Also, women stay home, while men travel here and there around the world. These are opposite types of personality. Through what do these men and women unite as subject and object partners? They unite through love. It is also love that unites humankind and God. (38-255, 1971.1.8)

God created humankind for the sake of the perfection of the ideal of love. Therefore, the relationship of humankind and God is a relationship of the highest love between subject partner and object partner. Then, when does humankind reach perfection? It will happen only when a man and a woman reach a point where they make a connection of love and understand the value of love. (128-132, 1983.6.11)

Even though a man maybe handsome and healthy, this means nothing without a woman. A man who is preoccupied with his handsome looks and health is useless. There are many men who live their lives in a self-centered way; this is one of the reasons why history has been tragic. You should know that God's providence has been to improve and transform this self-centered world. (Blessed Family - 340)

Therefore the best thing in the world is the notion of a woman for a man and a man for a woman. The love that charms men is not found in other men, nor is the love that enchants women found in other women. Isn't that so? Do you long for love when you are alone? (37-27, 1970.12.22)

In loving a woman with God's love, a man should be able to say, "I love her completely. We share a love that will not change from beginning to end." Also, a woman should keep her body tightly sealed in order to share such a love. She should close it tightly like a peony flower, as if it were wrapped up in many layers. This way, the couple should see the harmony of heaven and earth in spring and start a new life in unity with this. They should do this well. (26-156, 1969.10.25)

Among the flowers, which do you think is the most beautiful? I don't know what kind of flowers you like, but I like flowers that look like a trumpet. The reason is that trumpet-looking flowers send their fragrances far away. Trumpet-looking flowers represent deep love. Flowers must look like a trumpet if their fragrances are to spread far. For this reason, the more a flower resembles a trumpet, the more fragrance it has.

So if women are like flowers, they should have a deep heart of love. Flowers with beautiful fragrances are loved by all people. Lilies, for example, are loved for their simplicity and elegance. I think the clear and elegant lilies are aesthetically and emotionally rich flowers because their stems aid leaves have the same color so it is difficult to distinguish which is which. Likewise, ladies should be like morning glories and lilies. They should be clear and elegant flowers. (Blessed Family - 614)

No matter how pretty a girl may be, there is a time after emerging from adolescence, which is the most special time. This is when her beauty truly flowers, the most precious time of her life. Nevertheless, is there any woman who would say that she would rather live alone? This is not a woman. Also, is there any man who has a fine body and yet says that he would rather live alone during such a lovely time of youth? At such times you are bound to look for your partner. Why do you do this? It is because you resemble God. During young adulthood, the most precious time of your life, you seek out your life partner. This is true for men and women alike. (32-248, 1970.7.19)

Why do men exist? Men often say they are not interested in such issues because they can usually live alone, but men are born for the sake of women. Without women, men have no reason to be here. There is nothing that has come into being for its own sake. (285-220, 1997.5.19)

When we look at our five senses; eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands are all there for the sake of my partner. Do our eyes exist to look into our own eyes? True love can fully mobilize and concentrate the five senses. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands are tools of true love, created for the sake of true love. (299-119, 1999.2.7)

What is the most precious thing for a woman? It is a man. What kind of a man does she need? It does not matter whether he is talented or dull, whether he is crippled or not. The question is with which man she can find a love with value. (Blessed Family - 340)

If a woman loved by God lives in the heart of a man, and a man who is loved by God lives in the heart of a woman, and they cherish each other, God will rejoice over it, and also all things will be happy together. Their joyful embrace will be of great importance in bringing joy to heaven and earth. The embrace of a man and a woman in mutual adoration is a point where the universe becomes one. This is what the original image is like that is realized under God's ideal. (God's Will and the World - 27)

What is the original purpose for which man is born? It is undeniable that he is born for a woman. Conversely, a woman is not born for the sake of a woman. We should know that the problem occurs where she has not fully convinced herself that she is born for the sake of a man. Since God, the great master of the creation of heaven and earth, has stipulated this as an original rule of creation, we cannot enter the good, true, joyful and peaceful world, or the world of love and ideal, without following this rule. (75-319, 1975.1.16)

You should not cast sidelong glances even though there are countless men in the world. Fidelity is more precious than your life. It is women who will open the path that will resonate throughout history, the path that can be loved by the husband, by sons and daughters, by the nation, even loved by the whole world. Women should undertake the solemn task of establishing a basis from which the beauty, nobility, and emotional tradition of women can shine forth. In order to accomplish this, you should give your utmost heart as a truthful and genuine person. (39-217, 1971.1.10)

When is the most beautiful time, the time of youth when the flower is in full bloom? It is young adulthood. This period is the seven years from age eighteen to twenty-four. This seven year period is a time never to be repeated in your life, a time when the beautiful flower of your love will blossom. How precious is this beautiful time that will come only once in your life.

You know peonies, don't you? Their buds are wrapped tightly in dozens of layers so they cannot be opened up easily. The same is true for men and women. Then when should you fully reveal the crimson bud of your love that blossoms like a yellow flower? The time when beauty is best revealed within the harmony of heaven and earth is the time of youth. For human beings, it is a time when the blossoms are at their peak. Youth is a time when you shine as the central pinnacle of God's great work of art. It is at this time that you should be in full bloom under God's blessings. (26-151, 1969.10.25)

You should not defile the purity of your heart during your youth, which is a precious time in which to overcome and rectify the sorrow of Adam and Eve, who lost their pure heart in their youth. You should have a firm principle and determination that says, "Even if I live alone for tens of thousands of years, I will absolutely not abuse love." (37-107, 1970.12.22)

As a youth, when you carefully keep a holy pure heart that is not dirtied or stained by the fallen world, where should you place it? You should place it on the altar that will bring God the greatest joy: the holy ground where a man and a woman with such a pure heart can meet and become bound as one. This should be the place where the bride and groom meet. (64-84, 1972.10.24) 

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