Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Two - The Reality of Love
Section 8. Love of the Nation, Love of the World, and Love of Humankind

8.1. The path of children of filial piety, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters

Once you become one with God, circular motion manifests in all kinds of forms and figures. That is why the older sibling must love the younger, following the example of their parents loving them. Love will blossom within a family that is united in this way. That love then becomes the love within a society, and then the love within a nation. In this way, it later becomes the love of the whole world. (28-168, 1970.1.11)

People who live for the sake of the common purpose of humankind will unite centering on their love for humankind. Likewise, if the people have a love for their homeland, they will unite based on patriotic ideas. As their patriotic feeling grows stronger, the citizens will unite through their patriotism to establish a nation. If you know that you are not in a position to work on the patriotic movement by yourself, you must build relationships horizontally and gather people of like mind together. (29-131, 1970.2.26)

The base where genuine love can settle down is the family; therefore, the original family that secures the love of the universe will experience an aspect of the universe's protection and expand the domain of love in the universe. We must go beyond the family and walk the patriotic path of loving the nation. Furthermore, we must go beyond race and nation toward the path of loving the world. We call those who love their family children of filial piety and virtuous wives, and those who love their nation patriots. What do we call those who love the world? We call them saints. (Blessed Family - 924)

What must you do to become a global figure? You cannot become one merely on the basis of human morality or just by making people your central concern. If your central concern relates to human beings, you will not be able to go beyond the national level. It is that which is of heaven that will enable you to step beyond the national level. Without a philosophy that embraces heaven and earth, you cannot transcend the nation. (38-260, 1971.1.8)

If you look at the people who are numbered in the ranks of the saints, have they revered God or not? Is there anyone who has become a saint without God? (39-316, 1971.1.16)

Thus, the saints have spoken about God, not just about humankind. Moreover, the saints have taught not only the way of morality but also the way of heavenly law. (33-290, 1970.8.21)

It is children of filial piety who serve and love the parents in a family; those who serve and love the nation are patriots; and those who love the world are saints. Then, what is it that I teach? It is to be a divine son or daughter who loves God, the world, and the universe. Which will you be? Will you be a divine son or daughter, or a dutiful son or daughter? To be a divine son or daughter requires having a loving heart like God's heart. (129-96, 1983.10.1)

Love is the essence that is moving reality and cannot be omitted from daily life or from history. Love provides the internal power that moves everything from a parent's body to our social institutions. This is why, when you are educated, you are taught to love your country. Brotherly love, parental love, conjugal love, and worldwide philanthropy -- all these things contain love. What does this mean? It means that we cannot connect to history without including the love that is in the realm of people's daily lives and the course of history. (187-45, 1989.1.6)

What do you have to become? You must become a patriot. What is a patriot? Does being a patriot mean devoting one's effort for the nation's ruler? No. You should know that those who know how to serve the people as they would serve the nation's ruler are patriots. What is a child of filial piety? They are not those who make devoted efforts for their parents. You should know that those who make devoted efforts for their brothers and sisters as they would serve their parents are children of filial piety.

What is a saint? They are the people who have sacrificed themselves until now and died for the sake of all humankind. What is a divine son or daughter? Those who reach out to the world centering on God, who serve humankind as they would serve God are divine sons and daughters. The historical saints are those who have died for the sake of the people of the world. And who are the divine sons and daughters of God? They are loyal to God, but as they live for God they also live for the sake of all people. (133-241, 1984.7.19)

After becoming a child of filial piety, a patriot, and a saint, what is next? Being a saint does not make you a divine son or daughter; it doesn't make you God's child. You must become a divine son or daughter. No matter how much you have loved the nation's ruler and its people, you have to know the laws of the heavenly royal palace to be a divine son and daughter. You have to know the method of being in rhythm with the governance of the palace law. (147-281, 1986.10.1)

Originally, the child of filial piety is a person whose heart goes straight to his parents without changing, and the patriot is a person whose heart goes straight to the king. Likewise, the saint is a person whose heart goes straight to God without changing. In other words, you can be a child of filial piety, patriot, and saint only when your heart goes straight without changing even in a situation where you face death. (97-274, 1978.3.26)

The one who serves and loves the parents in the family is a child of filial piety, the one who serves and loves the country is a patriot, and the one who serves and loves the world is a saint. You should be divine sons and daughters who love the world and universe. Then, you must have as much love as God. (129-96, 1983.10.1)

A child of filial piety lives on even when his household perishes. This is why there are epitaphs of children of filial piety, epitaphs of patriots, and epitaphs of saints. Divine sons and daughters are different from saints. Divine sons and daughters are people who know how to observe not only national laws in the human world but also the laws of the heavenly royal palace. Thus, that which can connect straight to the path of children of filial piety, the path of patriots, and the path of saints is the path of divine sons and daughters. This path is substantial and has a big circumference, but the flow of its core is vertical. (175-213, 1988.4.17)

How do people live? When we condense the essence of our life course, we will find the fundamental core life paths walked by children of filial piety, by patriots, by saints, and by divine sons and daughters. Would they be paths driven by the heart of wanting to be together and live together regardless of the upper and the lower, transcending the front and back, left and right, and day and night, and going beyond one's own life? This is the conclusion that emerges. (148-258, 1986.10.1)

No matter how outstanding a person may be, he is of no use if he has no love. Also, happiness becomes connected based on love. The medium that connects everything, brothers and sisters, friends, countrymen, all humankind, and heaven and earth, is love. Love is like yeast. (175-165, 1988.4.16)

What kind of being is God, who has created the universe and established its law? Throughout the whole universe, He is the Being who stands in the representative position caring for others more than anyone else. This is God. Therefore, if you want to meet God, you have to live for the sake of others. God is the king of knowledge, but He will not tell you to come to Him with knowledge. Although He is the king of capability, He will not tell you to come to Him with capability. Although God is the master and king of power, money, and material, He will not tell you to come to Him with these things. He would say that anyone can come to Him if they live for the sake of others. (133-16, 1984.7.1)

God exists in front of human beings for their sake. This is why we want to follow God forever. If you want to maintain your own position of existence within natural law and in front of the universe's realm of existence, you must exist for the sake of others as does the universe. In serving others, you connect to the East and West and to the past and the present. Because God has the same love in the past and at present, and in the East and in the West, He can overcome the East and the West and overcome the past, present, and even the future. God can overcome the past, present, and future, and can, therefore, always make progress. He can overcome the East and the West, and therefore unify them. This is possible only in love. (187-89, 1989.1.6) 

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