Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Two - The Reality of Love
Section 7. Love Between Siblings

7.1. Brotherly love is a model of love for all the people of the world.

Why did God give us our brothers and sisters? The reason we need brothers and sisters is that a brother can look at his younger sister or elder sister and realize, "Oh, that's how our mother grew up!" He sees through them the process of his mother growing up. Also, the sister observes carefully how her elder or younger brother grows up and understands how her father grew up and lived. You should know that this is the love among siblings; you become one by growing up like this. So should you love your brothers and sisters or not? (184-60, 1988.11.13)

What if parents have only one son and one daughter? The son needs an elder sister and an elder brother, doesn't he? Also the daughter needs an elder brother and elder sister. Furthermore, they need a younger brother and younger sister. There needs to be an elder brother, an elder sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister. It is unfortunate if you do not have them. The family that has a younger sister, younger brother, elder sister and elder brother -- all of these -- and has achieved complete unity will receive God's protection. This family becomes the origin of a clan, a people, and a nation. The elder brother and elder sister mean east and west, and younger brother and younger sister mean north and south; when this pattern is completed there will be three dimensions. This is the principle of love. When such a principle of love takes root, the origin of peace will be established. (20-40, 1968.3.11)

When an elder brother loves his younger sister, and the younger sister loves her elder brother, they cannot just love each other; they must involve their parents in that love and cherish their childhood experiences of growing up in the bosom of their parents. They should be a brother and sister who are connected on the basis of parent and child oneness. Only then will they ascend as they grow up. They should grow up like this all the way through elementary and middle school. (236-11, 1992.11.2)

However far you go in your travels around the world, nothing replaces the love of brothers and sisters in a family, who share the same blood from their birth. When you go out to society, is there anyone who is closer to you than your brother or sister? Although some people may be close, they will eventually drift away from you. (228-199, 1992.4.3)

Why do you need brothers and sisters? Brothers and sisters are those who are connected through the vertical and horizontal plane. If we say Adam and Eve are horizontal, then God and Adam and Eve are vertical; their intersection constitutes a plane. This is why both a horizontal setting and the front and back are needed. Through their unity a sphere is formed. When the love of brothers and sisters expands to a love for all the people of the world, sibling love transcends family. (236-11, 1992.11.2)

Only when we embrace the world and love all people with sibling love, will we join everything together in an ideal sphere of love; when that occurs, no mishap will severely shock us. Only then will all the substance of God's thought finally bear fruit. God's ideal of children unites and bears fruit there: the fruit of children's love, the fruit of siblings' love, the fruit of the love of husband and wife, and the fruit of parents' love. When the plan that the incorporeal God had at the time of creation is made substantial, upper and lower, front and rear, and left and right will be merged with Him. (236-146, 1992.11.4)

Through brothers and sisters a nation arises and all humankind arises. The relationship of brothers and sisters signifies front and back, a flat surface, but when flesh is added a sphere is formed. So it is brothers and sisters and the people of the nation who form the sphere. Brothers and sisters expand to become a people. The love of siblings is connected with the love for the world. A family where many brothers and sisters are growing up is like a model to embrace all people of the world and to create an ideal Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Hence, brothers and sisters expand in number. (235-268, 1992.10.1)

When there are many siblings, two may have to share a bowl at mealtimes. They do not fight because there is only one bowl of rice. Even if there are many siblings and they have to live in hardship, if they have such a heart of love that says, "Although I may starve, I will give this to my elder sister" or "I have to give this to my younger brother or sister," then everything will work out very well. (112-195, 1981.4.12) 

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