Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Two - The Reality of Love
Section 5. Sexual Love

5.1. Sex is the original palace of love, the most holy place of heaven

Where is God's most holy place? It is the sexual organs of men and women, where love dwells. This is heaven's most holy place. (134-185, 1985.4.7)

What is the symbol of the love of a man and woman? Where is the final destination of love? It is the sexual organs that make a man and a woman one body. The sexual organs become a channel that can bring their mind and body into complete oneness through love. (Blessed Family - 337)

What is the difference between a man and a woman? First of all, their bodies, including their sexual organs, are different. Then, for whom is the male sexual organ absolutely necessary? The male sexual organ exists for a woman. One sexual organ is concave, and the other is convex. Why are they made like that? Both of them could be made pointed or both could be made flat, but why do they look different? It is all for the sake of the other. The man's organ is absolutely wanted by the woman, and the woman's organ is absolutely wanted by the man. We have not known that the woman's organ absolutely belongs to the man, and the man's organ absolutely belongs to the woman. By owning each other's sexual organs, man and women come to know true love. (299-119, 1999.2.7)

The sexual organs of men and women are the treasure store of the royal palace. They are the treasure store of the royal palace of the heavenly nation. Even God cannot do whatever He wants with her sexual organ. Only the priest can open the lock to it. A woman should not get undressed before two priests. She is allowed to undress herself before her master; anyone else is a devil. See what will happen to the perverted men of today. (194-345, 1989.10.30)

The sexual organ is the royal palace of love, a royal palace giving birth to eternal life, and a royal palace where one receives the blood ties and lineage that will inherit the heavenly tradition that will never, ever change. It is a royal palace of true life, a royal palace of true love, and a royal palace of true lineage. It is the most precious place. You cannot do whatever you want with it. You cannot open it without God's official approval. No one can touch it except your husband or your wife, who has received the official approval from God and the universe. (216-207, 1991.3.31)

Why do you think the sexual organ exists? It is because of love. It has come into being in order to find love. What is the sexual organ? It is a royal palace centered on true love, a royal palace centered on true life, and a royal palace centered on true lineage. It is the most precious thing. Without it, God's ideal, God's family, and God's will cannot be realized. The sexual organ is the one starting point for the achievement of the perfection of all these. (216-218, 1991.4.1)

If there were a world that absolutely valued the sexual organ, do you think it would be a good world or a bad world? Would it be a world of prosperity or a world of ruin? When God created human beings, what do you think is the part God made with the greatest concern and devotion? Do you think it is the eyes? The nose? The heart? The brain? These things will disappear when you die, will they not? (279-244, 1996.9.15)

The sexual organ is the royal palace of love. What has happened to that royal palace of love now? A person's sexual organ is the royal palace of love, the royal palace of life, and the royal palace of lineage. It is such a precious thing: a holy thing. But the Fall has turned it into something dirty. From the original viewpoint of God, it is not something dirty, but something holy. It is the most precious thing. Life, love, and lineage are connected to it. Satan defiled such a holy thing. (218-176, 1991.7.28)

Your sexual organ is the original palace of love. Your sexual organ is the original palace and royal palace of life. Your sexual organ is the royal palace of lineage. Only if love, life, and lineage are accomplished can your sexual organ be the royal palace in which God can dwell. Since God is the King of all kings, and the one who is to go to the original palace and reside there, in order to attend God, you have to attain the original palace of love, the original palace of life, the original palace of lineage, and the original palace of conscience. Amen, amen, amen! May it happen as decreed by my word! Amen! (280-197, 1997.1.1)

The sexual organ is the point at which two people become one as a unified body of life with love at the center and is the place where the blood of a man and the blood of a woman blend into one, in one melting pot. You should know that this place is more precious than your sons and daughters, more precious than your husband, and more precious even than God. They will call me a heretic for saying things like this... What is that place like? It is a place that is more precious than your children, more precious than your husband, and more precious than your parents.

Without it, your parents would have no value, your couple would have no value, and your sons and daughters would have no value. Because it is so precious, it is kept under lock and key as the most precious treasure of your whole life, in order to keep it from being seen by anyone in the world. The key to the man's organ is held by the woman, and the key to the woman's organ is held by the man, and there is only one key each. There must be one key only. Do you want to have ten, twenty keys as in free sex? Do you want it to be like a ruined house without an owner, where the door is open and all the passers-by can come in and out? (280-199, 1997.1.1)

What is the original palace, the sexual organ, with which a man and woman make love? It is the royal palace of love, the royal palace of life, and the royal palace of lineage. Your grandfather and grandmother live revering this place; your mother and father also live revering it; your couple also lives revering it; and your sons and daughters to come in the future will also live revering it; is this not so? Is there a woman or a man who live not regarding it? Then why has it turned into something bad? The sexual organ is said to be a vulgar word. Why is it vulgar? It is a holy word. We should consider it a holy word. It is because of this that eternal love is connected and from this that eternal life and eternal lineage appear. It is the most precious thing. (210-101, 1990.12.1)

A man and a woman who keep and protect their purity are likewise protecting the universe. This is because keeping the order of love between men and women is the fundamental root of the universe. Why were men and women born on earth? They were born in order to love each other. Since God is a great king of wisdom, He allowed for the exchange of the love organs between man and woman.

Just as the man does not own his sexual organ, neither does the woman. Behaving according to your own desire and ignoring the owner will cause you to receive judgment for violating love. If the husband knows that he will receive a punishment by the most fearsome law, would he dare to forget about his wife and have thoughts about others? Conversely, can wives forget about their husbands and have thoughts about others? (Blessed Family - 337)

God is a fair person. Hence, since it is not right for people to fight over who owns what, God designed for the planting of the man's possession in the woman and the woman's possession in the man. Love may seem to be something wicked, but it is really something breathtaking. (136-23, 1985.12.20)

Love must create harmony; there is nothing dirty in love. Although the sexual organ is the most precious thing, it is close to the dirtiest area of the human body. Why is that the case? Since harmony is a principle in the creation of heaven and earth, the male and female sexual organs, as the most precious things, are placed here. God thus installed them properly near the dirtiest place. (194-49, 1989.10.15)

Where are the sexual organs of men and women located? It is the safest zone, and at the same time next to the dirtiest place. This shows us that God is truly a king of wisdom. He teaches the human world, "Love even rules over something so dirty." As you know, the sexual organs are close to the anus. The pathway for urine and the pathway for sperm are the same pathway as well. (194-175, 1989.10.22)

Would you rather cut off one of your fingers, or your sexual organ? This is not something to laugh about. There should be a vertical standard. The four limbs are horizontal. This is why the vertical sexual organ is right in the middle. Isn't this part of a trinity? It represents God. Among the possessions that a man has, two parts of the sexual organ represents the dual characteristics of Adam and Eve, and the one that stands stiff represents God. (205-348, 1990.10.2)

You get married in order to meet God. These are amazing words. God does not exist separately from this. When you enter that place, God is living there. (203-255, 1990.6.26)

The sexual organ is more important than your head. There is no origin of true love in your head. There is no origin of true life in your head. There is no origin of true lineage in your head. Where is that origin? It is the sexual organ. That is for sure, isn't it? There is everything in the sexual organ. There is life, there is love, and there is lineage. It is the original palace of love. The root of life also lies here. It is the same with lineage. This is the most precious place, not only in the human body but also in the world and throughout human history. Without it, the multiplication of humankind would be impossible. (203-104, 1990.6.17)

For human beings, the antenna of love is their sexual organ. The man is convex and the woman is concave, so when the two are joined together, they become round and disappear. It is like a negative electrical charge and a positive electrical charge meeting and producing a clap of thunder, and then returning to zero. They return to their initial state. (187-54, 1989.1.6)

If the man had his own sexual organ, he absolutely would not want to give it away, and the woman would not want to give hers away either. Then, the man and the woman would have no way other than to stand confronting each other like that for a thousand or ten thousand years. However, since they have made this exchange with each other centered on love, they share their sexual organs out of mutual need, and their giving and receiving will create circular motion. Value appears only when giving and receiving takes place through an exchange. (140-244, 1986.2.12)

In the fallen world love has turned into the most dangerous thing. It is because of the Fall that mismanaging love shatters the world and turns it upside down. People have not clearly realized why love has become false and dirty, but have still tried to keep and protect it because of their instinctive desire that true love should appear. (Blessed Family - 344)

Through the Fall, the sexual organs of men and women have moved in the opposite direction of the original palace and have opened the gate of death and the laws of death and destructive hell. The sexual organs have become a wicked agent that has ruined the heavenly way; hence, it has become something bad. This has been a secret hidden in history up to now. (197-175, 1990.1.13)

Where is the royal palace of love? Don't think it strange when I say these kinds of things. If we do not rightfully correct this thinking, the world will all become distorted. If history cannot be fitted together properly, wickedness will fill the world. I have experienced the agony of delving into the fundamental problem of humanity and the fundamental core of the universe, and the place I arrived at as a result of this endeavor was the sexual organ. When I arrived at the sexual organ and thought about it carefully, I found that the harmony of heaven and earth unfolds like a whirlwind from that place. This is an amazing fact. (197-24, 1990.1.7)

Why does the man have to be on top when making love? It is because only in this way is the vertical line established. Where does the seed come from? It comes from heaven. Through what does it come? It comes through love. This one thing proves everything. Also, the seed comes from the father, through the vertical, convex organ of love. When the convex fits into the concave organ, the whole of heaven and earth shakes. (187-52, 1989.1.6)

If you jump into love to experience it early because love makes you happy and being intoxicated in love makes you feel mysterious, this is a grave matter. The door of love opens only when it is time, and you must wait until it opens before entering. You should open it proudly after becoming an owner of love, (Blessed Family - 366)

Why do men and women like love? The human body consists of as many as 100 trillion cells, and the time when these cells move as a whole is when they make love. The time when all the cells of the human body can move as one is none other than the time when a man and a woman make love. (118-14, 1982.4.26)

Even in the fallen world, when a man and a woman fall in love, they say, "Ah, there is an electric current here." The electricity that arises from moment to moment starts from the archangel -- it is unicellular. The electricity of love that arises in the original world is the lightning of the love of the universe. It surpasses the former in strength several thousand times; moreover, the sound of the movement of the cells of each human organ is like the sound of thunder. The principle view of love is that the man and woman engaged in true love of the original world cannot meet God unless they concentrate with all their might towards the contact point where the lightning of love meets. (Blessed Family - 380)

Who will become God's partner in love? Will this be a man by himself? Will a woman alone be His partner? What kind of partner would God want? Would it be money as a partner, knowledge as a partner, or power as a partner? No. Because God wants a partner of love, He meets human beings by being present at the place where a husband and wife unite through their sexual organs. (279-250, 1996.9.15)

You think of the whole of your body as yours, but love is not yours. Love is completely in the possession of your partner. In the Old Testament, we find words such as "holy place" and "most holy place." The holy place symbolizes a person, and the most holy place symbolizes the house of love. Every person has a holy place and a most holy place. In other words, the holy place is a house where you can attend God. As for the most holy place, since only God can have dominion of privileged love over it, it is a place to make a relationship with God. There are surely not two high priests keeping the most holy place. There is only one. You should know that long ago, the one who had the key to Eve's most holy place was Adam, and the one who had the key to Adam's most holy place was Eve. (132-246, 1984.6.20)

You should know that the mouth of a man or woman is a holy place. The mouth is the formation stage in the love relationship. For women, their breasts are the growth stage and their sexual part is the completion stage: these are the holy places of our body. The key to these holy places cannot be held by anyone; no one can have it without inheriting it through the heavenly way. (123-195, 1983.1.1)

Religions should walk a path of tribulation; they should fight against the body. The most serious enemy is sex that is connected with the pulsating of the devil's blood. You should be liberated from lasciviousness, liberated from that type of love, in order to get away from the lineage woven with Satan's blood. In this way, if you want to be engrafted to a new type of life, you must build a relationship with God. Only then will love begin. God is the traditional center of love and also the ancestor of life, whereas, the most fearsome thing in the universe is the man and woman problem. (194-345, 1989.10.30)

When you are in love your blood heats up, doesn't it? It shakes, doesn't it? Do you know why it shakes? There is a mixing. East, west, south, and north are mixed; above and below are mixed and become one; everything focuses in the direction where love sparks fire. You move into love freely with no restraint in order to completely invest yourself again and again. Completely investing yourself for the sake of the man and completely investing yourself for the sake of the woman, you forget all about your life and your material possessions. Because that is the path of love, and because it is the path that never ends, you will like it forever. (204-100, 1990.7.1)

When God gives people a gift, would He give them a bad gift? He gives the best of the best. Where is that? It is something that exists in a deep place. God would want to take it out from His deep, inner place and give it to the one He loves. This is why love is good. (194-175, 1989.10.22)

True freedom presupposes responsibility. If people were to insist on and practice only the freedom of individual love without fulfilling their responsibility, how much chaos and destruction would come? The perfection of human beings, who are to realize the lofty ideal of love, is possible when they take responsibility for love. People should be grateful to God who gave them the freedom of love. Their first responsibility is to become the master of true love, truly free and thanking God for the freedom of love and knowing how to cultivate and control oneself. This responsibility for a love relationship should not be taken merely because of law or social convention. Instead, a person should establish responsibility through one's own self-control and self-determination within the life-committing vertical relationship with God. (277-200, 1996.4.16)

When a sexual organ is used like a blind person wandering aimlessly and without direction, it will, undoubtedly, lead you as its owner to Hell. By the same token, one will be led high up into Heaven when he or she uses the sexual organ according to the standard of God's absolute love. This is a clear conclusion. In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve planted the seed of free sex in the shade, by falling through fornicating while in their youth. In the Last Days, therefore, which is the time of harvest, the phenomenon of an expanding trend of adolescent free sex will surely appear. (279-256, 1996.9.15)

5.2. Love is not something that is learned

Did you learn how to love at home? What kind of father would tell his child to learn how to love from him? Also, does a mother tell her child to learn how to love from her? Furthermore, did the parents learn from someone how to love their children? Did the bride and bridegroom learn from someone that they should love in a certain way? They did not learn it, but they know it well. This is something truly mysterious. (23-20, 1969.5.11)

When parents love their children, do they receive instructions from someone on how to love them? You women gathered here, when you loved your babies after they were born, did you learn the way to love them? Is there a school somewhere that teaches love? Is there something like a bachelor's or doctoral degree in this field? There is no such thing, but everyone reaches a perfect score in this. The more lacking you feel yourself to be, the more complete your love is. Something that is complete does not need to be learned or have anything more done to it. The less that needs to be added to or subtracted from something, the more complete it is; hence, complete things do not change, and unchanging things last forever. (38-228, 1971.1.8)

Love is difficult to understand in words. No matter how many explanations are given for parents' love, people without parents cannot understand it. No matter how many explanations are given for conjugal love, people living alone cannot grasp it. After all, you feel the love of your partner when, as a subject partner or object partner, you can have a point of convergence in your actions that you can perceive -- such as loving what your partner loves or connecting to his or her whole being. (58-290, 1972.6.25)

It is through this power of love that a newborn baby and young animal can find their mother's milk naturally, without their having received education or training. (Blessed Family - 1060)

Sincere love is a heavenly law, and thus it is realized naturally before it is taught. Parents' love does not become bigger or smaller according to whether the child's face is cute or ugly, nor is there a child who changes his love and respect for his parents according to whether they are good looking or bad looking. Are there children who say, "You have an ugly face, so you are not my mother"? There would be no parents who say, "Although I gave birth to you, you are not my child because you have an ugly face." If there were such parents or children, we would not be able to call them human beings. (Blessed Family - 1060)

True love is to be attained through experience and understood through feeling. True love is not something that can be mastered through words, writings, or general education. It can be completely attained only through daily living. In their process of growing up from infanthood, Adam and Eve were supposed to reach perfection by experiencing and feeling the heart of true children, the heart of true brother and sister, the heart of true husband and wife, and the heart of true parents through step-by-step daily living. They would have finally become ideal people who perfected the purpose of creation only when they deeply learned through experience God's true love as a whole. (277-196, 1996.4.16) 

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