Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Two - The Reality of Love
Section 2. True Parents' Love

2.1. Sinless true ancestor and savior of humankind

What is a true parent? Had the Fall not occurred, God would have been the vertical love and Adam and Eve would have been God's body. They would have been just like God's body. God is like the bone and Adam and Eve like the flesh. God also has mind and body. God becomes the internal parent in the internal position and Adam and Eve become external parents in the external position. As the internal parent and external parents become one, they become intertwined through love. We come to attend the internal parent by attending external parents. In other words, the union of God and human beings in love would have resulted in true parents, that is, perfected human beings. Without unity in love there can be no perfect person. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

What has history been searching for? What has this age been searching for? What should the future search for? It is true parents. Therefore, without everything being led to this, we cannot find real happiness in the course of history or in the universe. (26-199, 1969.10.25)

What kind of people are True Parents? True Parents symbolize the hope of all people. They symbolize the absolute hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of history, center of the age, and the starting point for the future where human beings can be connected to this world where they are living today. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

Consider the three Chinese characters that make up the term True Parents. It is through True Parents that history is governed, through True Parents that the foundation for returning to the new, original world emerges, through True Parents that the internal connection to subjugate Satan is established, and it is through True Parents that the center is determined that will occupy the external world, conquer Satan, and finally liberate God and resolve His sorrow. Thus, you should first be grateful for this amazing grace with which you can live together with True Parents and act by honoring True Parents' commands. (43-144, 1971.4.29)

The hope of humankind is to meet True Parents. True Parents are the ones whom you should meet even though you walk the path of death. Even if you may lose all history, all ages, and all of your descendants, if you meet True Parents, you will regain history, regain the ages, and regain the future. You should know that True Parents are such people. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

You should shed tears for God and True Parents. No one can follow the path of restoration without shedding tears. This is because God has been walking the path of tears until now in order to save humankind. (God's Will and the World - 163)

You should understand how amazing it is that I have come to this earth with the name of the True Parent. What are the most blessed words among all the words in the world? For fallen people, the words True Parents are the words of greatest blessing, greater than regaining a nation or the world after it has been lost. You should know that these words are more precious than anything it heaven and earth. (127-220, 1983.5.8)

The simple words True Parents command history. Until now countless sages have walked the path of sacrifice in order to find and establish this word. The name they have established with hope after going through continuous bloody strife, struggling and screaming, is the holy name of True Parents. Before True Parents there should be true children. So have you become true children? That which is true does not change in the past, in the present, or in the future. (33-109, 1970.8.9)

God's history of restoration can be seen as a history to establish True Parents. Therefore, from the time of Cain and Abel until today Heaven has been fulfilling the providence to internally restore True Parents. Whoever opposes or interferes with the fundamental providence to realize this purpose will be deserted in front of the heavenly principle and eventually perish. (9-10, 1960.3.27)

The Messiah is the True Parent. We are true children. We have to stand in the same realm of destiny and participate in it. (55-97, 1972.4.23)

When the Messiah comes to this earth, although he comes as an individual, he is not an individual. His value is such that he is the fruit of the religious faith held by all humankind, the fruit of the hopes of all humankind, and the fruit of the love desired by all humankind. To this fruit all the historical courses are connected; that is to say, the past, present, and future are all connected to him. Furthermore, the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world are all connected to him, and so is all of heaven and earth. (13-143, 1964.1.1)

The role the Messiah must carry out when he comes to this earth is the role of the True Parent. Then, who is the True Parent? He is the horizontal parent with horizontal true love, who stands in place of the vertical true father. Christianity says that the Messiah is God and God is the Messiah, but this is wrong. God is the vertical true father. There is only one. You cannot see this any other way. The Messiah is the horizontal True Parent. (186-40, 1989.1.24)

You should know that until the appearance of True Parents on this earth, there had been many tearful stories in the background that you cannot even imagine. I don't know how many tears I have shed without you knowing about it. Only God understands this. (Blessed Family - 449)

Who are the True Parents we know? They are the ancestors of humankind and thus you should attend True Parents just as you do your own. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

Why are True Parents coming to the people on this Earth? True Parents are coming to restore human beings into that which they most like. What is that? It is to make you into true parents -- little True Parents. (125-117, 1983.3.14)

Where does true love begin? True love begins in True Parents. This is the best news among all good news. Although there may be some good news declared in the world, and although "husband" and "wife" are good words, there is no better news than that of True Parents. This is because without the appearance of True Parents, no true husband or wife can appear in the fallen world. You must understand this clearly. (131-187, 1984.5.1)

Human beings need True Parents. Why is that so? The fundamental task to connect us to the axis of true love has been completed for the first time in history. This is unprecedented in history, and it will not be repeated in the future. You should know this clearly. The axis is one, not two. This axis is true love. The love that your mother and father are engaged in right now is not true love. (137-107, 1985.12.24)

The purpose of God's providence has only one focus. The place where God's ideal is realized is none other than that. This is where we can meet our lost parents, our lost True Parents. The basis for this is the center of everything. This reality is called True Parents. There have been many junctures in history, but this is the most valuable one. You should think about how important this is. All the saints have fought for this foundation, and for the sake of this issue. (52-94, 1971.12.23)

What is it that human beings desire? It is to attend True Parents. Although six thousand years ago Adam and Eve should have been blessed in holy marriage and all humankind should have become God's descendants, the Fall made human beings Satan's descendants. Therefore, on this earth we must reestablish the True Parents, who are on the side of heaven and who were lost six thousand years ago. We must be reborn through connecting with True Parents' love. Only then can we become citizens of the heavenly kingdom. (19-202, 1968.1.7)

God absolutely needs True Parents, for even the omnipotent God is unable to fulfill the providence without True Parents. Also, the hundreds of billions of spirits in the spirit world absolutely need True Parents, for without the birth of True Parents the spirits in the archangelic realm cannot find value in their work to support the realization of God's will on earth. You need True Parents so you can stand before God. (Blessed Family - 454)

All history has been for the sake of receiving True Parents. Religions have been seeking True Parents, the world has been seeking True Parents, and nations have been seeking True Parents. They all have been seeking the way to True Parents. (God's Will and the World - 75)

Throughout the ages of history, people had no way to unite because they had lost their parents and become orphans. Everything should have been resolved through the love of the original parents, but this could not be achieved. So True Parents are the ones everyone needs. (128-107, 1983.63)

What has been our hope throughout history? It is to attend True Parents. The reason God established the nation of Israel and the Jewish faith was to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is True Parent. Also, it was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent that God created Christianity and the Christian cultural sphere, and the returning Lord is the True Parent coming as the third Adam. (God's Will and the World - 75)

Where does everything come to its conclusion? Everything concludes at the point of meeting True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents of humankind is the hope of history, the hope of the nations, the hope of philosophy, and the hope of the providence. The time when True Parents appear is the pinnacle of history that comes only once -- an unprecedented time, never to be repeated. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

What kind of people are the True Parents? How do your physical parents differ from True Parents? Who are the True Parents? What is it that they do? In terms of love, how do your own parents differ from True Parents? They have different concepts of love. Their concepts of love differ. Your parents teach about love centered on the earthly realm, while the Spiritual Parents teach a love that is centered on the spiritual realm. The content is different. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood, but above that there is a parent-centered ideology. You should be aware that the age of the parent-centered ideology is coming in the future. Do you decide who will be your parents by holding an election? Can you elect the returning Lord through a vote? Can you choose God through an election? You cannot. Democracy has the basis to foster an atmosphere of distrust. Why? People do all kinds of things for their own profit. They do all kinds of things, using their money, mobilizing manpower, plotting against others, slandering them, and so forth. (211-343, 1991.1.1)

2.2. True Parents give birth to humankind through true love

You were born of the blood of false parents who were chased away from Heaven with no connection to true parents. Thus, in order to move away from this lineage, you must trample upon that lineage again and again and pull it out again and again. Without changing your lineage at the fundamental level in this way, you cannot enter the heavenly world. (22-271, 1969.5.4)

In transforming the lineage, unless the condition for victory is fulfilled inside Adam's bone marrow and the core of His flesh and blood, through binding God's love to the seed that will be the child in the future, God's child cannot be born in the future. This is a logical certainty. Isn't this recorded in the Bible? If so, the Bible is surely God's word. (35-162, 1970.10.13)

What kind of savior is the savior demanded by the fallen people? He should be the True Parent who can be one with God's will and receive God's love and God's blessing, not in the position of the fallen parent, but in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve. As such a True Parent, he must be the savior who can give birth to humankind. Otherwise, people cannot rise to the point of having no connection to the original sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

I have said that although the Messiah may change your lineage, it is you yourself who have to act in order to change it. Without such a standard being established, we cannot reach the path of salvation. It is by no means achieved easily, but only through a situation where our life is at stake. The change of lineage is possible only when you fulfill a forty-day period of fasting and prayer or experience a state of death in which you are vomiting blood. (God's Will and the World - 62)

Why do we need True Parents? It is because we must take root in the realm of the heart. Now, there is a different root. Through the Fall, all the trunks and branches have become different. Here, a new root started with true parents, and what emerged from that? A trunk and branches grew, and you are being engrafted. You should cut yourself down and become engrafted. After the engrafting, you will become one with the great mainstream of the universe. You must cut off everything from the satanic world, down to the root. (164-155, 1987.5.10)

What is it that all people desire today? It is to welcome the True Parents before establishing a global nation. Also, from whom would your future descendants want to originate? Your sons and daughters want to be born through the lineage of True Parents, not your lineage. This is why True Parents become the starting point of the new future. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

What should True Parents do? They should correct the false lineage that is the root of the satanic world, reverse the false life, and open the true path away from the path of false love. The Bible says that those who wish to die will live, and those who wish to live will die. Why must this kind of paradox appear? It is because you must die to the satanic world. (169-37, 1987.10.4)

It is only through the body of True Parents that we can be re-created with completely new life and be fundamentally reborn. Only through True Parents is complete salvation possible, both spiritual and physical. Our blessed children will thus go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the process of salvation because they have no original sin. (God's Will and the World - 125)

Being True Parents and True Parents' children is the eternal and unchanging destiny. No one can sever this relationship. This is the path we must walk eternally. There is only one path, not two. There is no other way. There is no secret method. We must walk this path. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

True Parents bring the people of the world together and marry them from the position of parents. Here, they not only transcend racial differences but even marry good people with bad people. Although True Parents deny evil love, evil life, and evil lineage as a whole, they do not abandon Cain, who killed Abel, but rather bless him at the same level. Like the tides of the sea, when the ebb tide and flow tide meet and are in balance, at the time of the transition period of good and evil that is the conclusion of the providence of salvation (restoration through indemnity), they bless good people and bad people together, thereby completely expelling Satan.

The Fall occurred through the false marriage in the Garden of Eden, and so True Parents are reversing this by marrying people in the proper way. Through True Parents sweeping away that which was done by the false parents, they are abolishing hell and carrying out the work to bless in marriage even the tens of billions and hundreds of billions of ancestors in the spirit world. Through the family foundation of the earthly descendants, which is based on true love, the ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on earth are becoming one vertically, and furthermore, through the foundation of such families, East and West are forging a connection. (300-224, 1999.3.14)

What should the adopted son do? He should be engrafted to the true son. You must cut the wild olive tree and engraft a bud from the true olive tree. We must create a movement of wild olive trees becoming true olive trees. To be reborn you need to receive True Parents' lineage. So it is True Parents that humankind desires, and what Jesus and the Holy Spirit desire is the feast of the lamb. (19-164, 1968.1.1)

First, you should earnestly long for the Parents. You cannot receive salvation without attending the Parents based on their being the motivation for your life, the entirety of your hope and the root of all your ideals and happiness. Have you ever tried offering attendance like that? You should understand this clearly. Hence, you should have the conviction that you are a son or daughter who can become eternally one with True Parents, and have this conviction so firmly that you transcend the consciousness of your own being. Otherwise, it will not work. (30-237, 1970.3.23)

It should be enough to have your natural parents, so why do you need the spiritual parents? It is because you are fallen. What have fallen parents taught you so far? They have chased away the better part, more than half, and taught you the way by which you continuously deteriorate centered on yourself. A clear line is created that keeps you eternally in the satanic world based on the love of your parents. There is no way of cutting this off. Then who are the True Parents? They teach you greater and greater things on this foundation so that you can be fit for the heavenly kingdom, the eternal kingdom, so that you can keep in rhythm after you go to the eternal kingdom. They teach you so that you will have no difficulty breathing. (129-99, 1983.10.1) 

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