Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter Two - The Reality of Love
Section 1. God's Love

1.1. Love originates from God

God is the God of love. St. Paul asked who can cut off the line of God's love within Christ. Even Christ would be nothing without God's love. This is why we like God's love more than anything else. God's love is the source of life, the source of happiness, and the source of peace. You can understand this if you have spiritual experiences. (24-324, 1969.9.14)

God's love is stronger than the sun. When the sun rises in the morning, the buds of plants turn towards the sun. Likewise, God's love is the source of life, the source of our original mind, and the core source of ideal elements. That is the way it is. (99-230, 1978.9.25)

Since God is the substantial essence of love and the central being of love, He has no Alpha or Omega. Genuine love cannot have a beginning or an end. The world of heart enables us to experience something so precious that we can be proud for a thousand years for having lived for one hour, and be proud for ten thousand years for having lived for one day; and this is true love. Love is something that makes us feel even the energy by which our cells expand. The world where God's love exists is like that. That world is hard to describe in words. It is a joyful and enchanting world, where all of our cells are dancing and we feel as if. we are flying on the clouds on a bright spring day. (20-25, 1968.3.31)

How shall we describe God's love? Imagine a warm spring day with white clouds floating gently in the sky. The air shimmers above the ground, insects and ants scurry about exploring the world. Beside a flowing stream, catkins blossom and frogs sing new songs of spring, welcoming swarms of bees and butterflies. And there you are, enraptured in the atmosphere, in that twilight state we experience when drifting peacefully off to sleep, and yet awake in a happy mood, rejoicing forever. God's love has such a flavor. With your ideal partner given to you by God, you will feel as if you are in a flower garden where butterflies and bees fly around. Are you happy even to imagine this, or unhappy? These thickheaded men here will not understand this very well. (37-29. 1970.12.22)

Love fills the place where God dwells. It is a place where the more you give, the more desire you have to give; and the more you receive, the more desire you have to give ten million times what you have received. So is this heaven or hell? There you will feel an explosive stimulation because you can give more and receive more, a stimulation that makes you feel as if all your cells exploded. God's love is like that. (39-335, 1971.1.16)

What kind of being is God, who has created heaven and earth? He is a being of utmost goodness, the fundamental root of all things, and the subject partner of love. This is why, after creating all things in heaven and earth, God wanted to give all the precious things in the universe to human beings. If there is someone God can truly trust, love, and entrust things to, He will want to hand over to him all of the most precious things. (13-247, 1964.4.12)

What kind of taste would God like most? If God has a sense of smell, what kind of smell would He like most? If He can hear, what would He like to hear, and if He can feel, what would He like to feel? There is only one thing God likes, and that is love. Nothing other than love can focus God's five senses and fill Him with joy.

If God is looking for an absolute partner of love, what would He choose? We can conclude that it will surely be a human being. This is why we say that among all things of the universe, human beings have the highest value. (218-210, 1991.7.29)

God's love expresses parental love, conjugal love, and children's love. Of course, it includes brotherly love, and when it expands it also contains the love of the nation and world. We say that God's love is parents' love, husband and wife's love, and children's love. This is the most wonderful thing that can be said. (67-171, 1973.6.3)

What kind of love does God really need? He wants absolute love. It is the same for us. Just as God needs absolute love, unique love, unchanging love, and eternal love, we human beings also need absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal love. We should all resemble God. God created because of love. (279-246, 1996.9.15)

Since He created because of love, He likes watching a man and a woman loving each other. For this reason, when God appears before the world of existence, He appears as the essence of love. (86-82, 1976.3.7)

Just because God has been giving love to people, can He say, "I have given to you completely, now why don't you give back?" God, who has absolute love, is still anxious and troubled that He has not been able to give all the love He wants to give. God cannot assert Himself. Giving love completely is God's purpose in creating people and thus His heart burns to pour out all of His love to the human world where He has as yet been unable to give complete love. It is because He is such a God that the more we think of Him, the more we feel good. If He were a God who says, "Since I have given everything, now you have to give back," we would not need Him. (36-77, 1970.11.15)

In giving us love, how much would God want to give? God's love is not given according to a limit that says a certain amount is enough. It is a love that wants to give infinitely. Even after giving everything, God will still say, "I want to live in you because of you." What is the essence that brings this about? It is love. If love is present, God would be happy to live even as a servant. The father can feel joy even when his beloved little son climbs onto his dining table and poops there. Love transcends the law. (36-77, 1970.11.15)

As an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being, there is nothing God does not have and there is nothing He wants to keep back for Himself. Although He has everything, if there is something He wants to present and be proud of as being more precious than all, what would that be? God needs only love, and nothing except love. There is nothing He needs but love. (108-223, 1980.10.16)

God said, "I am love." What does this mean? It means to like love by night and day, while working, resting, dancing or crying. This is why He said, "I have love, in its entirety." In entirety indicates that everything is contained therein. The one who likes love most is God. Since God has such love in its entirety, when we taste His love, we will not be able to let go of it even when we die. (44-188, 1971.5.7)

It is said that God is the original being of truth, the original being of goodness, the original being of love, and the original being of life. But what does this mean? All these have the same meaning. In order for the truth to be established, love and life are indispensable. So the central core -- the original being of life, original being of love, and original being of truth -- is God. What kind of being is God? He is both the father and mother of humankind. The core is the parents. Seen in this way, God is a simple being. (21-183, 1968.11.20)

God created human beings as His children. As He watches them grow up, becoming brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents, God establishes Himself as the master of love at all these stages. Thus, human beings, who have enabled God to be the master of love, can be seen as more precious beings than God. It is like you regarding someone you love as millions of times more valuable and precious than yourself. God is the bone of love. You should know this. With respect to love, God's love is like the bone and human love is like the flesh. The bone and the flesh become one to take shape. This is the principle operating. (181-206, 1988.10.3)

What is love? It works as a lubricant and a rail upon which things turn. Without love there is no lubrication. Automobiles need oil to move. Movement needs lubrication. Everything needs lubrication if it is to move. Only love can be the lubricant for the highest joy. It does not disappear because it is rooted in the eternal God. Action brings progress. (180-161, 1988.8.22)

God's love appears in a place that does not change. God's love is unchanging, and thus, eternal. If God's love appears to us, it appears on the foundation of an unchanging heart. Thus, for our entire life, we should eat for the sake of that love, sleep for the sake of that love, and act for the sake of that love. As long as we have an eternal and perfect standard for the sake of love, God's love will appear. Otherwise, the public principles of this universe would all be in vain. (83-179, 1976.2.8)

God is our father. Day and night, He worries that His children may be harmed; He protects us lest troubles happen; and He defends us lest some opposing circumstances appear. He is that kind of parent. Going in search of the essence of such a parent is the way of goodness and the way of love. Human beings, as His children, need to receive God's perfect love. (57-85, 1972.5.29)

Until now, God has given love to those people and even those tribes and nations that were near His side. He has blessed them by adding things again and again lest they should think of them as too small and not receive them. Even this was not enough, and He gave them the life of His beloved son. Even after giving over his only son to be killed, God again wants to give more love. This is why, on the day when this love is returned, all of heaven and earth will turn into an ideal Kingdom of Heaven. By the principle of love, the more love you receive, the more love you give in return. So when we give God a hundred units of love, God will return to us a thousand, ten thousand units of love. (38-166, 1971.1.3)

If only we have God's love, we can remain in God's bosom, we can squeeze God's nose, and we will have no boundaries wherever we go in the world. We will have a free pass everywhere. (91-227, 1977.2.20)

If you were to receive a kiss of love from God, you would feel joy triggering an explosion within you. It is here that God's desire is fulfilled; He would not rejoice over having diamonds or other jewelry. (Blessed Family - 380)

Where do God and human beings connect? They connect where their lives intersect, their love intersects and their ideals intersect. What is this point? It is the place of the parent-child relationship. From this point of view, God is the subject partner of love, the subject partner of life, and the subject partner of the ideal. In relation to His children, God ignores His authority and dignity. However sinful and incompetent His children may be, if they embrace him He will not say, "You scoundrel, don't do that!" Rather, God will embrace them, rub them, and love them. Experiencing this will melt your bones. (69-79, 1973.10.20)

God has the desire to give again unceasingly even after having given for thousands of years. It is for this reason that we are looking for God. If God were a cheap merchant who says, after giving, "Hey, that will cost you such and such an amount," we would not need such a God. (36-290, 1970.12.13)

What happens when you come in contact with God's love? Your hair will dance, and so will your cells. When you become a hundred percent intoxicated in this love, you will want to live forever rather than withdrawing. If someone were to try to wake you up, you would tell him not to. Mysterious things will happen. As the saying goes, "A saint's delight makes him forget the passage of time." There is indeed a way to become enraptured in such a high level of love, beyond human imagination. (59-316, 1972.7.30)

Love can fill anywhere, and reach everywhere. What do you think happens when loving people embrace each other? Do they just hold each other's hands and say, "I love you"? Perhaps they would like to be hugged so strongly that their eye balls pop out and water comes out from their nose and mouth. When they embrace, they don't just stand still but turn around. The universe will turn only when they become one in love like this. (81-18, 1975.11.23)

God is the father of human beings, and human beings are the sons and daughters of God. They were created through God investing the core of His bone, the core of His flesh, and the core of His bone marrow in their entirety. Thus, when human beings pull God, God cannot but be pulled along; and when God pulls human beings, they cannot but be pulled along. (20-207, 1968.6.9)

Why do people like and follow God? It is because God is one who gives and again gives everything for thousands of years and yet still feels ashamed. He says, "Now I can only give you this much, but wait a bit longer, and I will give you something that is many hundreds of times, many thousands of times better." This is because He is someone whose heart is not content with today's giving but promises to give better things in the future. (36-290, 1970.12.13)

Why do human beings live forever? I am asking why everyone is seeking eternal life. We are seeking an eternal partnership of love because this way we can have the value of object partners of love before God, who is the absolute subject partner, and because we will inevitably live eternally before the God of absolute love. When you come to stand in this place, God becomes you and you become God, above and below alike. If only you become one in love, you can put God in your pocket and He can go in. (137-67, 1985.12.18)

When we become connected to such a realm of God's love, what kind of feeling will we have? We will feel as if we are looking at the beautiful flowers and smelling all the fragrances in a spring garden. At such times all our cells will dance. (24-324, 1969.9.14)

If God's love is the vertical love, the love of a man and a woman is a horizontal love. If a man and a woman are to meet, they must engraft their horizontal love onto the vertical love. It must join at a ninety-degree angle. A love that does not fit this, a love that is not connected to the vertical standard, will end up as a wandering love and be destroyed. Hence, when you enter the realm of love where the vertical and horizontal are aligned, you will be able to rule the whole universe through love. When you have a relationship with the whole universe, you will not need any knowledge, power, money, or even life. Life also lives eternally within love. (136-203, 1985.12.29)

It is not Adam and Eve's bodies that God likes but their love for each other. What is the final thing that God wants from human beings? It is the place where God meets His sons and daughters and loves them. And the final destination desired by human beings is also a place where they attend God as their father and receive love as His sons and daughters. (56-145, 1972.5.14)

For God, Adam is the core of God's self, and the core of the ideal love of the future. So Adam is God's body. On the other hand, Eve is God's wife and body. Adam is a spiritual partner relating to God's body and Eve is a physical partner. So when Adam and Eve become husband and wife and love each other, with whom are they sharing their love? They are in love with God. This is why marriage is exceptionally holy. (102-208, 1978.12.31)

God needs no knowledge, as He is the one who created knowledge. God needs no power, as He is omniscient and omnipotent. God needs no money, as He can make diamonds and gold whenever He wants. There is only one thing God needs, and it is love. Can God receive love by Himself? You may wonder whether God cannot just receive love as He pleases; but it's not like that! What God needs most is a partner with whom God can share true love. You have not known this. (137-52, 1985.12.18)

What is the flavor of God's love? It is a wonderful flavor that combines everything. It has a power such that when you like it and grasp it, you can grasp it without limit, and when you unfold it, you can unfold it without limit. Hence, with love, you can fill everything and reach everywhere. (81-18, 1975.11.23)

God is the original source of love. It is from here that parental love, conjugal love, children's love, brotherly love, the love of blood relatives and the love of an ethnic people have emerged. (50-267, 1971.11.8)

Among all forms of love, that which is invisible is the highest. If love were visible, it would not be so interesting. It is because love is invisible that it can be the highest, widest, and deepest. So, to say that "Love is like the Rocky Mountains; love is like Niagara Falls" is correct. Just as the invisible love is this precious, God, who dwells in an invisible place, is also a precious being. It is correct to say that in order to find such a precious God, we need to enter a selfless state, a state where "I" do not exist. God resides in an invisible, quiet realm that is deeper than we can perceive. (96-261, 1978.2.12)

All kinds of things happen when a man and a woman fall in love. But if you find a way to find God and really taste God's love, you will see that God's love is beyond comparison with anything in the world. If there is someone who has tasted such love, no suffering and no sorrow would be able to conquer him. Should there not be such an absolute realm of liberation? Finding it becomes the issue. (39-240. 1971.1.15)

Since God is an Absolute Being, there is no other place to attend Him. The people in love want to go together, be together, and live together. How do they want to live together? They want to live together by digging into God and becoming one. This is the essence of love. (56-147, 1972.5.14)

Is the mind narrow or wide? You don't know what your mind looks like but the mind is infinitely large. Then how good is the mind? The mind desires to give huge sums of money to each and every person in the world, and then give more. This is how splendid the mind is. This is why human beings can blossom as flowers of infinite love and infinite hope. Why is this so? It is because they infinitely resemble God's characteristics. (27-59, 1969.11.23)

How large is your mind? It is large beyond any measure. Also, if it is small, it is miserably small, so small that not even the tip of a needle can go in. The mind can be expanded infinitely and be shrunk infinitely. It has that essence or nature. Why is the mind formed like that? It is made as God's home, where God can dwell. (145-312, 1986.6.1)

Love takes the shortest distance. These may be simple words, but they are precious words. Why does it have to be perpendicular? This is the problem. Why does it have to be level and balanced? In order for love to be perpendicular, it must go the straight path, the shortest distance. When you go visit someone you love, do you take your time walking leisurely just as you visit a neighboring village or do you go swiftly and straight like an arrow? Whether night or day, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, no matter how long history may be, love tries to take the shortest, straightest path. (187-50, 1989.1.6)

Of all things in the universe, love takes the shortest, straightest path. When something falls, it takes the shortest, straightest perpendicular path to the plane it hits. (187-50, 1989.1.6)

1.2. The purpose of love is the ideal of the loving union of God and man

What is the center of heaven and earth and fundamental root of the universe? When I entered a mystical state and prayed to God, He said that it is the relationships between the father and the sons and daughters, that is, the parent-child relationship. Those who do not know would understand this as relationships between the physical father, mother, and sons and daughters, but I am talking about a fundamental relationship with God. (19-158, 1965.1.1)

What is the summit where the father and the son can meet? They meet at the central point where love intersects love, life intersects life, and ideals intersect ideals; in this light, love, life and ideals are in one place. At that point, God is love, and so am I; God is life, and so am I; God is the ideal, and so am I. The first connection and first point of unification where this can be realized is the point at which the parent-child relationship forms; otherwise, these things cannot be. This is a certainty. (69-78, 1973.10.20)

If God is an Absolute Being, the question is why that Absolute Being created human beings. It was neither for money, nor for knowledge, nor for power; rather He created them because this was the only path available for God to feel love. From this point of view, God who is the Father, and human beings who are His sons and daughters, form an axis. If this axis had connected God and humankind, absolutely nothing could sever the relationship between God and human beings united as one in love. (137-57, 1985.12.18)

Originally, the flower of love should bloom at the point where Adam and Eve are most joyful with each other, where the highest power of life is manifested, where the greatest powers come together, and where all ideals come together. So God's dream is of a love that blossoms like a flower, with its fragrances permeating the whole world and beyond, a love that God experiences, smells, and which intoxicates Him completely. (104-44, 1979.3.28)

If a family was created from the loving union of God and human beings, where God was able to make a relationship of love with human beings and become one with them through the true, great love that He has desired as an ideal from the time of creation, today we would all enter the heavenly kingdom just as we are, without having to worry about heaven and hell. (275-54, 1995.10.31)

God likes love, but what kind of love does God like most? It is true love. Then, where does true love keep its love-root? It does not keep its root in God. This is strange, isn't it? Although the omniscient and omnipotent God is the master of true love, He does not want the root of love to start from within God. God thinks of planting love's roots in those who can be an object of that love. (177-269, 1988.5.20)

Are arteries greater or veins greater? Which is greater? They are equal. Then, which is greater, God or people? They are equal. When it comes to love, if God is the artery, we human beings are like the veins, so we have the value of having the privilege to be God's equal. "I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth. I am omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. There is nothing that does not go through me." What makes this happen? Love does. This is understandable. (109-146, 1980.11.1)

Which comes first, love or life? Love comes first. Just because the universe came out of God's life does not mean that life is highest. It says that love is highest. Although God started creating heaven and earth with life, the starting point and motivation of this life is love. It is because of love that life came into being. (86-79, 1976.3.7)

When a man and a woman come to stand in the position representing God centering on love, they become connected to everything in the universe. When this happens, everything God possesses becomes theirs. The reason true love is great is that through true love you can become God's object partner and God can also become you. The Bible says that God and Jesus dwell within you. It is from here that we can say that the father is in his son, the grandson is in his grandfather, and the grandfather is in his grandson. The grandfather and grandmother should make a relationship of heart with their grandchildren.

Only then, will the vertical line of love start. Also, the grandchildren must become one with their grandfather and grandmother. Since the grandfather and grandmother are in the position of God, they should be attended like God. Otherwise, the axis of love will not be determined. The horizontal line will arise after this is established. Human perfection starts with creating a vertical relationship with God. (298-308, 1999.1.17)

Where is the crowning height at which we yearn to receive God's love? It is the place of the son and the place of the daughter. God has heavenly emotions, and we human beings have human emotions. What kind of place is our destination where human affection and heavenly affection can combine? It is the only place desired both by the absolute God and by human beings, that is, a place where they can share love together as the sons and daughters centering on one set of parents. (39-9, 1971.1.9)

How valuable are the sons and daughters embraced in the bosom of love and born in an environment of love! If there is one central person in the universe whom God wants to visit every day to look at him, touch, and whisper quietly to, how precious and happy that person would be! Through love you are empowered to live as such a central person in the universe. (163-114, 1987.4.19)

When Adam and God become one and their love overflows, Adam can become God. When Adam becomes completely one with God in love, God dwells in Adam. The Bible also says, "Do you not know that you are God's temple and God's spirit dwells in you?" It is saying that we are God's temple. (48-230, 1971.9.19)

We human beings, as creative masterpieces produced by God, were born resembling God. Because God is eternal, we also must have an eternal character, and this is why our mind does not age. People should live eternally, and only when they live eternally can they have the value of being a masterpiece. This is why people become lords of all creation. (159-279, 1968.5.19)

God's love does not end merely as God's love. That love expands horizontally through people and never fails. When positive and negative electrical charges interact, opposite poles result. And such things occur again in other situations. This way, God's love expands horizontally. (34-235, 1970.9.13)

What is the holiest thing in the world? The holiest thing in the world is true love. True love begins from God. If God exists, there is no other route. You should know that what God truly desires is the way of true love and that without going through the way of true love you cannot go before God. God wants to see, hear, eat, and touch through love. Also, when human beings receive a kiss of love from God, they will feel joy exploding within their inner being. This is where God's wishes lie; He does not rejoice over having diamonds or jewelry. (Blessed Family - 380)

Before people can want to be the best on the world stage, they must be able to become the best as an original family of Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had taken the position of the prince and princess of the direct lineage before God, they would have become the best, as a man and woman respectively. But through the Fall, they lost the positions of the prince and princess that have the right of the first son or daughter. This remains as bitter sorrow in human history. So in order to regain God's true love, human beings have been walking the course in life to restore the positions of the first son and the first daughter. (226-48, 1992.2.1)

The bodies of Adam and Eve who have not fallen are houses wherein God can dwell. Had Adam and Eve become the body of love, body of life, and body of lineage eternally unified through true love, making God the center of their heart, the mind and body would not be fighting today. The Fall means that humankind inherited Satan's life and blood through Satan's love. This is why this lineage must be transformed. The providence of salvation will be completed only when the wild olive tree is transformed into the true olive tree. (226-48, 1992.2.1) 

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