Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter One - What Is True Love?
Section 4. The Rights of Equality, Mutual Participation, and Inheritance

How can you rise to the position of becoming the absolute God's object partner? Can you do it by making effort? By using force? None of these methods will work. However, if you form a bond of love with God, you can immediately ascend to an equal footing with Him. (69-75, 1973.10.20)

When you have command over the nucleus of love, you can control God. If the wife of a very special husband happens to be plain in appearance, she will still be able to control her husband through their bond of love. It does not matter if he is a wonderful person with a doctoral degree, he will have no choice but to be under her command. Such is the power of love. (137-61, 1985.12.18)

If you wish to be on an equal footing with God, to have the right to a position equal to God's, you must possess the love of God. (145-269, 1986.5.15)

In love, there is the right of equal participation. What that means is that if the father is in a higher position, the son, though he is in a lower position, can immediately rise to the father's position. Because of the amazing truth that the right of equal participation is inherent in love, love is eternal even though you may be separated from your loved ones. (143-277, 1986.3.20)

The person who has embodied true love attains the ability and the right to immediately possess everything God desires to see in the original, ideal world. Such a qualification, however, must be attained on earth. By loving your fellow countrymen, loving the people of the world, and loving all things of creation, you can feel the true love of God. (112-204, 1981.4.12)

Only the person who possesses the love of God can have the privilege of inheriting the authority of heaven and earth, which were created by God. (149-272, 1986.11.27)

When you form the loving connection with God, you are then given certain special rights: the right of governance, the right of equal status, and the right of inheritance. (143-277, 1986.3.20)

In the domain of love, those with the best character are given the ability to exercise the same capability as God. (126-142, 1983.4.12)

The love of God and the love of human beings are essentially the same. Love is something that strives for unity. Why do men and women yearn for each other? It is because a man can possess God only through a woman, and a woman likewise through a man. Love is mutual affection. (Blessed Family - 334)

Which is more precious, life or love? People cannot exchange their most holy place even for their life. Though a man or a woman may have life, that life is not connected to the most holy place; however, since love is connected to the most holy place, love is more precious than life. (132-112)

Who becomes the owner? It is the person who serves others the most. The person who serves others the most can govern and take command. Also, it is natural law that an inheritance will come to the person who lives for the sake of others. In love can be found the right of mutual participation, which means that both can freely participate in each other's lives any place, day or night. Do you need permission to go into your sons' and daughters' rooms? Do children need permission to enter their parents' room? Of course not. If, within yourself, you have the mechanism with which to love God, you can be with Him wherever He goes. (170-199, 1987.11.15)

What is the difference between true love and authority? In true love, you give love and then forget that you have given it. What is the line between good and evil? Evil is where something is given with the intention of receiving all the benefit for oneself, and goodness is where, even though you give, you forget that you have done so. Even in a household, those who serve others more stand on the good side, and the one who lives for others most becomes the master of that family in the end. Let us say there are ten friends. Which would be the best among them? The one who cares for all the others. Then the ten friends would make the one who was taking care of them the central figure and serve him. This is how the universe is inherited. (141-252, 1986.2.26)

What should a person leave behind him to be remembered for eternity? The first thing is a legacy of love, and the second is a legacy of true life. You must leave behind your love and your life. Love did not exist before God did; love is there because God exists. That is why, for God, life is first and love is second, but for human beings, love is first and life is second. (105-75, 1979.9.23)

When you ask the whole universe, from the smallest elements to human beings, "What is it that the person who possesses you has to have?" all of them would answer that they would like to belong to a person who has love. This means that all things of creation are seeking an owner of love. (132-158, 1984.5.31)

God wants to bestow all of His authority on human beings. To do so, God and human beings must become one based on love. God's ideal of creation is the ideal of oneness. That ideal of oneness based on love is the purpose of creation. (39-340, 1971.1.16)

A human being is the body of God, who is assuming physical form. Since we are the physical body of God, we are the external God. God wishes to bestow such a privilege on us. (39-340, 1971.1.16)

Why are we instructed to do good works? When you carry out an act of goodness, you must sacrifice to do that, and sacrifice means investing yourself. Then why is it good to invest yourself? By investing yourself, you can reach the point of connecting with the source of heavenly fortune, with cause and effect, with the essence of power, and with the mainstream. You can then be supplied with infinite power. Since good people are supplied with this infinite power, everything they do will turn out well. (164-323, 1987.5.18) 

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