Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Three - True Love
Chapter One - What Is True Love?
Section 3. Harmony Arises in the Presence of Love

It is nice just to think about love, to see it and to taste it. That is how love is. (Tongil Segye 1980.2 - 10)

Love is the coming together of East and West, of North and South. It is the coming together of heaven and earth. Love therefore assumes the form of a sphere. (225-46, 1992.1.1)

True love is the love that is at the center, connecting the vertical and the horizontal. (195-242, 1989.12.1)

Can you imagine how enraptured a person's lips would look, smiling as they give themselves over in true love? Just think of how beautiful the five human senses appear when they are enraptured in true love and how beautiful is the harmony of the five senses as they move toward God. God cannot experience joy through beauty all by Himself. He can only experience beauty when He has someone to relate to. That is why God created humankind. God desires to travel the world of the human heart, with all its inner beauty, more than He desired to create heaven and earth. (Blessed Family - 380)

Even God breathes. He breathes true love. As God also keeps in rhythm with the universe, the universe continues forever, centering on true love. Therefore, only when you reach this level can you enter the realm of God's breath and live forever. (201-191, 1990.4.1)

The universe is round and so is the sun. What do all round-shaped things center upon? They cannot become rounded by themselves. They can only become rounded on the basis of a relationship with something else. The world that is one existing entity, a substantial entity that integrates such relationships, continues on the basis of this realm of circular relationship. Considering this, what is the original source that can form such a circular relationship? The original source of this harmony is the motion of love. (164-78, 1987.4.26)

Love is like a nerve. When one of our hairs is pulled, our whole body moves toward the pulling force. In the same way, when you pull on love, the universe is pulled towards the pulling force. When you move love the whole universe moves in accordance with it. (89-90, 1976.3.2)

People must live life enraptured with something. One who is enraptured by something is truly happy. Artists are enraptured by art. People of a literary bent are enraptured by the books they write, or by the great masterpieces they have read. Such people are happy people. That is why people should live enraptured with the multi-dimensional and ideal love of God and follow only Him. (59-316, 1972.7.30)

What is the most precious thing sought after by man and woman? It is love. Love is something that people like forever, and God does too. Love is what the whole universe likes most of all, and forever. (179-33, 1988.7.3)

Although it is invisible, love is the most precious treasure on earth. That is because it is unchanging in nature. Gold is precious because of its unchanging color, a diamond is precious because of its unchanging hardness, and a pearl is precious because of the unchanging harmony of its colors. However, these precious treasures do not have life in them. True love, on the other hand, is a treasure that has life, and is therefore more precious than all of them. (201-142, 1990.3.30)

Everyone likes love. Ultimately, through love we come to love more and more. (60-80, 1972.8.6)

Love flows into the hearts of individuals, into the heart of a family, into the heart of a people. It flows everywhere. And wherever it flows, everyone welcomes it. There is no way to block love. Everyone wants something higher, don't they? God created people to relate with one another through the power of love.

The one who has been living and breathing along with the universe, connected through the ties of love, does not need any formalities when he arrives at the palace of God. He can open the gates to the palace at will and go to the inner sanctuary where God is residing, and call out, "Heavenly Father!" Then God will answer, "Oh, my child, you are here!" (164-47, 1968.8.11)

What is the only problem of the human world? It is love; whether it burns brightly. In order for the light of love to be bright, that light has to burn both internally and externally. With what should it burn? It should burn with the desire to love. In light of this, you can realize that our life, during which we deal with the ordinary affairs of the world, is just a stopping point on our journey. (194-55, 1989.10.15)

Where is God? We say He is omnipresent. This means He is not in one specific place. He is wherever love is. You need to know this. Based on love, He is omnipresent. We too can be omnipresent when love is our central focus. That is a privilege we can enjoy when we possess love. (149-23, 1986.11.1)

The word equality is meaningless without love. Genuine equality is possible when people live for the sake of others centering on love. (140-142, 1986.2.9)

Through love, a man and a woman can be on equal footing and a mother can be on equal footing with her son even if he is the nation's president. All things that possess love can have equal status. We must realize this. (129-49, 1983.10.1)

Humankind stands at the center of all things of creation. What then, is at the center of human beings? It is true love. God's love forms one vertical line. In order to set up the center of heaven and earth, there also need to be lines of love from both man and woman; the woman's goes to the man and the man's goes to the woman. In this way, these lines of love create a circle that rotates. When a man and a woman appear with true love it is perfected love with a negative charge. When perfected and true negatively charged love is formed the positively charged vertical love of God is automatically present. That is how the principles of the universe work. (120-210, 1982.10.16)

It is only possible to form a reciprocal relationship with the universe when you have love. Without love, such reciprocity can never take place. The reason love is said to be gentle and humble is that with those qualities it can be abundantly and fully put in motion without resistance. When something is gentle, humble and sacrificial, it can relate with anyone. It can go anywhere without resistance. In essence then, this is not really sacrifice. The key to working without resistance is living for the sake of others, sacrificing for others and serving others. Why must we sacrifice for and serve others? We must do so in order to perfect the respiratory organs for our second life. (122-329, 1982.12.1)

All beings that reproduce come together in twos to multiply. It is love that brings about harmony in reproduction. This is true of the multiplication of all living things in the natural world. Even in the case of water, there is female water and male water and fish do well in areas where these waters mix. Many fish live where cold water and warm water mix. That is ideal. There must be harmony. (177-271, 1988.5.20)

The birds living in the north fly south to raise their young, and the birds living in the south fly north to raise theirs; this migrating back and forth follows a rhythm. Since they were born there, the birds return to the place of their birth to have their young. Fish living in cold water lay their eggs in warm water and fish living in warm water can only lay their eggs in cold water. A harmonious unity of yin and yang must be established. That is why they migrate. (132-74, 1984.5.20)

Love cannot be achieved without a relationship with a partner. Even the absolute God has no way to experience love by Himself. Love cannot be realized without finding a partner; thus the creation was an effort to place an absolutely qualified partner in front of the absolute Creator. We human beings are that masterpiece of creation, fashioned so that even God could find the love He also needs. (140-282, 1986.2.14)

When you are intoxicated in the love of God you would not become bored even if you were to stare at a grain of sand for a thousand years. (83-198, 1976.2.8)

When we think to ourselves that we were born in the universe of love we become infinitely happy. (298-300, 1999.1.17)

True love is not something that can be forced; it is willingly expressed. When loving someone, do not just have the intention to receive because ideal love can be realized only through the action of giving and receiving. (66-123, 1973.4.18)

If love were something that could be pictured by anyone, touched by anyone, and whose form could be known by anyone, you would lose interest in such a love in less than one day. However, that is not how love is. Love is something that even if it is not there, it feels as if it is, and even when it is, it feels as if it is not. Love operates like a mysterious mirage in all shapes and forms, which are good when you think they are bad and bad when you think they are good. (175-197, 1988.4.17)

True love perfects the ideal of unity in the universe. However great a masterpiece is, if you don't find the flavor of true love in it, you will spit it out. It is the same even with the true love between husband and wife. (112-165, 1981.4.12)

Human beings like love the best because love is the subject that unites everything and makes it our own. People can never fathom how good love is. (18-328, 1967.8.13)

Just as parents love their children, the more you love, the more your joy increases. Love brings things into oneness. If there is a person who is one with God through His love, no one will be able to separate him from God. What wonderful love this is! (18-329, 1967.8.13)

Bees concentrate so intently on getting the nectar in the flowers. Their heads are thrust into the flowers and their abdomens stick up in the air. You cannot pull them out even with a pair of tweezers. They do not come out even if you pull so hard that their abdomen comes off. Why would they if the nectar in the flowers tastes so good? Then if nectar tastes so good, how much better is the taste of love? Which is better, the taste of love or the taste of honey? (137-57, 1985.12.18)

Without love, unity cannot be attained. Words alone are not enough to unite two different people into one. Then what is needed to unite them? If they are united around material things and the material things disappear, they will simply separate. Suppose a third person introduces them and they unite by some means or another. If that third person disappears, they will separate. Then what is necessary for two people to be joined together as one, eternally? There must be love. (51-74, 1971.11.1)

Love alone has the power to unite the five senses. You may not know what that love is, but it makes the smell of an old man, which is unpleasant to most people, seem sweet and pleasant to his wife. Even if the face and hands of the old man are all skin and bones, his wife will like that face and those hands. It is precisely love that makes it so. (148-318, 1986.10.26)

When the wind of love blows, the whole world seems beautiful. Everyone becomes a poet or a romantic when he or she falls deeply in love. (145-317,1986.10.26)

The taste of love is similar to that of the Schizandra berry. The Schizandra berry has a sour and bitter taste, but is really a blend of five tastes. I do not know much else about the Schizandra berry, but I know its unique taste. It tastes strange at first, but after you swallow it you want to eat more. (173-87, 1988.2.7)

A flowing love that embraces the spring and has still more to give in reserve, a love that melts the snow and thaws the ice in a cold winter -- infinite love, immeasurable in height or width -- should form a bond with us and never leave us. It should take its place in the core of our being. Without love, we cannot find anything of value in the world. But when we can vividly feel and sense such a love inside us, that love can more than compete with the universe. Someone with absolute love in the center of his heart, meaning love that is the same from the beginning to the end, can compete with the universe even though he is merely one individual. (33-75, 1970.8.9)

Even when we look at a tuft of grass, we must be able to do so from the standpoint of God, and when we look at a flower, we must do so while relating to and embodying the heart of God. Even when we look at insects, birds or other kinds of animals, we must be able to experience the connection between our inner feelings and the heart of God. (6-340, 1959.6.28)

Those who live with the love of God inside their hearts are sons or daughters of God. These are the central figures of the whole universe who can govern heaven and earth. Love is the essential element enabling people to attain this position. (9-173, 1960.5.8)

Our minds can be infinitely enlarged through heart, rather than through knowledge. A heart of love is so big that it can more than embrace the universe, so once we develop this original and mighty domain, even God will want to come and take naps there. Since we cannot embrace God through our knowledge, we must know how great a heart of love is. (Blessed Family - 1053)

Love transcends all national borders, for God's love knows no boundaries. It is transcendent of the five different races of humankind, drawing no distinction among the black, white and yellow races. That is why the love of God is great. When love begins to flow regardless of the environment in which it is flowing, the environment adapts to this flow and develops. God will be pleased only when we adopt the perspective that can make this happen. That is why we must walk the path of love. (164-93, 1987.4.26) 

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