Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Eight - The Three Great Subjects Principle and The Proclamation of True Parents
Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.1. Background to the proclamation of True Parents

How can I declare the coming of True Parents? The democratic world and the communist world are brothers, Abel and Cain. The two worlds are like two sons and yet they are fighting. But since I have reconciled the two fighting sons and stood in the position where I could be welcomed, I was finally able to return to Korea with the special authority of the Parents and I declared the coming of the True Parents throughout the nation.

This news is spreading throughout the whole world. The CIA in America is supposed to make a daily report on my whereabouts. It is the same in the Soviet Union. So, they surely know about me! The fact that True Parents have been declared in this way places me in a global position. Everything that has been prepared in the world is waiting to be engrafted onto Korea. What is the problem? We must quickly achieve "the unification of my nation." The people of Korea are waiting to be engrafted onto the unified foundation. This is precisely how it is. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.2. The standard for the proclamation of True Parents

Strictly speaking, my hometown is not your hometown. The branches, buds and leaves are all the same, but the locations of the branches are each of your individual hometowns. Hence, if you cannot determine to restore your tribe, you do not have a hometown. Those who have no hometown cannot be born. That is why we are engaged in the restoration of parents. You need to complete tribal messiahship through three generations.

Someone must prepare the circumstances in which all the fulfilled responsibilities -- both those under the direct dominion and those in the sphere of the indirect dominion -- can become one. Centering on God's love, that person should conduct a ceremony declaring that all of us, together with all of the creation, belong to love. No one, however, has been able to do such a thing, so the sphere of God's ownership is not yet determined. Whereas the declaration ceremony should have been conducted in oneness with God's love, it was conducted in oneness with satanic love, which exists as a corruption of the Principle. Thus, Satan usurped ownership. (213-123, 1991.1.16)

Democracy, too, has its conflicts. These are like fights between brothers. Fights between brothers are more terrible than those between neighbors, because if one brother is the east, the other is the west, and when east and west do not harmonize, the east becomes closer to north or south, and the west becomes closer to south or north. That is, when brothers fight, they separate. But neighbors do not separate even after they fight. They do not pack up and run away. The most vicious of all disputes are those between brothers. Two nations at war in this age of brotherhood are bound to perish.

Korea has also fought, not knowing who the elder is or who the younger. The question is, "why do they not know?" They are badly raised children who do not know who their parents are. Brought into this world and raised as orphans, they will only stop fighting when their parents appear. That is why parents, the Saviors, must come. The fighting and conflict cannot end in an era of democracy -- of brothers -- but will only come to an end in the era of parent-centered thought.

The Unification Church has proclaimed the coming of the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent. Adam and Eve would have become true parents also with God as the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve as the horizontal true parents -- true parents within whom the vertical and horizontal are united. Viewed from this perspective, all four directions are the same. Even if things were turned upside down and east traded places with west, no matter how things were rearranged, all would remain in harmony.

If America continues to serve its own interests, it will not be able to turn the world around. Even communism should not serve its own interests, but should serve the world. Communism should become a system that is praised even by the democratic world as well as by itself. It should become an ideology which everyone can cheer. In this world gone bad, where vicious fighting has taken place and still continues, what kind of ideology is needed? In order for groups to stop fighting, brother against brother, the mother and father must appear. In that light, I have declared True Parents today.

For True Parents to be proclaimed worldwide, they must accomplish their mission as True Parents at all the stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. They must reach the point where God Himself can acknowledge True Parents, where True Parents themselves can acknowledge True Parents. This announcement is truly historic. (202-165, 1990.5.20)

The proclamation of the True Parents should go out to and be received by at least one third of all humankind, but what is the reality? For this purpose I have set up conditions for the remaining two thirds. Japan is within my sphere of influence as is America and China. Everyone is within my sphere of influence.

When the age of parents comes, the fighting will be over. Even if brothers are still fighting at eighty, ninety, or a hundred years old, when their parents come, should the brothers stop and run to greet, their parents, or should they continue fighting? How should they run to greet the parents for whom they have waited thousands of years?

I have conquered through love -- a love that serves others rather than myself. (202-170, 1990.5.20)

2.3. The place where the proclamation of True Parents is made

You should understand why I have suffered. If it were for my own country, why should I suffer? I am a smart man. I am very well acquainted with Korean customs. I am going this way because I want to serve the world and the heavenly kingdom. Korea has done all kinds of things for the past forty years. The nation has committed many sins against me. I have set up everything, carrying the burdens of my brothers and sisters and those of all the Korean people, all of whom are related to me in varying degrees. After all this, I have come this time and given the Blessing. This is why I proclaimed True Parents. Where did I make this declaration? It was not in Moscow. I did it in Korea. The Korean people should be grateful for this. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.4. Phenomena occurring after the proclamation of True Parents

2.4.1. The world today is rapidly changing due to the announcement of the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages.

You must have heard the words "Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages." Do you know what they mean? On August 31, 1989, I declared the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages, in Kodiak, Alaska. At that time, even you would not have believed what I said. When I said that the world would transform rapidly from that time on, you must have thought, "Oh, can it really happen?" The next day, the first of September, I proclaimed "the ideology upholding the Heavenly Father." I declared the parent-centered ideology there at the very end, on top of the world. If the true parent-centered ideology had appeared on this earth before now, there would be neither Satan nor the sinful world that exists today. Now that such an ideology has been established, we can conclude that the satanic world must inevitably retreat.

On November 9, 1989, two months following this ceremony and declaration, the Berlin Wall crumbled. Then, after I held the Moscow conference, in April 1990, the top ranking communists and the brightest, most outstanding members of their second generation turned around completely 180 degrees in my favor. As the top echelon of the Soviet Union and the brightest members of their second generation turned around, they reached the point of no return.

We selected three thousand people from the Soviet Union who could understand English fully and educated them completely. Gorbachev even declared that they would give up communism. That was the end. Amid the turmoil today, what is the one single hope? What is the ideology that can take the lead? Now we have reached the stage where everyone can conclude that there is no ideology other than that with God at the center. Up to now, history has been led by people, but once they realize that God exists, they will arrive at the conclusion that they cannot help but follow that ideology. (218-157, 1991.7.28)

2.4.2. The forces of the devil enter the realm of death

Until now, the first son has been in the devil's position. All the good spirits in the spirit world have used those on earth standing in the position of the second son. All spiritualists, therefore, have made use of other people on earth. However, now that we have restored the true rights and obligations of the first son, of the parents, and true kingship, the situation has been turned upside down. From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church will be struck down. Just wait and see.

Since true primogeniture has been restored, and Adam has been perfected on earth, we have entered the age when he can command the archangel in the spirit world. This is global. I have proclaimed True Parents throughout the world because I have restored the true rights and obligations of the first son and of parents, centered on myself.

Whereas the emergence of the false parents turned the world into a satanic place, the proclamation of True Parents under God will expel the forces of the devil, whether communist or any other. In terms of evil, the Republic of Korea is the worst. They are trafficking in men and women, not to mention children, for profit. It has plummeted to the depths to the most evil position. Who will clean it up? Not the present regime. It will be done by my hand. The hand of the True Parent will cleanse it all; not by force but through education. Thus will the world be put in order. (210-246, 1990.12.23)

2.4.3. The coming of the heavenly fortune for unification

With what do we settle down? We settle down with the love of Adam and Eve, and with True Parents. We should settle down with God's vertical love and True Parents' horizontal love. From here true children's blood connection with the original True Parents will finally emerge, horizontally expanding from the individual, family and tribe and leading to the formation of a tribe and people.

Until now, I have been fighting to find and establish these things, and I have triumphed. I have been proceeding under the persecution of the satanic world. When I started out as an individual, all the individuals in the satanic world opposed me. When I went based on my family, all the families in the satanic world opposed me. When the Unification Church was pursuing the formation of a tribe and people, the tribes and peoples all opposed us. They all opposed us based on whatever conditions had been established. But as I triumphed in this process, America submitted and the Soviet Union came to the brink of collapse; so there is nothing left to attack us. After being victorious on the battlefield, I have returned. The summit cannot be surpassed. In returning, where do we go? Having mastered the satanic world, we return to our hometown.

Thus, we should enter North Korea through the land of South Korea. When the Right and Left all collapse, who gains supremacy? The heavenly side will gain supremacy. Through our declaration of True Parents, the communist world stands in the position to collapse completely, and Satan will decline rapidly from now on. He will not fall at the angle with which he ascended; he will plunge straight down because this is not Satan's path; it is True Parents' path. True Parents won the victory in the satanic world, and now can go beyond it, and come down to the plain.

This is not a place Satan can occupy; it is where True Parents are going, leading all the people. This is why everything is declining now. It is said that the present world is an age when material things have almighty power; but in terms of the spirit, it is an age of nothing. Thus, the mission of the Unification Church is to deemphasize material interests, and make the spirit the central focus. Today's schools teach skills but not character. They teach that God and humankind are not important. But we must preserve the value of both and go down the right path. We should start on the downward path and match this as one cyclic law. We must return to our hometown and achieve the reunification of North and South Korea.

Korea is a sacrificial offering representing the division between the left and right, that is, between the democratic and communist worlds. Our minds and bodies are also divided, and our families are divided. Everything is in two camps and these camps are in conflict with each other. They have become factions that are divided front and back, and are fighting instead of being vertically aligned as upper and lower. The upper and the lower houses ought to be vertically aligned, yet they are fighting. So we need to establish this vertical relationship. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

The Unification Church can unify democracy and communism, and unite all religions. It can also unite religions with the word. We came with the responsibility to unify heaven and earth in front of the great way of heaven, and we were attacked. So as we rise higher and higher from the individual, through the family, tribe and people, those who have opposed and attacked us must go down. They have reached their peak and now must lose all their power. Hence, there is no country, no matter how large, that has confidence in the second and third generations; there is no country that can have hope in the second and third generations. All nations have become like that. Such a time has arrived.

My visit to the Soviet Union and other activities put an end to the communist world. The world has been laughing at us. They thought that we would shrink away and disappear, but this will not happen. It may seem that they have supremacy and can control everything as they wish, but that is an illusion. The Republic of Korea is on the verge of chaos. This problem cannot be solved by anyone. Everything declines after reaching its maximum height. We are rising by piercing through these barriers.

What is the original standard that enables us to pierce through and continue going up? It is True Parents' teaching. Adam and Eve become family and tribal level true parents. Viewed historically, everyone is a part of one family, but Adam and Eve are the ancestors of True Parents. When a nation is formed, who are the ancestors of the nation? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the family? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the world? True Parents.

This is why the appearance of True Parents on this earth leads to the formation of the families in the heavenly nation and the organization of entire tribes, peoples, nations, and the world under the dominion of True Parents. What does it mean to be victorious here? It means that all go into the domain of True Parents. This is why Satan attacks this domain from every side, and strikes it to keep it from growing. But we achieved victory in all these battles over the last forty-three years and have triumphed in America.

With respect to the Cain and Abel issue, America is a nation in the Cain position before me. I have fought against and won over this Cain, just as I won over the Soviet Union. Cain and Abel, communism and democracy, and the Left and Right-wings have reached their peak. headwing thought is standing at this point. Headwing thought is the perfected-Adam philosophy. Due to the Fall and since Adam failed to become perfect, a son on Satan's side, Cain, and a son on Heaven's side, Abel, were raised up in order to restore Adam. Thus Left and Right have been fighting to claim ownership. This is what has been going on.

What is headwing thought? It is the perfected Adam's philosophy. What are Adam's philosophy and headwing thought based on? In terms of the Principle, the indirect dominion and the direct dominion are not yet unified. By Adam's fulfillment of his responsibility the indirect and direct dominions will be unified. They become one after having gone beyond ten stages of growth. What does the number ten signify? It is the horizontal line. Ten finally constitutes the horizontal line. Even nine cannot constitute a horizontal line. A horizontal line forms when the number ten is reached. Centered on love, heaven and earth, and mind and body will settle completely on the horizontal line. This settlement is for eternity. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

From this standpoint, we must proclaim True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents will trigger unification. We have three organizations dedicated to this. They are the Unification Church, the Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizen's Federation. The Citizen's Federation was founded in order to unify North and South Korea. The Federation for Victory Over Communism was established to offer protection against the communist world. We can unify the North and South only when we are protected from the communist world.

I founded the Unification Church for the purpose of providing spiritual guidance in order to build a firm foundation for educating the conscience. This had not existed. Satan has been attacking the Unification Church to prevent us from building that foundation. However, I have now made all the indemnity conditions, returned to my homeland and proclaimed the True Parents.

I have proclaimed the True Parents throughout the Unification movement and then to the people who have some relationship with us and to our relatives. The True Parents have already been proclaimed in the Unification Church. Have they not been proclaimed throughout the entire Unification movement? Because the Cains and Abels need to be one, the proclamation will be made to the nation. At that point, those in the position of Cain who have opposed us, will become one with us. Now the proclamation is finished. That is why spiritual mediums all receive the revelation that the day when True Parents are proclaimed is the day the world ends.

Since the world began with evil parents, a new world will begin when everything that is connected to those evil parents is brought to submission and the True Parents can make their beginning. When a Korean wrestling champion and his challenger battle on the mat, the champion is still the champion until he falls down. But once he falls down, he goes into the pit. It will happen exactly like that. (202-273, 1990.5.25)

I have proclaimed the True Parents. The Republic of Korea will not perish because I have done so. If Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, had become true parents, there would have been no devil. Since your deceased ancestors are in the position of archangels, they are standing behind you members of the Unification Church. The spirit world is helping us because I performed the proclamation ceremony. From now on, if you have confidence and just trust my words and act, all kinds of things will happen.

A while ago, when we were holding rallies to welcome True Parents in cities, counties, and districts, I said that you district leaders would bring results in accordance with the breadth of your mindset. When I suggested to the regional directors the idea of holding rallies for three thousand people, they all opposed me, but I said, "Trust me, believe in me, and just do it," and when they followed what I had said, it worked. (203-292, 1990.6.26)

2.4.4. There will be no conflict in the future

Until now Koreans have never even once invaded a foreign land. The Korean people are a race who have deep affection and love for humanity. From this point of view, I can say that the Korean people are close to the realm of God's heart because they have sacrificed more than any other people. The highest things in the world, the highest and most precious things in the world of fallen humanity are the True Parents and the right of the first son. Next come the rights and responsibilities of parents, and then comes right of kingship.

This is an exclusive authority. God has been active in Korean history in order to secure the authority of the first son who inherits the heavenly kingship. It is the same with Japan. It is the right of the first son to carry on for the emperor in the final days. The first son has to become a true parent. Adam was the original first son of humankind. Thus, the right of the first son must necessarily connect with the position of a true parent, and the realm of the first son must be restored. Otherwise, he will be unable to stand in the position of a true parent.

I returned from Russia and proclaimed the True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents! After restoring the right of the first son, True Parents must stand on the world level. Having gone beyond the nation to the world, based on how circumstances expand, that leads to tribal kingship and national kingship for True Parents. Thus, when True Parents succeed on the national level, true kingship will begin. When North and South Korea are united, the true kingship will begin.

The kingship that proceeds from God will be established. That is why the nation where such a kingship is formed will have the three main components of a nation: sovereignty, territory, and citizenry. Without sovereignty, territory, and citizenry, kingship cannot be established. I am now calling for global citizens. We now have sovereignty, but lack people and territory. Consequently, a citizen that brings unification to North and South Korea, as a citizen of heaven and earth, should go on to establish kingship in alignment with the Unification Church.

In the future there will be no conflict. The struggles until this time have been self-centered and pointless. They were struggles to take something from someone else. A unified world, on the other hand, is a world where God's kingship is established and where people live for the sake of others. Then there is no need for war. There is no need for brothers to deprive each other of their possessions. Instead they may run away because the other is trying to give too much to them! That is why, if you live unselfishly in your town, everything will be offered to you. You can receive a room in that town. With the utmost devotion people will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. You will be able to sleep there on your way. Such an age is coming.

In the future, the separation of the three powers will not be needed. Laws and everything else will disappear. When the autonomous realm of love is fully established, the law will automatically be fulfilled. In the place where living for others is realized, no problems arise: upper and lower, front and back, and left and right are one. (224-171, 1991.11.24)

2.5. The remarkable proclamation of True Parents

I have brought together the right-wing and the left-wing. Nobody knows how much I have suffered while walking this path. We need to build a domain where Godism, the God-centered ideology centered on headwing vertical thought, can be publicly recognized in schools and at all levels of leadership. So the Soviet and American governments should say that when they live centered on Rev. Moon, America will live and the Communist party will live.

When I visited Moscow, the CIA kept an eye on me, but Rev. Moon will digest the Communist party, rather than ever being digested by it. I am the one who showed the direction that US policy should take over the next six months. When the Americans were hesitating over the Soviet proposal to reduce arms, I educated them and helped them go over all the hurdles. When we turn around, where do we have to go? We should return home through the world; we should go over the nation and return to our hometown.

Because the fallen ancestors started with the family of Adam and Eve, we need to get rid of this mask. We need to clear the names of the three great ancestors of the three great ages. Adam fell. Satan killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first generation, Adam, became God's enemy through his fall. The one who came next as the second true parent was Jesus, the Messiah. This Messiah, who had come as the Savior, was killed by humankind, by his sons and daughters, by the people.

How great is the sin of the country that imprisoned and killed the true parent? They could not escape from this. This is why the people of Israel have wandered around in other lands for two thousand years. When we look back through history, we see that many among their number were stabbed to death, or kicked by horses, or have disappeared like the dew through resentment or curses. After barely making it through two thousand years of history, they managed to create an independent nation with the support of America.

The devil killed our parents, the devil's sons and daughters killed the second true parent, and devils throughout the entire world have attempted to mobilize all the ideologies and systems to kill the third true parent. Yet it is amazing that True Parents survived all kinds of perils and hardships and have been able to proclaim the way of the Parents, the True Parents on earth! How much God has longed for this! (219-333, 1991.10.13)

2.6. How we should conduct ourselves after the proclamation of True Parents

I told Gorbachev to get rid of the statues of Lenin and Marx. In the history of the Communist party, nobody except Rev. Moon ever said such a thing. The Communist party leaders were all in commotion, saying, "Is he really speaking about Godism in front of us? How can he talk so arrogantly?" No matter how much they may have hated me, today's communist world has become like that. The one whom they had feared most in the world has turned into their only hope. They have no other hope. So I taught them clearly saying, "Listen to my words and follow me; otherwise, there is no way to go forward!" How proud God must have been of me, saying, "I have always wanted to declare this to the Soviet Union. You are a great son!" Since He said, "I want to set you above all humankind," I have become quite famous.

American leaders said, "Wow, how can he do that?" European leaders also said, "How can he do that?" and the communist world said, "How can he do that kind of thing in the Kremlin itself?" When God came down to take a look, He must have said, "This is really interesting!" I know that is why I made such a clear declaration.

Everything is connected to the True Parents. Your ears want to seek out the True Parents; so do your nose, mouth and eyes. Everything is like that because True Parents have a strong power to attract everything. I know this. Even all of nature desires the True Parents. The creation says, "True Parents, please stay here with us always." Nature cries out. Everything likes True Parents. They like the sound "True Parents." When someone says, "I have met True Parents," another says, "Where?" "Follow me." Everyone will want to follow that person. That is what True Parents are like. True mother, true husband, true wife, true children, true grandchildren and true patriots all emerge from them. Everything starts from there.

This is the gospel with the greatest hope. We do not need the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is solely to find the True Parents. So the name "True Parents" is most precious. How do you want to be related to True Parents? That is the question. If you think of True Parents as a tree, you are its branches that can thrive wherever they are planted. These branches live well wherever they go as long as there is love, regardless of whether they are planted at night, in the day, in winter, in spring, or in the rainy season. This is so because they accept everything. (202-351, 1990.5.27)

Our purpose is to liberate and save God, humankind and everything under the satanic dominion. This is our goal. This is True Parents' purpose. We are declaring the heart of such parents as we march on. Satan cannot survive in such a place. This is the Principle view. It is the same with all things. They will shout Mansei! as they see you being saved. You have to be able to hear this kind of sound.

Wherever you go, all the things of creation will welcome you and all people will welcome you. The original world, centered on true love, is filled with the true-love sound of everything in creation. In the world of true love, you can understand everything as God does. It is there that you will inherit everything and have the right of participation, enabling you to join in wherever you are. True love provides these privileges. This means that we can grab hold of true love automatically. We inherit God. God becomes mine. We can be with God wherever He is. How great this is! How happy we are! Nobody can deny this. We have such an amazing thing. How can we worry in our hearts? There can be no shadow. It is bright like broad daylight. This is the pride of Unification Church members. (202-354, 1990.5.27)

Therefore, from now on there will be no opposition from Satan on the path that Unification Church members are taking. From now on, whatever we shout will be absorbed and resurrected; whatever we shout out will appear.

There has been opposition until now because we have been on the rise. But we have reached the top and since there is no right-wing or left-wing at the top, the vertical thought has appeared. Headwing is higher. Everyone likes it because it is higher. Communism is an ideology of master and servant. There is no freedom. Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. As such, it is about freedom. People have freedom among themselves. This is why fights continuously arise. They fight among themselves, each claiming to be the best.

Headwing thought is based on the parental heart and viewpoint. In America, senators and congressmen fight, and Republicans and Democrats fight. Why are they fighting? Because there have been no parents. When the parents come and ask them, "Hey you kids! Why are you fighting? You are not servants, but our sons!" Then all the fighting will stop. Parents should be happy to see black people and white people intermarrying. Parents want their sons and daughters to love one another rather than merely showing filial piety toward their parents. This is how children can love their parents.

If you make God's true love your central focus, you will be eternally one. You will be connected with me from that point and once that connection is made no one can sever it. (202-356, 1990.5.27)

You will decide, "We also will walk the path of True Parents." It is the same. You will also in the future take roots, rise as a trunk, spread branches, have blossoms and bear fruit. Everything is the same. This means that you will be true parents in the future. Things will happen this way in the future. How proud we should be! Open the door and try shouting, "Look here. What an amazing master is this person who is appearing here!" You will feel great. All the animals will feel the same. The spirit world will also say, "You are a savior with true love like your center, like Jesus the Messiah. Wherever you go, everyone there will be saved."

With the proclamation of True Parents, Satan's authority will disappear and, centering on religion, all the struggle due to the laws of indemnity will disappear. Since the good spirits will attain a position equal to the angelic world, an unfallen world will come about and the time will come when good spirits can help the earth as much as they want. Those angels are your ancestors. So from now on, all kinds of things will happen to those who oppose the Unification Church. They may get sick and die and all kinds of other things will happen.

You should become bold. This means that you should exercise the rights of ownership. Then, no matter how difficult an environment you may find yourself in, no problems can arise. If you say, "God does not want these things. Get lost!" they will be gone. They will rapidly decline. It is the same with the spirit world. If you say, "I do not want such things!" they will immediately disappear. You will be able to exercise such power all around you. When the center of love appears, everything will turn around towards it. When the morning sun rises in the east, all of nature turns towards it. This is the essence of life, the essence of love. True Parents are the central foundation for universal true love.

Thus, when True Parents appear, the entire world of creation will turn towards them, just as all of nature turns towards the rising sun in the morning. All creation is like the leaves or branches. In the spirit world everything faces God. Likewise, in the Unification Church, when I go somewhere, the attention of all the members is automatically upon me. It is the same.

Your entire purpose is true love and the center of the world is true love. God is the parent of true love. All liberation takes place there. When you stand in such a place the doors of the four directions will open automatically. The spirit world is the same as this. In the spirit world, wherever a master of true love may go, there are no closed doors. Doors will open automatically everywhere. Such a person is welcome everywhere.

People in high positions will come and say, "Welcome. It has been so boring for too long. I welcome everything that is fun." How splendid this will be! So you should understand this clearly from now on. You have inherited everything of True Parents'. No one can tell you to do this or that. You will automatically be the owner. You will be a teacher and true parent. No one else can teach you. You need no other teachers, owners, or parents. You will stand in such a position in the near future. (202-358, 1990.5.27)

Until now, because of the Fall, it has been difficult for the hearts of people on earth to be vertically connected to the heart of God. The appearance of True Parents will connect them. Your relatives who do not oppose True Parents at that point are not in the Cain sphere. They have entered the Abel sphere on God's side.

Thus, from now on the realm of religion will break down. Until now, through the realm of religion centering on the chosen people, the spiritual and physical worlds have been connected in a mainstream type of relationship. Now, the Cain and Abel environment has disappeared because the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages have reached the same degree of completion. This has taken away the authority of religions. Thus, those families who are centered on you and who do not oppose you stand in the position of heavenly Abel. So things will turn around as you set them in motion and push. Today is such a period in history. That is why it will become our world.

You should understand this era. The proclamation of True Parents will put an end to the parents with satanic lineage.

True Parents have fought against the satanic world, won back everything, risen up, and reached the stage where the democratic and communist worlds will collapse. Thus, since they have created these victorious conditions, on the basis of that proclamation the satanic world will come to an end. What does it mean for the satanic world to come to an end? It means being liberated from Satan.

Until now we have lived within the culture and environment of the satanic world. But now we are being liberated from the satanic world, satanic lifestyle, and satanic lineage. Where do we go after being liberated from Satan? We must return to God. The world today does not know God. Satan made it that way. Humanism does not recognize God, either. American humanism today has expelled God. What is the basis for humanism? It is the body.

The body focuses on itself. It seeks pleasure. If you chase after it you will be ruined. That is reality. So we need to be liberated from Satan and liberated from a satanic lifestyle: lifestyle means culture. We need to be liberated from such a lifestyle. Next, we need to be liberated from that lineage. Then, where do we return to once we are liberated from Satan? We must return to God. Although we need to return to God, neither communism nor secular humanism knows how to return to God.

More than that, where and how should we live? We are not meant to live according to our whims, like animals. Ideally our lives would begin centering on True Parents from the outset. We should live in the domain of the global ideal centered on True Parents. Thus, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without believing in True Parents. Right now it is as if there were many branches that have not been engrafted. (202-275, 1990.5.25)

You have to go out to the countryside and lay the foundation for True Parents. True Parents have to prepare the foundation for heaven. God goes ahead to prepare the path that True Parents will travel and True Parents prepare your path. Thus, you just have to follow True Parents. God goes one step ahead of the coming True Parents. For this reason the providence of restoration has consisted of the age of the providence to lay the foundation for restoration, the age of the providence of restoration, and the age of the completion of the providence of restoration.

God laid this foundation without True Parents' knowing about it and True Parents laid this foundation without your knowing about it. You also should lay the foundation without your descendants knowing about it. In this way, we must go beyond the national level and beyond the global level. Then, God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. If our members go beyond the national level, True Parents will go beyond the global level and God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. In this way, humankind centered on God must itself go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos.

In light of this, you are two stages behind God. Since you are two stages behind God, you cannot allow yourself to be disappointed or tired. True Parents are going ahead of you on the path, for your sake; and God is going ahead of True Parents, for your sake. The efforts of God and True Parents are something you cannot repay with anything, even through your own death. You are going ahead with such a debt. True Parents inherit God's will and you inherit True Parents' will -- you should never lose that philosophical tradition.

What is that philosophical tradition? Since people are born into the lineage of the enemy Satan, they must first cut off the lineage of this enemy, Satan, and then restore the lineage of God and True Parents. In order to do this, everyone must become one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, people should connect with the heavenly lineage, become a branch and leaf of the tree whose root is God, and become an incarnation of God, thereby establishing an absolute standard on earth to subjugate Satan. Only then will the history of restoration move forward. (13-296, 1964.4.12)

2.7. What we need to do after the proclamation of True Parents

2.7.1. Be grateful for the proclamation

What will happen through the proclamation of True Parents? All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. Perfected Adam should always be protected, nurtured and helped by the archangel. When you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, the archangel must not only help you, but must also serve you as the real master in keeping with the ideal of love. This is the stage where you can give the orders. You will rise to such a position. This is why this is the end of the world.

Everything in the spirit world that started with the love of false parents will come to an end and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as the soil, a new world will spring up. With this proclamation, those who unconditionally oppose our Unification Church in the future will all fall sick, little by little, and collapse. They will wither away like trees that have lost their sap and immediately become food for beetles.

Thus you should follow a new lifestyle. The origin of new life is new love. What is new love? It is the love of True Parents. It is the new love of the ideal of creation. This is why you should be grateful to me. Be grateful because you have been liberated from Satan. You have been liberated from the satanic world through True Parents. What is the next thing you have been liberated from? You have been liberated from the satanic lifestyle. Next, you have been liberated from satanic lineage. Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habits. You are liberated from Satan and from the satanic lifestyle. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background.

The British live according to British culture and Americans live according to American culture. They are all different. Their living environments differ. You should be liberated from this kind of lifestyle. What follows? It is lineage. Three great liberations will occur. This is why the Unificationist culture will automatically emerge. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God.

If you are liberated from Satan that which has been shackled through its connection to the false parents also becomes liberated. Therefore, you will return to the free heart of the Parents. When returning, you cannot carry on with the habits of the satanic world's lifestyle. You must thoroughly burn them away. (202-273, 1990.5.25)

When you say True Parents there is God, who is the vertical True Parent, and there are the earthly True Parents, who are the horizontal True Parents. You should be created through the love arising from the union of the two. Because at the zero point -- that place where there is no love -- you will finally develop the character of a true subject; if you desire love, you must start from nothing. You must ignore your own fundamental existence.

This is why in the Bible we find the paradoxical expression that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. Thus, you should be grateful for your having been liberated from the satanic world. Next is lifestyle. A history and tradition are established on the basis of culture, so when I say lifestyle I mean culture. Next is lineage. Lineage revolves centered on love. You need to be liberated. This is why you should say to yourself, "I am part of God's lineage. God dwells within me." Your mind and body should not fight with each other.

From now on, ask your mind and heart. God has already entered your mind and your heart; you are God's bud and leaf because you attend True Parents and have the root. Everything experiences the ambient atmospheric pressure, but, because that pressure is completely balanced you do not feel it. Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience -- against God's will -- even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, "You numbskull!" This power is so strong that even if you try to go one way, your body will be spun around.

So if you pray for God to be in your mind and for True Parents to come into your body, they will come; God will dwell where mind and body intersect and correct the angle between your mind and body. You need to be liberated from the three great satanic realms. First, you must be liberated from the vertical representative, Satan, and next from the cultural realm, or lifestyle tradition you have received from your natural parents, such as the Korean culture or the American culture -- and all other cultures. All of them are heading towards one center, but the farther away they are, the more trivial they are. (202-278, 1990.5.25)

2.7.2. Accumulate results

NBC, CBS and ABC have reputations as the best broadcasting companies in America. They are recognized around the world but they have done all kinds of wicked things to destroy me. The newspapers have also attacked me, but since I already knew everything before their propaganda came out, it did not work. They put their stories in the newspapers and beat their drums, but since there was no one dancing to that rhythm, the drummers became exhausted and gave up. Now we will mount our counterattack. Since we have a media company, we will challenge them through our newspaper. I called the responsible person in the editorial department at one of these papers and asked him to come see me. I gave him a hard time. I am waging this kind of battle.

That is why the issue is the actual results. It is not ability but actual results that will unify the world. Although you may not have ability, you must nevertheless have results. To achieve results is to gain power from the universe. Presidents of nations are no match for me. They will come to their knees because they cannot match me in terms of great results and business. You should also have results that you can pass down to ensuring generations. You should bring this as a gift when you go to the spirit world.

When a woman gets married, she should bring at least a small gift to her grandfather-in-law and to her other relatives. Then they will speak proudly of their new daughter-in-law. When you go to the spirit world, your ancestors will call you in front of them and chastise you, saying, "You joined the Unification Church through the merits of your ancestors, so what did you accomplish before coming here? Have you fulfilled your role as a tribal Messiah?" Would they not chastise you, when through your actions you could have liberated seventy-two generations of your ancestors but did not? So your mind must be properly educated.

You should recover all of God's people lost to the satanic world by engrafting them into the heavenly world. How many will you bring back to God's side through your efforts? How will you create the eternal tradition of the ideal of creation? How will you create the eternal tradition of true love among your relatives and among all restored people? How will you connect your own sons and daughters with this eternal tradition? That is the issue. In the other world, this will be the key to having authority in your eternal life and your having a position in the hierarchy of life. You should take care of your relatives and bring 120 families or more with you. So prepare yourself in order to avoid being ashamed. Not only ashamed; you may even be chased away naked.

Now I have already proclaimed the True Parents to the world. As the age of the world's chosen people passes by and we enter the period of welcoming the True Parents, the age has arrived when all people from the entire world will enter the realm of Israel. That realm will be organized according to the level of people's accomplishments. (213-139, 1991.1.6)

2.7.3. Rallies to welcome True Parents

Since we are holding welcoming rallies for True Parents these days, all around the country Korean people are talking and wondering, asking themselves, "Hey, who are these 'True Parents' we hear so much about?" They should turn around and seek out the True Parents. Since they descended from false parents, they cannot find the direction God is telling them to go without first transcending the limits of the false parents and then connecting with the True Parents. This is the Principle. It is logical and undeniable. The Fall created false parents. Because they were driven out, they were the false parents. People should seek parents who have never been chased away, through whom they can live together with God forever.

This is how we Korean people are. We have songs like the one that goes, "I want to bring my parents here and live with them forever." This is because we are a people of revelations. We also have a song that goes, "The blue sky and the milky way..." This shows that we are a people to whom things have been revealed. That song showed everyone that satellites would appear, and that the world would be that kind of advanced world. What a great feeling for the arts this race has! It is a great thing that we have such a cultural background, a refined background with a deep philosophy. (206-80, 1990.10.3)

Rev. Moon has proclaimed the True Parents before all the people of the Republic of Korea through the rallies to welcome True Parents. True Parents must be proclaimed. Only then will Heaven be able to set up camp and repel the evil Satan. Now wait and see what happens. Look at the future path. We have held welcoming rallies for True Parents all over the country, but no one knows what they were about. I did not hold these rallies because I am crazy. Through the welcoming rallies for True Parents, we are solidifying the heavenly foundation to replace those on the side of evil. (204-144, 1990.7.6)

I proclaimed True Parents nationwide through the welcoming rallies for the Parents. Now what do you have to do? Since I held welcoming rallies for True Parents on the foundation where the nation and the world are connected, you Blessed Families should now hold welcoming rallies for parents on the tribal level. Then, everything will be concluded.

You need to complete your tribal messiah work. After completing messiahship on the world level based on a nation, we need to manage the tribal realm. Tribes spread throughout the world. A nation will then naturally emerge. Such a time has come. What is making this happen? The democratic world has finished its experiment. The communist world has finished its experiment, so have Christianity and all the religions in the world. Why am I saying that they have finished their experiments? There has been no group that has not opposed the Unification Church. All of them have attacked us. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

After we have finished the welcoming rallies for the Parents throughout the entire nation, we will enter a new age. Spiritualists are receiving revelations that this world is ending and that we are entering a new world. Because of the rallies the spirit world is coming down. There is an Old Testament Age, a New Testament Age and a Completed Testament Age. In the past, those spirits who had believed in one of the major religions, who left a good legacy and who are in the good spirit world, helped the providence on earth in accordance with God's will. Until now, without going that way, there has been no way for spirits to relate with the earth.

Since True Parents have now appeared on this earth, establishing individual, family, tribal, national, and global traditions and have been victorious, then now is the time when we will leave the sphere of religion behind us. Religions will disappear in the age of True Parents, because they have achieved global victory. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but become True Parents, religion would never have been needed. In that case, they would have been able to join with heaven as one, and ancestors would always be connected with their descendants on earth in that ideal of oneness. Because the Fall blocked this route, however, we need to create the proper realm for the chosen people in order to open the way.

The age of our release from the religious realm is coming, because everything has been indemnified through the people of Israel as the chosen people, Christianity as the global chosen people, and the Unification Church as the cosmic-level chosen people. So now the time is coming when the spirit world can contact the earthly world on that foundation. Thus, even non-believers will be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people and through religion, and the past ages will fade away.

Through the triumph of True Parents, there will come a time -- the era when the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament have all been fulfilled -- when even nonbelievers can enter the mainstream of religion. Then, all of the ancestors in the spirit world will be able to visit their earthly descendants and work with them. This is what the spirit world is like. For this reason, from now on, if someone refuses to believe in the Unification Church, his ancestors will come to him and give him nightmares, sickness, and bitter medicine.

Until now, the earthly world has been divided, and occupied by Satan. However, as the good spirits in the realm of the good archangel and those in the religious realm as a whole enter the realm of evil on earth and fully expel it, everyone who has served in the shadow cast by the devil so far, whether Kim Il-sung or any other, will be washed away. Thus, as one, two, three, and four nations become connected to the Unification Church, the whole world will see the age of complete liberation. From 1988 to 2000, that is, until I turn eighty is the era of the mission to accomplish this task. This is why the role of tribal messiah has been set up.

Having proclaimed the worldwide Messiah, I have proclaimed the role of tribal messiah with the mission to head towards the realm of the national Messiah. Then the realm of national Messiah will unfold in which the tribal messiah is connected to the realm of the global Messiah. In the same way, as the establishment of heavenly states and provinces takes place, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom. (202-255, 1990.5.24)

2.8. The parent in the North and the parent in the South

As we learn in the Principle, during the Old Testament Age material things were sacrificed to pave the way for the sons and daughters to come and in the New Testament Age sons and daughters were offered as sacrifices to pave the way for the coming of the parent, the returning Lord. Why did the Parents suffer in the Completed Testament Age? They walked the suffering path in order to bring God down to this earth. My lifelong dream is to bring God down to this earth.

I was not able to attend God in my hometown. So I must go back to my hometown holding high the flag of global victory. There is an evil lord of the second coming in North Korea; an evil parent. Thus Kim Il-sung is called the "beloved parent." What does the word parent mean? Because Satan knew that True Parents would appear in South Korea, and that True Parents' hometowns are in North Korea, he wanted to attack and kill the True Parents through North Korea. This is why Gorbachev and Kim Il-sung conspired together to assassinate me. In February of 1987, they dispatched twenty-five Red Army soldiers to America, and the spirit world caught them carrying my home address. The CIA caught them, and while they were being investigated I entered Moscow.

It is a risky path. My path is risky because in accomplishing God's will I have the responsibility to shorten this history even if only by one day. I have been paving this road, investing my whole self as if pouring all my capital into the Pacific Ocean and around the countryside. I cannot leave any historical blemishes in such a place. This is something holy. Something holy! This is why God can come and dwell in our country.

The South and North are like the body and mind. When they become one, God will come to them. God enters where they become one in love. This is why we need to unify the South and North. First, the Parents should be attended in South Korea. They should be attended better than the North Koreans attend Kim Il-sung. North Koreans carry Kim Il-sung badges. Unificationists should not be ashamed and stand even more proudly before the world than they do. North Koreans are all armed with Juche (self-reliance) thought. So we should arm ourselves with the Three Subjects Principle centered on God's unshakable and absolute love and widen the gap with the North Koreans so that they cannot interfere with us. Walking such a path is our mission. (212-56, 1991.1.1)

Kim Il-sung is the false father. North Koreans call him their parent, do they not? Why has he appeared at this time in history? The person who is the most villainous in all the communist countries, the greatest of all devils, will appear. However, I am called the True Parent. The True Parent should be able to subjugate the false parent through natural surrender. He should not be struck down by force. God's providence of salvation and God's victory or defeat is not determined by force. If force were to be used, everything would be over immediately. If the communists had had their way, everything would be over. The fallen world, which used to show off its mighty armies that created such a history of strife in this earthly world, and which passed down Satan's tradition, will have a miserable end.

God, who knows such things, is trying to bring Satan to surrender naturally. He tells him to do everything he wants. After letting him do everything he wants, Heaven will be hit first and then it will take it all away, saying that the one who struck the side of justice must pay for all the damages. When Satan arrives at the end of the world, he will be left with nowhere to go. He will surrender at the end of the world. God cannot bring this to pass by Himself. Rather, He has to prepare a person on earth who can inherit this task. This is why He sends the Messiah in the Last Days. (210-231, 1990.12.23)

2.9. The religious founders and True Parents

Essentially, what have we been trying to do during the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament Ages? We have been trying to bring God inside us. Who is the root? God is. God is the root of humankind. Originally, True Parents were not the root. True Parents also came from God, who is the root. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were in the position of God's son and daughter. But after their Fall, all things of creation came to be in a higher position than Adam and Eve.

This happened because Adam and Eve fell. Through the Fall, they sunk lower than all things. Since all things became higher than people, they have given their lives for humankind. They have shed blood in our place and through this, have worked to reverse the positions. This is why, in the Old Testament Age, offerings were sacrificed to pave the pathway for the sons and daughters to travel on.

In the New Testament Age, Jesus came and sacrificed himself as a child to pave the way for Parents. Through martyrs shedding a great quantity of blood, Christians paved the road for the coming of the Parents in the age of the Second Coming. What is the relationship between Jesus and True Parents?

Jesus is in the position of the Son, while True Parents are in the position of the Parents. I have said that Buddha is my disciple, Jesus is my disciple and Confucius is my disciple. Spiritual people can know everything if they pray. Wait and see. The Unification Church will be the center of religious unification in the end, correcting the standard for presidents, prime ministers, and all the proud politicians of the nations. This is my work, to accomplish this not by force, but by natural submission. (211-312, 1991.1.1)

You don't know how rigid religious dogmatists can be. Syria belongs to the Islamic cultural sphere. I brought an elite group of leaders from Syria to East Garden and we shared the Divine Principle with them. Our Unification Church is not a branch of Christianity but its main trunk. Because Jesus brought salvation by being sacrificed in the role of the son, Jesus himself must have parents, and because Jesus did not have a son of his own, his authority as a parent must be restored. For this reason the term "True Parents" is so wonderful.

Established Christian churches are making a big fuss because I said that Jesus is my disciple, but they will see everything when they go to the spirit world. Why do I say such things, when I know clearly that doing so will cause me to be inundated with curses?

How about the established Christian churches? Through Unification Church members, I will clean up anything that is unclean in their back rooms and hold worship services transcending all denominations. After this, I will go to the spirit world. I will go there after completing that trans-denominational worship. You may not know this, but there are already a large number of ministers using our Principle. Some of them read the Divine Principle on a blanket and when a deacon or elder comes in, they quickly hide it underneath the blanket, and then take it out again when they leave, and read it all night. They memorize it and diligently use it.

Autumn leaves do not fall all at once. Do they fall all at once? They do not. They fall one by one, rather than as a whole bunch. Although they fall one by one, before long the tree, once clothed with green, is left with no leaves. Whether they know it or not, I am dealing with things in that way. (213-34, 1991.1.13) 

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