Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 5. Prayer in the Name of True Parents

God is the greatest teacher for fallen people. Among teachers, He is the great King of teachers, because there is nothing God does not know. Among parents, God is the First, in other words, the True Parent. As a king, He is the King of all kings. God is the best teacher and the first parent. If He is the First Parent, would He be a false parent or a true parent? He is the True Parent. This True Parent was unable to be a True Parent because of the Fall. In the Unification Church we close our prayers by saying "I pray in the name of the True Parents." God is the first True Parent.

When you desire something in prayer, whom do you ask? We are supposed to call upon the Father whatever we do. When you are drowning who would you like to rescue you? When a savior is supposed to come and rescue you, would like some grandfather from a neighboring village to be the one who saves you? Or would you rather have your younger brother save you? Would you like your savior to be your elder brother or your younger brother? Who would you like to come to save you? You want your parents to come to save you. You would like your parents, the highest ranking saviors of all, to come to rescue you. Since parents know their children's pain as pain penetrating their own bones, children are looking to their father and mother to be their saviors. (41-307, 1971.2.17)

When you pray, you pray in the name of True Parents, but who are the True Parents? Do not think of this term only with regard to Mother and me. No, think of True Parents from a higher point of view. Think of them in terms of the mother and father who can embrace the world at a higher level and truly love all people as one, transcending the emotions of any people or nation. This is why I also pray in the name of True Parents. (33-141, 1970.8.11) 

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