Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 4. Revelation in Folk Songs

How great it would be if you could, while attending God, say "I want to live for thousands of years!" A verse in a Korean folk song that goes,

"Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon, moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek!
Oh moon, on you grows a laurel tree.
I want to chop it down with a jade axe and trim the branches with a gold axe to build a thatched cottage to bring my parents to..."

These are nice words, but where are the Parents? If they are parents based on their own desires, they will completely disappear. Where are the Parents who can reveal the great way of Heaven and earth and plant the tradition? My life's purpose, until I die, is creating the way for the world that is like that folk song. (127-281, 1983.5.15)

Religious leaders prostrate themselves and pray in an effort to receive blessings, but I have never prayed to receive any blessing. The Old Testament Age was the age of finding God's people by establishing all things; the New Testament Age was the age of finding the Parents by sacrificing the sons and daughters; and the Completed Testament Age is the age of liberating God by sacrificing the Parents' family.

This means bringing the Original Parents to this earth and living with them for thousands of years. The Korean folk song about the moon and the laurel tree sings of bringing parents and living with them for tens of thousands of years. This Korean tale contains a revelation: "...wanting to bring the heavenly parents to earth and live with them for tens of thousands of years..." Whenever I think about this song, I cannot escape the intense longing in my heart.

Don't ever feel bad about having been born as a Korean. In the past, you might have felt pity for yourself for having been born Korean, saying "How is it that I was born in a thatched-roof among these poor Korean people, although Korea boasts of its five-thousand-year history?" The Korean song that goes "Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon" sings of building a thatched cottage and living there for thousands of years.

I do not feel happy when I hear this song. Only a thatched-roof cottage? How can we fulfill the wishes of the people there? However, its reference to "build a thatched cottage, bring my parents there and live with them there for thousands of years" must refer to the ideal parents of humanity. The song connects with the Christian belief in the Second Coming and with the belief in a savior to come that is present among all peoples and nations. (85-80, 1976.3.2)

The song "Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon" tells of attending the parents, but which parents? Attend the parents and the grandparents on both the father's and the mother's side... The song sings praises to the long-cherished desire of our people. This is why we have the concept of True Parents. The love that can bring us to live together for thousands of years comes from True Parents. We want to live with both sets of parents. (126-190, 1983.4.19)

If True Parents symbolize masculinity and femininity with the highest authority of God, the authority of their sons and daughters should be at least as high as their shadow. You should not seek to come into the Unification Church maintaining the old habits and greed acquired in the satanic world.

Our church is different from the established churches. It is a place where we wage a battle of life and death, building an altar of love and preparing the arrows of love. We do not go to the Heavenly Kingdom to be judged by God above. No, He is here and judges our lives every day. Attending God together with me, we share in God's pain and in His joy in our daily lives. Because of this we have not come to ruin or perished in the turbulent ups and downs of this age of tribulation.

Can God die? No, He lives! Today, having achieved global victory, I have returned to this nation. Our nation is divided and I must reunite it. While we build a unified nation you must also establish your own nation, people, tribe and family. It is simple now for Unification Church members, because your Parents have completed the entire indemnity mission.

Everything will be finished once you know the real God, the real True Parents, the real, true husband and wife, and real, true sons and daughters. You have to go out, fight and win because you want to know these sons and daughters, these husbands and wives. You must love them. When you love them and liberate your brothers and sisters, the twelve apostles, and 120 disciples on the satanic side, then you can love your own sons and daughters, and bring them to live with you forever.

"Moon, Oh Moon, you bright Moon, Moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek!
Oh Moon, on you grows a laurel tree.
I want to chop it down with a jade axe and trim the branches with a gold axe to build a thatched cottage.
I want to bring my parents and live with them there for thousands of years"

are the words of a song through which the Korean people can receive the mantle of the chosen people. It is a song the chosen people can sing.

This song is a prayer that sings praise for eternity. Its meaning is living with and attending one's parents for thousands of years. Where? In a thatched cottage. Do you know what a thatched cottage is? You have to start at the bottom. Without serving your parents in a thatched cottage you cannot find the royal parents. You have to begin serving them in a thatched cottage. Organize a tribe and then a people from the tribe. Only when we have organized a people can right of kingship be established.

We have to find a nation. Already, in the world and among the nations, I am carrying a victory sign and standing in the vertical position. Since I am in the vertical position I cannot go to the side. The vertical position on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos centered on me are aligned in oneness with God as the center. (212-51, 1991.1.1)

Where is the foundation upon which human love and God's love can harmonize together? God created human beings because of love. Why did God create human beings for love? God is lonely by Himself. God created people because He wanted to live in love for thousands of years. Even if we have only a thatched cottage, we still want to live with our parents there forever. It is the same with the ideal God. It is amazing that God can go into a place even smaller than a thatched cottage and still embrace Heaven and earth, and breathe and live. Is that a small house? When God is there, even a thatched cottage is a palace in the Heavenly Kingdom, a universal palace. (204-106, 1990.7.1) 

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