Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 6. Things We Should Cherish as Our Own Life

6.1. Insisting on your own way is not acceptable

What you have is surely gold dust, but it is gold dust in the sand, contained in ore or in the earth; hence, it needs to be placed in a furnace and melted down. It must be smelted. This is the standard procedure. As the granules of gold melt and become liquid, would they say, "This is good!" or make a big fuss, saying, "Oh no, I am dying, I am dying?" Although they may say they will die, granules of gold do not actually die. If you want to be pure, you have to deny up to 98 percent of yourself. That which is truly you is only 2 percent. So then, what do you think you need to do?

How miserable this is! Think whether the life of a Unificationist is miserable or happy. Then would Rev. Moon, the center of the Unificationists, be happy or miserable? I have a hope that although I was miserable at the beginning, I will be happy later. When there is persecution, you should think, "I am going into the furnace. This is coming because I am still not perfect." If persecution comes, let it come. If people want to persecute us, let them persecute us! You should want to be inside the furnace until you become pure gold. This is how you can become pure gold quickly. As for those who are walking the path of abandoning their 98 percent and becoming 100 percent pure gold, how much endurance do you think they have to have? How much pain do you think they will endure? But you should still have the conviction to go forward.

Even if the people of the world evaluate you as 100 percent pure gold, the question is whether you will be a 100 percent when God picks you up with a tweezers and evaluates you. This is my worry. God has His view of 100 percent pure gold and I have my suggestion for 100 percent pure gold. Between the two, I want my 100 percent to be greater. How about that? I want my claim to be greater. Then, there should be no impurity, no insisting upon your own way. Does not God insist on His own way? Yes, God insists on His own way. God also has a nature to insist on His own way. In order to be purer, we should not insist on having our own way. Then, we will be 100 percent pure gold and be at a standard higher than the pure gold evaluated by God. We can think this way. If we are totally and eternally free from a mind of self-insistence, which thinks of the self as the center, we can be something that is more than 100 percent pure.

What is pure gold? It refers to its original form, without any impurity whatsoever. To meet the standard of pure gold, a nation must be a place where the people live enraptured in love, without any self-centeredness for hundreds and thousands of years. Those who possess such love are like a great queen or king. I am telling you to be such a wife or husband. When you become pure gold this way, do you need God? God is already contained within you. You will not need Him. So you should be such people. (128206, 1983.6.26)

Are you genuine pure gold or fake "pure" gold? When I look at you, I see you are not genuine. Perhaps if we put together four or five of you, beat you up, and remold you, you will be the real thing. This is how I see it. I cannot place you as if you were in a real market or store and sell you as genuine items. I cannot display you there. This is how I see it. So, there is a lot of training through adversity and the smelting process; a great deal of this process still remains to be completed. If you are asked if you are pure gold, I do not see you that way. Since a lot of the metal smelting process still remains for you to go through, you all have to be put in the metal smelting furnace whether you like it or not. Until you are put in there and all the bad things get burnt up, resulting in pure material in a form that is the same both inside and out, you cannot be called a Unification Church member. (138-200, 1986.1.21)

We need a device to measure the time period, the moment, and the time for calibrating ourselves. We should set these in accordance with the standard clock. Scales also have an absolute standard measurement, of which there is only one in the world. There is only one standard measurement for one meter, not two standards. Then, do you think there was originally a standard for the calibration of humankind or not? Are you a person whose current arbitrary standard naturally fits in with the absolute human standard through a zero calibration, or are you a person that it does not fit, even by force?

You do not fit even by force. But you are still asking to be recognized as people meeting the original standard or standard meter measure. Then, the person giving that recognition would be a crazy person. That kind of person should be smacked on the head! God will say, "You fool, he looks that way and you are approving him? He should be rejected and chastised, yet you are going to sympathize with and help him?" Among the Blessed Families today, there are many who respect the word "family" and yet ignore the essential nature of the family. (127-202, 1983.5.8)

6.2. We must become one

To what extent do you know True Parents' heart? And how united are you with True Parents in matters of lineage, character, God's Word and daily life? How about your view of the nation, world and cosmos? This determines whether you can become true sons and daughters of God in a true sense. You are insecure if you are on your own, so the question is how to link you to True Parents. It will not work if you do not have the original source. You absolutely need the original source. In other words, you cannot manage without the core. (28-247, 1970.1.22)

True Parents are the ones who stand in place of your own father and mother. The original parents are True Parents. You and your parents should be one. Then, who is the grandfather? God. With regard to God's commands, even True Parents cannot do as they please. Parents should lead their sons and daughters along the path the grandfather wants. This is the way of the parents. If True Parents have gone the way of restoration, you cannot help going the way of restoration as well. You have to fulfill the minimum five percent portion of responsibility. You should know this. You should love God more than you love your wife and more than you love your parents. You should love God more than you love your children. If this foundation expands worldwide, it will become the ideal world that the Unification Church speaks of -- the original world. (128-30, 1983.5.29)

I already have both the root of the first Adam and the root of the second Adam. Therefore, you just have to engraft yourself into the first Adam, second Adam, and third Adam, and everything will be over with. The root is all one and the same. So, it is love, life, and then lineage. Lineage comes into being as the vertical and horizontal love of God interacts with life. Hence, you should love me more than anyone else. You should be more united with True Parents than with anyone else. Since this is a lineage centered on true love, you have the right of inheritance, right of equal position, and right of equal participation. This is why Satan cannot come near. (189-223, 1989.4.6)

6.3. We should love True Parents

How much love do True Parents receive? Have you ever thought about that? If there is someone who condemns the declaration that God is dead, he would love True Parents more than God does. If you pray to God to enable you to meet such a person, and you do meet such a person and they come to love True Parents, God will be joyful. If that person is the smartest person, and you agree, you absolutely cannot be defeated by the spirits in the spirit world. If you love True Parents, you can absolutely not be defeated. If you can accuse the spirits, "I love True Parents this much, but what have you spirits done?" then you will be the people living in the greatest abundance.

If a fight breaks out among our family members as each of them tries to love True Parents more, what would God say about that fight? If one of them were to die during this fight, how would God judge him? Would God drag him to the guillotine? Without a doubt, God would call both of them, establish them as a model of loving True Parents, and tell other people to love True Parents as they have loved them. This is the standard. In other words, God, spirits, and all people need to pay close attention to True Parents. We should think about this in our daily life. If my words are true, this is an important issue.

How far away are you from this standard? You should pray for this from this point on. Those without tears cannot follow True Parents. In such a case, your face cannot be bright. You should live for the sake of others. And even though you may do your best, you should always have an apologetic heart towards heaven. You should be able to imagine how we should act. (52-97, 1971.12.23)

6.4. We must attend True Parents

Even if you went through the wilderness course, crossed the Jordan River, and fell in a fight with the seven tribes of Canaan, this would not be a victorious death. You can be an original person, worthy of a heavenly appointment from God, only after you have conquered the seven tribes of Canaan and established a new nation of Israel there. Otherwise, it is the same as staying in paradise; you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (13-296, 1964.4.12)

Who are the True Parents? They are the ancestors of humankind. You should therefore attend True Parents as your own parents. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

You should serve your parents for three years or more. In serving them for three years or more the family should serve them, then the nation should serve them and the world should serve them. This is really how it should be. Only then can we advance to the realm of global restoration. Based on the number three, you have to serve them for three years or more. Thus the principle is that for three years you live with your parents, eating with them and discussing with them. This is how your household should be. As a family living with the parents, you should have a three-year period in which you live in peace and happiness, use only good words, and share joy with one another. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

6.5. We should be obedient

The children must show absolute obedience before the Parents who have come in the original name of God. There is no objection to that. This is not something done by force. We are creating an environment where this can be done centering on love. The wife loves her husband and the husband loves his wife. You should become parents centered on love and create an environment where your beloved children can naturally and absolutely submit to you. Only then can the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven not be destroyed. (101-282, 1978.11.7)

6.6. We must inherit the tradition

Until now, we have not known what would become of humankind. We have not known what would become of ourselves. In other words, people have not understood history. They have not understood where history is headed. They have not known what would happen in the future or their purpose. Why is this so? It is because they have not had true parents and ancestors.

But as for us, because we are attending True Parents, we can say, "Ah, I know history; I know the circumstances of the history between God and each of us." Also, we have come to know the present and future. We can both know such tradition and inherit it. Now we can have the tradition with which we can win over history and the future. From whom? Why? It is because you have met True Parents. You follow what True Parents teach, and what they do, and you desire what True Parents desire and inherit from them. You are inheriting these things from them. (71-21, 1974.3.24)

Until now, there have been no parents in this universe. Those who acted like parents were evil parents, using and ruining their children. What got broken through this? Brothers and sisters, brides and bridegrooms, and fathers and mothers, who are meant to become perfect, have split apart. They have not had children of goodness, meaning they ultimately lost the family. The family is a representative of universal history; it represents the world, the heavenly kingdom, the nation, and all families. God is trying to find its center. History also has been looking for it.

People living today should be connected to this center. In other words, the common purpose pursued by God and human beings is this alone, and there is nowhere else that the past, present, and future can be bound together. Then who should do it? True Parents must accomplish the tasks that Adam and Eve were meant to do. Hence, what you have now is something Satan does not own -- you should have the best brothers and sisters; the kind that are not found in the evil world. You must have brothers and sisters who are not from the satanic world. This is how it should be for you. This is until your twenties, before you marry. You need to establish such a tradition. You should leave your sons and daughters a tradition that teaches them how to live.

The reason you are fighting such a hard battle in the countries you have gone to is so that you can leave behind a tradition for your descendants. This is a great opportunity that comes only once, an opportunity to educate your children saying, "We worked amidst this kind of hardship." You have the chance to establish a tradition you can leave behind as your testament. That is why tradition is the issue. This cannot be changed. It is an eternal tradition.

Since we have transcended the world, white people and black people should be brothers and sisters. This is to realize the brotherhood realm of humankind, the realm of Adam and Eve, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, what is the basic philosophy to establish that tradition? Everything will work out if we live for the sake of others. From here, your sons and daughters will grow up without suffering in this kind of environment. They will become descendants who can go straight to the heavenly nation with actual accomplishments that surpass the satanic world and can directly connect with heaven.

Next, these brothers and sisters will marry one another. For us, marriage transcends nations. We have the mindset that we can marry a black person if told to do so, marry a white person if recommended to do so, and marry a yellow person if recommended to do so. Such a tradition should be established from now. This has not yet been established. We should create oneness from now on. So you must guide your descendants and the world with this. The two must become one. When you become one you should not bear evil children. To bear children of goodness, the husband and wife should be completely one. Without becoming one, no children of goodness will come out. Thus, they should become completely one centering on God's will. (71-19, 1974.3.24)

You can roughly see how I look and what shape I have by looking at me two-dimensionally. But you do not know what kind of path I have walked before coming here. If you do not have a firm conviction from the beginning and just follow this path, God's will cannot be accomplished. You should have firm conviction. I brought this victorious result because I knew this as an absolute and sure path and started with the resolve to bring victory without fail. Countless individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations opposed me and tried to shake my conviction and block my path. The world, too, has opposed me. Such things have intervened.

You should inherit such a tradition, but can you inherit it without understanding it? When you inherit such an amazing thing, you have to do so with a new resolve. In other words, you should inherit it with a conviction that enables you to say, "I will do more than run to the end of the world and to the top of the sky" while being strong, bold and so grateful as to amaze God. The hearts of Heavenly Father and True Father are such that when they see your attitude, they will want to bequeath everything to you. The stark reality is that God is gathering and teaching those who know nothing and have no idea what is happening to the world. This is sorrowful indeed. (67-228, 1973.6.27)

6.7. We should be proud of True Parents

What should make you proud? You should be proud of God's love and True Parents' love. You should praise them more than what you own, more than what belongs to the nation, and more than what belongs to the world. Such love is the combination of God's love and True Parents' love. On earth, the Unification Church is putting into practice initiatives for unity on the basis of the ideal love of the direct dominion and on the foundation of the family. These are the footsteps of the Parents. This is the domain of the Parents. This is the realm of the direct dominion. (131-48, 1984.4.1)

6.8. You should pay your debt to True Parents

You must have a clear concept of True Parents. Are you indebted to True Parents or not? There is no way you can pay the debt. If you calculate your debt, it is impossible to pay. But you can pay off everything with just a small sign of your love. This is what we need. (116-121, 1981.12.27) 

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