Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 4. Grace and Self-Realization

4.1. True Parents is a term that has appeared for the first time

For God's will to be realized, parents must come; not fallen parents, but True Parents. You cannot find True Parents from the position of not having thought about it. This is not that kind of matter. This is a term that has appeared in history for the first time. Even a revolution does not compare with this fact. This is a miraculous and great event, unprecedented in history. The fact that you have come to learn the words True Parents and say the word "true" is possible because they have appeared with the love that surpasses the love of the countless parents who have come and passed away until now.

Theirs is a love that cannot exist more than once. You can say the words True Parents because they have such a standard. The love relationship with them at this time represents the highest standard. If the love of God exists, a person can finally receive God's love for the first time. This is the place of the highest ideal that cannot be imagined even by Jesus, who already came and left. Until this point was reached, the price was paid in the course of history. Satan, knowing that he would be completely defeated once True Parents appeared, tried to prevent that from occurring and to prevent that time from coming.

As the false parent, he tried to accomplish this by sacrificing countless people and making them pay a price in blood by any means. Terrible sacrifices were made up until today. These have been the works of Satan who sacrificed all those believers who tried to uphold this philosophy and follow this path as individuals, families, ethnic peoples, nations and the world. You should know what a terrible price in blood was paid by our ancestors who were sacrificed, and by our brothers and sisters who sought goodness and pursued the way of truth and the path to the True Parents. (67-225, 1973.6.27)

4.2. The appearance of True Parents is the greatest news

If you want to find a utopian world, where do you have to go? Without going through the realm of original family love, you have no place else to go. I connected the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion by means of God's and True Parents' love. Accordingly, the way opened to go back and forth between the spiritual and physical worlds over a bridge of love. As our Principle explains, the realms of direct dominion and indirect dominion are distinct realms, as God originally created them. Then how can we make them one?

This is possible only through true love. The only time they become one is when human beings, Adam and Eve -- reach maturity. At that time, true horizontal love automatically appears. When they embrace each other at that point, saying, "Oh, you are my partner," true love appears at the center of that couple. When positively charged love appears in perfection, negatively charged love is bound to appear immediately. When positively charged love comes down to negatively charged love and they engage, they determine the standard of true love. Then it is complete.

When true love appears, everything follows automatically. Only true love works for everything. This way, the world is converted into a utopian sphere. Where does true love start? It starts from True Parents. This is the gospel of all gospels. Although there are good words in the world -- although husband is a good word and wife is a good word -- there is no news better than that of True Parents. In the fallen world a true husband and wife will not appear without True Parents appearing first. (131-187, 1984.5.1)

This True Family was found as a result of experiencing the deepest sorrow of all sorrows, enduring the greatest hardship among all hardships, and paying the highest price in blood of all such payments throughout the course of history. To resolve historical sorrow, such miserable indemnity conditions had to be made in history. The price paid through people's deaths throughout the course of history is redeemed when the True Family is found. Accordingly, the True Family's appearance on earth is a cause for unparalleled joy and has unparalleled value. For such a true family to come about, there have to be True Parents. At the same time as True Parents, a true husband and wife must emerge. Becoming a true couple, they must give birth to true children. These True Parents should have no condition permitting Satan to accuse.

A true husband and wife should not fall into the condition of providing a basis for Satan's accusation, and then groan in travail. The children in a true family cannot be the sons and daughters of a true family if they leave behind some condition to be accused by the satanic world.

You are using the words "True Parents" and know the title True Parents. Nobody in history has been able to call out or think about the name True Parents. But today you are in the glorious position of being able to call their name, know them and attend them. So you are in a happier and nobler position than anyone in history. Until now, those seeking the True Parents have offered a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of sacrifice to lay the foundation for their Victory.

Considering this, you should know that the words True Parents portend the greatest blessing for humankind today. History is being brought under control through the True Parents. True Parents are the starting point of our advancement toward a new world. True Parents determine the internal conditions that can subjugate Satan. In them, the central couple is finally defined who can liberate God by conquering Satan, the one who is occupying the external world.

Therefore, you should first be thankful for this amazing grace by which you can live together with True Parents, receiving and carrying out their instructions. If there should be a way for you to align yourselves with True Parents' path, even at the sacrifice of your lives, there should be nothing that makes you happier. If a soldier marches toward the enemy camp in accordance with True Parents' command, he will be a holy soldier standing on the highest summit of hope desired by humankind, in full view of heaven and earth and drawing the attention of history.

If you are in the position to fight on behalf of True Parents' heart or on behalf of the nation and people, this heart will enable the nation and people to open the gate of the garden of happiness for the first time. The nation and people of hope who can march in and join in the glory of victory will appear. Considering all this, you should realize on your own, that you who are upholding the flag of True Parents' heart are the flag bearers who can revive history and judge the world of death again. (43- 142, 1971.4.29)

4.3. The future secured through True Parents

The title True Parents used in the Unification Church is a great one. Of course, the content of the Principle is very deep. It can ensure one's confidence in the future, and give meaning to it. Also, if there is an original point that can guarantee value on the stage of real life, it comes from these words. So, what do we have to do? We must unite. With whom should we become one? You should not become one with yourself as the center. Nor should you try to become one with your family at the center by pulling in True Parents. On the contrary, you should be pulled by True Parents. In being pulled, you should not be pulled just by yourself, but take your parents and husband or wife together with you. Moreover, you should take your children with you and even your material possessions. You should become one in this way. (35-274, 1970.10.25)

4.4. The value of True Parents

There is one focal point to the purpose of God's providence. It is precisely the point where God's ideal is realized, where we can meet the lost parents, the lost True Parents. This foundation is thus the center of everything. That position is known as the True Parents. There have been many positions in history, but this is the most valuable one. Think about how important it is. All the saints have fought for this foundation. God considers it important, as do all the spirits in the spirit world. So all the people on this earth should also understand its importance. You have not understood its true value. It cannot be exchanged even for thousands of pieces of land. It cannot be exchanged for a diamond as wide as a stretch of land. You would not be able to attain it even if you offered the United States to God as a sacrificial offering.

How happy would you be if you can see this place directly with your own eyes! How miserable you will be if you cannot see it! You should think deeply about this again. God's eyes and the eyes of all spirits and all people must be focused on this. To look at history from this point of view, there has been no history. There is nothing in history that connects with this. Since this place is the place of the first human ancestors before the Fall, there can be no fallen history after it. A new beginning starts from this point. In other words, the center of everything, the substance of everything, and the result of everything will begin from here. Those who can participate in this will be the first winners on earth.

From this, we can start forming a family centering on God's love. We can defeat the sovereignty of Satan and build a new, heavenly kingdom on earth. Moreover, the fruits of history will emerge from this point. It will be the center point of the entire world, the starting point of the future. The culmination of all past history will occur, the fulfillment of present history will be preserved, and the completion of the future world will begin. If you take hold of this point, this place, you, as a human being, can be the conqueror of everything. Then, how great the value of this place must be! How splendid it will be, how much you will love it, and how much you will praise it, respect it, and come to like it! This place has to be the highest place. It is unacceptable if it is not placed in the highest position in history. All those great people, however great they were, cannot compare with this. When you see it, you will surely be deeply moved by joy.

Have you ever danced in a dream while you are asleep? Every time you come to think of this place, this position, you will have that kind of feeling and be able to dance even during your sleep. Your heart should be drawn to this place more than to any other places, your life, or anything else. You should want to see it again, want to live with it, and feel that you cannot live without it. (52-94, 1971.12.23)

If you want to become the parent, heaven and earth must respond in harmony. You must go to the heavenly world and win over God. Adam turned reality into a non-reality by saying "Yes" to something that God said "No" to. For this reason, without acknowledging a non-reality as a reality, regaining the original standard will not be possible. Whoever can physically resolve all problems in the process to become True Parents in both heaven and on earth brightens heaven and earth, resolves all the complex issues of history, and removes the nail embedded in God's heart. The liberation of love desired by God results in rejoicing, dancing, and laughing while embracing and loving these sons and daughters. Great shouts of victory, will rise up from every being filled with tremendous joy, to resound throughout all of creation and all of heaven and earth.

Without suggesting something affirmative in the face of denial, the parent cannot come to the earth. How serious this is! In the heavenly world, Confucius, Buddha and Jesus get together to perform this kind of test. God pushes this aside and negotiates this Himself. In God's ideal of creation, there is a heart that cannot be expressed in words. Adam should realize this by himself in the period of perfection and bring the devil to surrender. He should be the sovereign of liberation. Adam is the ruler of all nations, the master of salvation, and the one who can be the first son among all brothers and sisters. The opposition of the satanic world put the spirit world into chaos for forty days. Since God is the judge, he must receive fair judgment from God. It was here that I received the verdict of victory and appeared on the earth. (215-86, 1991.2.6)

4.5. We should be grateful

How can we offer gratitude to God? How can we offer gratitude to our True Parents? How can we offer gratitude to our church? How can you show gratitude for being re-created? After the process I have been through, a true family will appear. At the next stage, a true tribe will appear, and at the next stage, a true nation, then a true world, a true universe, and a true cosmos; at the next stage up, God appears. This is our final goal. After the Fall, human beings inherited Satan's lineage. This is the problem. For countless generations, instead of receiving God's lineage, humankind received Satan's lineage. So how can we eliminate this satanic lineage? I am asking you how can we eliminate the dirty lineage Adam and Eve inherited from the Fall? True Parents are the ones who have come with true love, true life and true lineage in order to eliminate it. They have been raising up lives using Satan's lineage as fertilizer.

But in the new age of resurrection, the body grows based on God's love, life, and lineage and uses true love as fertilizer. One side disappears and the other prospers. From that point, God is present with you and Satan is separated away forever. No one knows the pain that is in God's heart. We know this only because God appeared in history, and through me here, revealed this profound mission; otherwise, we would not know it.

It is truly amazing. Even Jesus did not know it; or even if he did know it, he could not say what was in his heart. Also, no religious leaders have been aware of this hidden secret of the universe. I have come here before the world to reveal the secrets of the universe for the first time in history. From now on, we should turn our direction from the individual foundation to the national foundation. If the leader of a nation repents of his past and turns around, God forgives him. This is part of God's new tradition and signals a new lineage. Otherwise, we cannot separate from Satan. This also signifies the ceremony of the transfer of lineage that takes place before the Blessing Ceremony of the Unification Church.

In the very beginning, because of the Fall, true love, true life and true lineage became connected to dirty things in the satanic world... Now we are connected horizontally to God's true love, true life and true lineage. This means a conversion of 180 degrees. We cannot put our hopes in America or this world, which are connected to the satanic side. All the people of the world have followed the wickedest parents on the satanic side since the beginning. But now, for the first time, the direction has been turned 180 degrees. This is the starting point and the zero point. In this place, there is no meaning, no existence, no concept, no tradition and no culture. This is re-creation.

God first created all things in the natural environment and created human beings by combining soil, water and air. At that time, human beings had no fixed concepts. It was a zero point. Today, we are turning around 180 degrees from Satan's tradition. We are turning 180 degrees and becoming reborn. To be reborn is to be born again. The first to accomplish this rebirth is not the nation, but the parents. Brothers and sisters are next. Husband and wife are third and the children are fourth. God wants three generations but has not had them. The first generation is God, the second generation is Adam and Eve, and yet God has not had the third generation until now. Humankind has not been multiplying under God, but has belonged only to Satan. Satan is an enemy of love. How can this lineage be eliminated? You are not born as a Japanese or as a citizen of any other nation, but as one of God's people.

What should our lives be focused on? God's love, God's life and God's lineage -- these three roots are the standard. So, what should you be grateful for? Do not offer thanks for living a comfortable life. You must feel grateful for bearing a cross. If the remains of a defeated army are bleeding and rotting with a bad smell, who will make the funeral arrangements? Who will train them and turn them into a regular army? Also, if there is nothing to eat, what should be done? Should they just be killed off? No. You thought that by winning everything would become nice and smooth, but actually you will have to bear a bigger cross. Your time will come after you have resolved all that, after you have rebuilt it. You can live happily only after you have established a new family, a new nation and a new world.

No matter how difficult it may be, if there is a railway to the eternal world, the original hometown, that railway and the railway of your life on this earth must be the same gauge. It must be the same as the railway going to the spirit world. How about you? Do you think the railway of your current life is the same ac the railway in the spirit world? Can you run straight to God as you are? True Parents are needed in order to make the railway the same. (215-171. 1991.2.17)

4.6. Our connection with True Parents is destiny

We human beings are one hundred percent foolish, but God, who is more than one hundred percent wise, is our friend, and our ancestors in the infinite spirit world are our companions and supporting army. I am grateful to think about this. I know very well the feeling of taking risks on the frontline, like the time David stood in front of Goliath. It is the feeling of courage and confidence. If I fight a hundred wars, I can win a hundred wars because God is protecting me.

I have actually become this kind of person because I thought all along, "If you hit me, it is you rather than I who will be shattered." Just as God raised me like this, I have the responsibility to raise you this way. This is why you have to inherit the destiny to become a wise person. This is not an acquired task, but a task that is your destiny. Being True Parents and children of True Parents is a destiny that does not change for eternity. Nobody can separate from this. We must go this path for a thousand years, even ten thousand years. There are not two ways: only one way. There is no other method or some secret way. We all must walk this path. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

4.7. We must carry out our responsibilities

What do we have to do to go through the twelve pearly gates of the spirit world? The question is how many people can we rescue from Satan on earth and help to become heavenly citizens before we enter the spirit world. To do this, we must shed blood, sweat and tears based on a heart of true love for the sake of recreation. You cannot bring your own people to the heavenly kingdom without investing a higher heart than that of satanic parents, husband, wife, and children, and walking the course of shedding blood, sweat and tears.

You must understand that all the conditions that enable you to come close to God and that position of glory in the other world will be determined in proportion to the number of people you have rescued. Throughout my life, I have lived not only for the nation but also for the world. Why? Even those who are in the spirit world should receive benefits from True Parents. On the first of February, while I was in Danbury prison, I conducted a ceremony to open the gates of hell and heaven. I had to prepare everything for opening those gates. This is why I also had to go to prison. In this way, I have to go through great suffering and pain and climb over the hill of bitter sorrow.

No matter how vast the ocean, I must swim across it. No matter how high the mountains, I have to cross over them, even if they are the snow-covered Himalayas and I have to walk with bare feet. In the same way, I established all the foundations for victory by reaching beyond the misery of history itself. I went through a path of suffering so great that the devil himself could not follow me, and so he had to fall away.

In your homes, your sons and daughters hold a solemn position. They are a second God. The grandfather and grandmother represent the past on behalf of God, the mother and father represent the present age, and the sons and daughters represent the future. We should be able to serve these representatives of the three ages as past, present, and future manifestations of God. Those who deceive their sons and daughters, deceive their wives, deceive their husbands, and deceive their parents will go to hell.

The family, nation, and heaven and earth are supposed to be linked through the core of love that lives for the sake of others, the kind of love in which one invests even his life and forgets about it. There is no other way. Restoring many heavenly people with a standard of heart connected with such a core of love is the secret to accomplishing the unification of my country.

Even if you go to another country, you should offer that nation first to heaven, devoting all your effort for that nation so it does not fall behind other nations -- as if you were unifying your own country. In the Old Testament Age, all things were offered; in the New Testament Age, the offering was the sons and daughters. In the Completed Testament Age, it is our own couples; and next it is God.

Through the Fall, we could not be with God on earth. We separated from God and served Satan, so now we should bring God in and connect everything back together. Therefore, your possessions are not really your own. Things correspond to the Old Testament Age, and sons and daughters correspond to the New Testament Age. In the Old Testament Age, the things of creation were sacrificed to pave the road for the sons and daughters.

Today, the returning Lord, the True Parent, suffers here to bring God to this earth. Since human beings brought Satan to earth, it has been made into hell. We must bring God here. We must do this through true love. Re-creation is accomplished through the origin of true love that invests and invests and forgets about it. All things, children, and one's own self that can serve God must be linked through true love and acknowledged as possessions of God. When these are connected to true love, you will receive your share again and become connected to the age of children's possessions. These will be distributed for ownership to mother, father, and children. (211-352, 1991.01.01) 

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