Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 3. True Parents' Effort and Us

3.1. We absolutely need True Parents

The True Parents are needed to establish conditions of indemnity. We are to inherit their foundation based on the standard of having become one in love. (137-116, 1985.12.24)

America is like my enemy, but while I was in prison I established six organizations to save America, beginning with the Washington Times newspaper. A person in the secular world would have sought revenge, but I did not. One must give love. We absolutely need True Parents for three reasons -- to complete restoration through indemnity, to become one in true love, and to receive rebirth based on the change of lineage. (137-113, 1985.12.24)

3.2. We are a branch engrafted to True Parents

Originally, human beings, as horizontal parents, were supposed to make a joyful beginning of love with God as the vertical parent. But Satan invaded that moment. So now it is necessary to take it back again and reconnect it, so that you will become the sons and daughters of True Parents. Since you are wild olive trees, you need to receive a branch of the true olive tree and be engrafted to it. Religions are meant to do the work of engrafting. This is Christian thought. This is why it is said that the marriage supper of the lamb must occur on earth. (58-218, 1972.6.11)

The hope of humankind is to meet True Parents. Meeting True Parents is the fruit of history, the center of this age, and the foundation upon which to begin the future. You who are engrafted to them are becoming branches. Until now, all the hopes of the historical ages have focused on the future, but a connection with True Parents during one's lifetime comes only once in eternity. It is a precious chance that comes only once. Your ancestors could not have it, nor will your descendants. (46-167, 1971.8.13)

Through the Fall, Satan took away all humankind. He carried them all off to hell. From among those who were taken away God separates people out one by one. This world used to be a wild olive tree in the satanic world, but God has turned it into a heavenly olive tree. God made Christianity in the democratic world be a wild olive tree on the heavenly side, so it could lead the world. When the satanic world weakens and the Christian cultural realm is established, the Lord will come at his Second Advent, cut them off all at once, engraft them completely, make them one, and turn them around. Today, the left wing has perished, and the right wing has almost collapsed. Who brought this about? God and True Parents did. Families who have become one with True Parents inherited True Parents' path, so they should be strong and courageous wherever they are in the world. Then, just as God and this universe protect me, it will protect them, and winning the heart of a nation will be no problem.

If someone asks you where you go to church, proudly tell them that you are a Unification Church member. "We belong to True Parents. We are True Parents' sons and daughters." Please do not fight. By fighting you are acknowledging Satan. So go around proclaiming these things. Say to them, "We are number one Moonies, number one children of God!" Then Satan will not be able to accuse you. Carry such thoughts firmly with you. (201-128, 1990.3.27)

The final destination of God's will is the family. Without the family, God has nowhere to settle. Since all families prosper when they have True Parents as their center, without families nothing can be achieved. Comparing this with a tree, it is like the branches spreading out from the trunk as the center. If you cut a branch and plant it in the ground, the tree multiplies. The ones who are to accomplish such a mission of the branches are the tribal messiahs.

As tree branches grow bigger in all four directions, the central root grows bigger as well. The central root grows in proportion to the growth of the branches. As it grows horizontally, it also grows vertically. When the root grows long this way by sacrificing the horizontal standard, the branches also go up all the way. When you work hard for God's will, things follow along like this. At the same time, since the power that has extended horizontally becomes condensed, we can conclude that we can connect to the cosmos through a life lived for the sake of others. So if a husband and wife live a life of horizontally serving, using the vertical standard that has God as its center, the realm of cosmic unity is automatically achieved. If they become one this way, they will necessarily rotate. Although they rotate, they do not fall down. They do not fall down because they have the horizontal standard. They rotate on the axis. They must rotate.

Movement occurs when centrifugal and centripetal forces become one. If you reach the state of perfect self-effacement, things will automatically rotate. When you start rotating, the axis goes up. When it comes down, an automatic reaction occurs. So it moves up and down, like taking a breath. When a person in such a perfected form establishes a family in the heavenly world, such a foundation will keep them from falling off. They can eternally live together with True Parents. Thus, when you create resonance in heart with True Parents, this standard of deep experience in life becomes a foundation for the eternal world of heart.

Unification Church members live together with True Parents and God. They are born with the love of True Parents. Since love makes an eternal connection, the connection of love cannot be cut. Until the day you die, you cannot forget about love. Even when parents die, they die with a heart of love for their sons and daughters. It is the same with the husband and wife. There is no one who forgets about love before he dies. Love goes beyond death and becomes connected to eternity. This is why you, a man or woman who have received life through love, cannot forget your parents who are the fundamental root of love. If your parents are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow together, they will extend to the realm of the tribe, people and nation. (218-127, 1991.7.14)

3.3. True Parents' investment for our sake

Do you think it was easy or difficult for True Parents to give birth to the true children? How difficult do you think it is to recover what has been lost? I have been pushing forward even when individuals, families and entire tribes, peoples, nations, the world, heaven and earth, and the spirit world were opposing me. Do you think I did this for commercial profit? Why do you think I did it? I did it because I was trying to find love. Normally, you should know that with your current qualifications you cannot stand here.

Actually, I should kick you away at the front door even if you came here a hundred or a thousand times! Nevertheless, I came here to speak to you. I am taking all the tough persecution upon myself. You are blaming me for your mistakes. In America, I have done nothing that caused me to deserve to be cursed or opposed, but I am still being cursed because of your faults. If this happened in ordinary society, I would abandon you, but I have not been able to do so. As for the court case in the United States, I did not have to return there. I could have just let it be; and yet still I came back for your sake. Without me, how much will you be torn apart? So I am protecting you by being struck. (116-113, 1981.12.27)

3.4. True Parents' expectations of us

In the Unification Church there are many different kinds of people: Western people, Eastern people, people of mixed colors and so forth. What did you come together here to do? Why did you come? Even if you meet me, all I can give you is curses. I only have insults to give you, but you still like it and come here. Why is that? You are gathering here in search of love. You are coming for true love. You know the taste. It is like bees; once they taste the nectar in a flower, they will follow the fragrance of the flowers even for hundreds of kilometers without feeling that the distance is too great. It is not easy to be True Parents. I would willingly hand over the authority of the True Parents, so if there is some representative here who wants to take it, please step forward. I never thought about becoming the True Parent, but as it turned out, I could not avoid taking responsibility for the Unification Church. And so on the way, I found myself as the True Parent.

If I had known from the beginning that I would be the True Parent, it is reasonable to say that everyone would have known it. Rather, I was digging into the fundamental problem of human life without knowing it, and came all the way here as a result. As I was disentangling these complications, the liberation of True Parents took place and I came to know that God needs liberation. Since God was liberated through me, He cannot help but absolutely love me. What have you done after meeting True Parents? I am asking you, what have you accomplished? Until now, I have gone through the family, tribe, and race, organizing individuals, families, and tribes while being beaten up in the devil's world. Our Blessed Families have organized a tribe. This is global. Now the satanic world cannot take them away and do as it pleases with them. Why? When they observe closely, our way of life is very good. Today Eastern and Western people fight, and even if they do get together, they divorce after a short time. In contrast, our Blessed Families are living together well after ten years, twenty years, or however long. (211-323, 1991.1.1)

3.5. The standard we should meet

True brothers and sisters, true husband and wife, and true parents who embody the three subjects principle should appear in your family. They are that principle's incarnation. You have to be true brothers and sisters to become a true husband or wife, do you not? And a true husband and wife have to appear in order for true parents to appear. When you stand in the position of true parents, you, of course, become a true husband or wife, and, furthermore, true children appear. True children stand in the position of object partners, becoming one with their parents' consciousness and subject philosophy. Through love, they become one.

Only love can bring these things into harmony. All elements and tiny creatures follow the path of love; they move towards the cells that can come into direct contact with the love that creates oneness with God -- that is, human beings. So love requires sacrifice. You need to invest yourself. Because of the tradition of investing all of one's life and possessions, entities at a lower level seek to invest their entire selves in service to those at higher levels. Thus, Darwin's theory of evolution is not true but the logic of absorption through love can explain this. When a tiny creature serves by being absorbed as an element used to create beings of a higher order, how much will their value increase? (204-129, 1990.7.1)

What kind of religion will remain in the end? It is the religion of the True Parents. This is why I declared that the True Parents' religion must appear. I have declared that a religion does not become the religion of the True Parents just because it has a long history. I have declared that this religion is the servant-level religion, the religion at the level of the child by a concubine. This was the content of my official speech. Even though I declare, "You should know that the person who received the mission of the religion of the True Parents is Rev. Moon, who is delivering the keynote speech for this conference at this podium," the world is quiet.

Christians are making a big fuss, discussing the rumor that I am the returning Lord. Western society has concluded that if the Lord is coming as a human being, it is no one but me. Do you think so, too? Yet instead you are saying, "People say Rev. Moon is the returning Lord, but he is just like me, speaking Korean and so forth. How does he speak so fast?" are you not? I speak fast because I am trying to cope with a very busy schedule. I have to speak rapidly to catch things that are running away. So I studied how to talk fast. In Japanese and English, too, nobody can match me. Then, is it a good thing that you have met me, or not? Those who feel it is good that they have met me must do well. (214-175, 1991.2.2) 

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