Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 1. The Essence of the Teachings of the Family Federation

1.1. The philosophy of the Parents

To be a child of filial piety, you should know what kind of people your parents are. Do you really know what kind of people they are? Have you ever considered whether your knowledge of your parents comes just from the teachings you have received, or do you truly know them? You have come to the Unification Church and are walking the path of sons and daughters of filial piety. But you used to be little babies with dirty diapers. You used to be little babies biting and sucking your mother's milk. You grew up that way, receiving your parents' love. If there is a philosophy which is the best one in this world, it must be the parent-centered philosophy. Parent-centered philosophy is the best. You are not little children anymore. You all must learn. This is what parents want.

Although you were born from Mother's womb, you are still adopted sons and daughters, so you must be loyal to those parents. When you become a parent yourself, a four-position foundation is created. You can never have heavenly children all by yourself; having heavenly children clearly requires that heavenly parents appear first.

For these heavenly parents to come, the eldest son must come first. Since the elder son Cain, betrayed the heavenly way, the eldest son must walk Cain's course in reverse and rise to the position representing God. The four-position foundation must then be established. Before that point, you are all babies. No matter how great you may be in the world, you should have a heart like that of a baby. This way, you have to be born again through Mother's womb and Father's bone. (16-191, 1966.3.22)

Although religions differ from each other, they have been prepared to follow a path of goodness. They will surely continue. However, religions that insist that only their way is correct are losing power because the connection of heart could not take place in the direct dominion... This is because a period remained that corresponded to the seven-year course that began from the formation level of the completion stage and went through the growth level of the completion stage and the completion level of the completion stage; thus we have entered the stage at which we can retrieve those who had fallen away from the original line in the indirect dominion so they may cross back over the line into the direct dominion. This cannot happen without True Parents being at the center. Now there is no ideology you need other than the ideology of True Parents. There is nothing else. We should not accept anyone's unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse Kim Il-sung's ideology or anyone else's. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents. (136-51, 1985.12.20)

1.2. True families determine the center of the universe

When True Parents appear, a true family will be established, and a true person's purpose can be realized. True Parents is the name that can he praised eternally from the past, to the present and on into the future. The fact that the True Parents have appeared on this earth, that True Parents are here, is the most joyful gospel of all gospels.

Humankind these days is wicked. Due to the power of evil, a realm of death is emerging, and the world cannot find any direction. The establishment of True Parents is the fruit of God's historical work of over six thousand years. In this age, when countless people are wandering around aimlessly, True Parents are the ones who have appeared as a central model to find their destination for them and show them the direction to take. With the advent of the name True Parents, the eternal heavenly kingdom of the future begins, a world that reflects God's ideal at the time of creation in the Garden of Eden.

This was true in the past; it is true in this age, and it will be so in the future. Therefore, you should know that, judging from all of history, encompassing the past, present and future, the True Parents, who have appeared on earth are the central point that determines the center of the universe. History starts anew from here, becomes ordered from here and bears fruit from here. It is because history bears fruit here that the past resurrects here. The world becomes ordered as one world and a new Kingdom of Heaven is realized.

Through the historical ages until now, where have the hopes of humankind resided? Their hopes have resided in the future. In other words, humankind has been thinking of hope only as something belonging to the future. Where is humankind going? We are going towards the one world that is to be realized in the future. Looking to the future, we have been seeking one world. There will be rejoicing if a way is found for True Parents to be welcomed among false humankind. So what is the desire of humankind? It is to meet True Parents. True Parents are the highest hope of humankind. When True Parents appear, the historical tradition will be realized at that time, rather than in the future. Where True Parents appear is the starting point of the fulfillment of history, rather than the starting point of just seeking that fulfillment. In other words, it is not the beginning point of hope but of the fulfillment of hope. (44-132, 1971.5.6)

What kind of family is the family of True Parents? The family of True Parents is a fruit of history, the center of the age, and the origin of the future. Hence, when our world becomes the heavenly kingdom of hope in the future, True Parents' entire lives will be the origin of its traditions. This is the original source of the national ideology. Also, this is the original point from which to establish that world. You should always establish the three-generation realm with True Parents, based on the connection as children of True Parents. The three generations are God, Parents and you. Horizontally, there are also three generations: I myself, my own children and you. Heaven and earth will not be unified until these three generations have been completed. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

The family is the heavenly base. You must firmly settle in a family. You should firmly settle in a family and decide the direction in which you will go. Centering on True Parents and God, all families should put up True Parents' picture, and your four-position foundation should bow there together. Three generations must offer a bow. The four position foundation involves three generations. Three generations -- grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, and children -- should offer a bow.

After establishing a four position foundation, when you bow down in the name of True Parents this is not within the fallen domain. You will be in the realm of liberation because God has direct dominion over you. All the spirits in the heavenly world will come to earth and protect you just as the archangel was meant to protect Adam's family. We have entered such an age. In the past, the Cain domain was the spirit world and the Abel domain was the earth. Abel was being used because it was the time when Abel had to sacrifice to rescue Cain.

But now, since the right of the eldest son has been restored, the spirit world is the angelic world and today's Unification Church families constitute the Adam domain; so the spirit world is meant to support the Adam domain and not use it for its own advantage. Through this, the land wherein Satan can interfere and operate is disappearing. There is no room for him. Satan is being expelled. When we march forward strongly and boldly, without sacrificing our standards of being the forefront even by one step and keep a progressive attitude and unwavering standard, the devil's forces will fall off a cliff. Let's light a fire under each family. (211-349, 1991.1.1)

1.3. God's love and True Parents' love

God's love is the love of a vertical parent, and True Parents' love is the love of horizontal parents. Since you are the people that have inherited these, your minds are the fruit of the tradition that has received the love of the vertical God and parents. Likewise your bodies are the fruit of the tradition that have received the love of horizontal True Parents. In order for these fruits to form the horizontal basis of a family and form a sphere with a vertical center you need to be a husband or a wife and have children. So it is a sin not to bear children. You should not be a childless person. Is there flesh without bone? No, because it would have nowhere to attach itself. (184-309, 1989.1.1)

God's masculine and feminine characteristics are separated into the forms of Adam and Eve. What unites them and makes them one again? Love. As they separate and reunite, God can experience how strong the love is that is contained within Himself. Otherwise, He would not know. Although God has love within Himself, He does not experience that love. He knows about it only through meeting a partner. Through people, He feels the love that is inside Himself. God is the vertical Father, and Adam and Eve are parents centered on horizontal true love. (185-187, 1989.1.8)

God is the bone of love. God's love is like the bone and human love is like the flesh. The bone and flesh become one in order to take shape. This is the principle. Just as you have bones, God's love is the love that is like the bone. True Parents' love is the love that is like the flesh. (181-206, 1988.10.3)

1.4. Parents and family members

In our Unification Church, we call our church members family members. Until today, no one has helped us understand this term "family member." Family members do not exist separately from a family. Having family members means there must be a family the existence of a family means there must be brothers and sisters, and the existence of brothers and sisters means there must be parents. In Christianity, religious people use words such as "church members" and "believers," but they have not been able to use the term "family member." Today, people are proclaiming the idea of one great global family, but building a great family requires the presence of parents who can be the father and mother of that great family. The one who comes as such a parent is none other than the Messiah.

Among the family members of the Unification Church today, there are members who are true members and those who are the opposite. There are also family members standing in the midway position. What kind of person is a true family member, one with the name of "family member" in the sense of the heavenly family established by God? This is the question. To be a family member, one first needs to have parents. Also, to be brothers and sisters one needs to have parents. The principle is that although there may be many brothers and sisters, there can be only one set of parents. In other words, although there are many family members, there is only one head of the family. Then, who is the center of those parents? Who is the head of the family?

They cannot be people who are self-centered heads of families or self-centered parents. They are parents who focus on the brothers and sisters, on the family members. Can they connect with evil in the evil world? They must have nothing to do with evil. If they are parents and a family head living in the way of true goodness, will they mainly serve their family or the Korean people? No. They should be the parents of all humankind and the central point for the one great family. Then, who can stand in the position of the owner, parents, and center? God, who has created heaven and earth, should stand there. Who should stand there next? The Savior, the representative of God who can bring order to the evil world, should stand there. Thus, a true family can be realized only when we have the Savior, who has become one with God, as our parents on earth. Only those who truly attend the Savior can become true children and true brothers and sisters. (15-294, 1965.12.7)

You should only walk the path that conforms to God's will. You should become brothers and sisters with people who are not actually your brothers and sisters, and follow parents who are not actually your parents. The Unification Church is making a movement that goes beyond the affections of flesh and blood. This movement focuses on God and is formed of brothers and sisters who are not actual brothers and sisters attending parents who are not their actual parents. A new culture will be created as we transcend races and the world. How are we able to do this? Through what aspect of God can we do this? Through God's power of life? Through His creative ability? Through His wisdom? Through His knowledge? No. It is possible only through God's love. (83-177, 1976.2.8) 

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